Creation Gate Chapter 110

Ning Cheng knew that he had the Xuanhuang Origin, which was the only way he could perceive the hundreds of changes on the leather scroll. So for the rest of them, who could not perceive the changes, or could only sense two or three changes, Ning Cheng did not find it strange.

However, when he saw the first place on the huge array projection screen, he was immediately shocked in his heart.

The first place was actually 95 points, and Ning Cheng could even guess that the one question that he did not get completely right should be the first question. In other words, apart from the one question that was not completely done, this first place winner had actually gotten all the rest of the questions correct. As for the mistake on the first question, it was probably a mistake in saying how many variations.

What Ning Cheng did not expect was that the first place winner was someone he knew, Yue Ying from the Meteorite Five Star Academy. This little girl with the worst cultivation level on the stage had gotten 95 points and was undisputedly given the first place.

Second place went to Luo Throat Academy’s Leng Yi Yang, with 65 points, a far cry from the first place. But it was not a disgrace for him to get second place.

Third place went to Ling Naixin from Thunder Academy, with 55 points, which was a reflection of his performance in the preliminary round. The fourth place was surprisingly Si Tu Yu of Qing Yun College, with 45 points. It was logical to say that Qing Yun College sent up Gong Jun Ming who was the one who scored in the first round, but it turned out that he only scored 15 points.

The real surprise was Divine Wind Academy’s Ning Cheng, who got first place with one hundred points in the first preliminary round. In this first round of the Five Star Academy competition, he had only scored 10 points. On the contrary, Meng Jingxiu, who was representing Divine Wind Academy, had obtained 25 points.

When the rankings came out, both the representatives of the Five Star Colleges and the onlookers were in an uproar. Ning Xiaocheng, the most favoured candidate from Divine Wind Academy. Surprisingly, he only got 10 points, a score that was truly a disgrace. It was a good thing that this score of Ning Cheng was not the lowest. There were still people who had only gotten 5 points.

“That Ning Xiaocheng doesn’t live up to his name, to think that he only got 10 points. This time, Divine Wind Academy has lost out big time.”

“He must have seen the questions in the preliminary round before, otherwise he definitely wouldn’t have gotten a hundred points. Luck can only happen once, how can anyone be that lucky every time?”

“After all, he was selected by a small clan, look at Gong Junming who represents Qing Yun Academy, isn’t he the same? He scored 76 points in the preliminary round before, only to get 15 points in the real Grand Competition as well.”

“It’s really true, plus that Yuanliang from Meteoric Star Academy didn’t do well this time either. In this first round, only Leng Yiyang and Ling Naixin who did well in the preliminary round tested out of their level, and the rest smashed the pot.”

“What kind of people are Leng Yiyang and Ling Naixin? They are pure spirit roots and were originally core disciples of the Five Star Academy. The moment those casual cultivators compare with the pure spirit-rooted ones. The truth or falsity will come out immediately ……”


After the results of the first round of competition came out, onlookers were the ones who were talking. Qing Yun College was a little better, after all there was still a Situ Yu who stood out. Kamikaze College, however, suffered a Waterloo, with the highest score being only Meng Jingxiu’s 25 points.

At the main altar, Liu Xian was also disappointed, he couldn’t imagine that Ning Cheng, who he had worked so hard to get back, hadn’t given him the score he deserved.

Cheng Cheng Xuan of Luo Throat Academy suddenly smiled and said to Liu Xian, “Brother Liu, it looks like only true fire can refine true gold, the Divine Wind Academy is kind of like that this time. Lol ……”

Smiling as he spoke, ending with an alas ending, anyone would know that Cheng Cheng Xuan was mocking Liu Xian for snatching Ning Cheng. Paid a large amount of resources not to mention, and now has to suffer this consequence. It was a good thing that he did not yet know that Ning Cheng had fallen out with the Shui Clan. Another enemy had been brought over for Divine Wind Academy.

“Hey, Brother Liu has the foresight to let that Ning Xiaocheng go up. Maybe it’s the third round of the competition where a battle will determine the outcome. After all, the duel is the big head score ……,” the Xuan Liquid Elder of Meteoric Star Academy spoke in an extremely smug tone as he also sneered.

He had a reason to be smug, after the first round of competition. Meteorite Academy was in first place with a high total score of 170. Luo Throat Academy was in second place with 120 points, and Thunder Academy was in third place with 108 points. Green Cloud College was fourth with 105 points. Kamikaze Academy, which was favoured to shorten its score in the first round, not only failed to shorten its score, but also stretched its score even further. With only 66 points, it is at the bottom of the list.

Liu Xian was already upset, and now that he was being ridiculed in turn, he was even more furious. Despite this, he didn’t have any way to retort.

Ji Luofei bit her lips tightly as she stood at the Divine Wind Residency, she did not care about the sneering eyes of the rest of the disciples of Divine Wind Academy, she was worried about Ning Cheng. She believed that there must be a reason why Ning Cheng had scored a ten on the first round, but unfortunately she was unable to go up and ask Ning Cheng yet.

“Luo Fei ……” A slightly hoarse voice rang out beside Ji Luo Fei.

“Aunt.” Ji Luofei turned around and saw Ji Yaohe and subconsciously called out. She then saw the two women standing behind Ji Yaohe, and looking at the clothing they were wearing, they should be new students of Meteorite Star Academy.

“Luo Fei, hurry up and go with me to the Shui family to make amends, then agree to the marriage with Shui Yu ……”

Before Ji Yaohe could finish her words, she was interrupted by Ji Luofei, “Aunt, if you still say such things in the future, we will have no more relations.”

“Luo Fei, what kind of words are you saying? Who told you to speak to aunt like that? Ning Cheng killed Shui Fengqian of the Shui Clan, it was simply a matter of death, he couldn’t even survive the three rounds of the competition, are you still obsessed now, do you want to die?” Ji Yaohe’s face turned pale.

Ji Luofei said flatly, “If you are my aunt, don’t make me remarry someone who has a fiancé, if you continue to talk like this, we are no longer family.”

Ji Yaohe’s face turned white with anger, she knew that this niece of hers was fierce in nature, but she had never expected her to be so unreasonable.

Luckily, she still knew that this was the Divine Wind Residency, even in her anger, she still forced herself to calm down, “Luo Fei, do you know what kind of person Ning Cheng is? Look at how he only got ten points in the first round, this is his true level. Before the preliminary round, he was there because he got the answer. Of course, these were not important. What was important was that Ning Cheng was simply an extremely debauched person. When he was at Ming Xin Academy, he openly slept with Su Zhu of Ming Xin Academy.

What kind of person Su Zhu is, Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun behind me couldn’t be clearer. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the two of them, that is simply a person who is a man of all people ……”

Ji Luofei, who had been holding herself back, finally couldn’t hold back when she heard this, and she suddenly said loudly, “Ji Yaohe, why do you all have to cross Ning Cheng? I am going to be with him, what exactly do you all mean by coming to me one by one to slander him? You go, I never want to see you again. What happens between Ning Cheng and me is our own business, it has nothing to do with other people ……”

When she thought of how many years she had spent alone, and how she had managed to find her aunt and mother, but they all came to her one by one to deceive her and made sure to make her leave Ning Cheng, Ji Luofei was hurt in her heart.

When her aunt Ji Yaohe arrived again to say the words, Ji Luofei’s anger and the grief that had built up over the past few days reached a critical point and she finally couldn’t help but explode out.

When she heard Fei Luo call herself Ji Yaohe, her hand trembled as she pointed at Fei Luo. What was wrong with her?

Although Ning Cheng’s result in the first round was not good, Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei were still students of the Divine Wind Academy, and a Zhuyuan cultivator from the Divine Wind Academy had already walked over and said to Ji Yaohe, “A few of you please do not make a scene in my Divine Wind Academy premises.”

Ji Yaohe held back her anger and left in a huff with Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun, deciding that she didn’t care about Ji Luofei. She had asked for her final end, and no one could blame her.


The imposing man standing on the square platform presiding over the competition waited for the results of the first round to come out before saying again, “Now for the second round, twenty-five participants, now write out your understanding of the contents of the leather scrolls you saw in the first round, or write out your feelings after seeing the contents of the leather scrolls, time is still one incense stick.”

Ning Cheng’s heart became clearer and clearer, this was indeed the case. The first two rounds of this examination were definitely to see if there was anyone who really understood and comprehended the contents of this leather scroll. Once there was really such a person, they might be taken away immediately. No matter whether being taken away would end well or badly, Ning Cheng did not want to be the bird in the head, he still had a lot of things to do, so how could he be taken away just like that?

All the people started to write their own understanding and comprehension of the contents of the leather scroll, Ning Cheng was also writing, he just wrote that the contents of this leather scroll were unrelated and then there was nothing more to follow.

He then began to continue to feel a picture that he had seen through the contents of the skin scroll before, that feeling became clearer and clearer, this time Ning Cheng did not wait for the other party to interrupt him. Before an incense stick arrived, he took the initiative to stop his sensation of the contents of the leather scroll.

The second round was even more rushed than the first, and after the incense burning time was over, Ning Cheng and the other twenty-five participants went down from the square stage, while the results of the second round were already out.

In the second round of the comprehension ability competition, Ning Cheng received an even lower score of a pitiful one point, which meant that he had received 11 points in two rounds. The highest score in the second round was still Yue Ying, who got 51 points.

This time, even Ning Cheng paid special attention to this girl called Yue Ying. He knew that if he was really talking about his comprehension of the second round, Yue Ying might not even get five points, probably because the man who was hosting the competition had deliberately raised her score. But even so, Yue Ying was certainly unusual. Unfortunately, this Yue Ying was far less experienced than he was and would probably have been taken for a hard time.

“The third round is the Fighting Competition, the competition will now begin.” At the same time as the scores for the second round appeared on the formation projection screen, the man presiding over the competition simultaneously announced the start of the third round.

After saying that, as if there was no more business for him, he took a step back to his seat, then closed his eyes tightly and stopped talking.