Creation Gate Chapter 107

It was already the day of the Five Star Academy Grand Competition, so Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei retired from their rooms early in the morning and headed to the Great Plaza of Moze.

Moze City was lively and bustling, although the two of them came out early in the morning, the various streets were still crowded with people.

“Ning Cheng, I’m going inside to buy some clothes.” Ji Luofei said as she pointed to a women’s clothing shop not far away.

Ning Cheng saw that the women’s clothing shop was full of women going in and out, and immediately said, “Alright, go ahead, I’ll wait for you here.”

Ji Luofei lived with him in the Rest Inn and had never left the Rest Inn in order to avoid some unnecessary things. Now that she was out, it was only right that she had to go and buy a few pieces of clothes for herself to wear.

Standing outside the clothes making shop waiting, Ning Cheng looked around, ever since he had the basic chapter on alchemy, he had always wanted to buy a dan furnace, he just never went out. He wanted to see if there were any magic weapon shops around here, and if there were, when Ji Luofei came out later, they would just go over together.

Ning Cheng did not see a magic weapon shop, but instead he saw a balding cultivator of the third level of Condensing Truth. The reason why he paid attention to this cultivator was because his divine sense sensed a jade bracelet that this balding cultivator was wearing on his wrist. This jade bracelet had a familiar aura, and as soon as Ning Cheng felt this aura, he recalled the jade seal that he had obtained. The jade bracelet and the jade seal had the same aura, which meant that these two items came from the same place.

Ning Cheng’s heart moved and he immediately followed, he did not recklessly ask this balding cultivator where the jade bracelet in his hand came from. He felt that this balding cultivator was very odd and gave Ning Cheng an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

The balding cultivator walked and looked all the way, asking from time to time about the prices of some of the items at the stalls along the roadside.

Just when Ning Cheng had made up his mind to go up and ask, he suddenly heard a loud noise. Ning Cheng turned around and saw Ji Luofei being cornered in the street, not only was the veil on her face missing, but she also had a few bloodstains on her face.

Ning Cheng’s anger dashed up and he no longer cared to follow up and ask the bald cultivator about his jade bracelet, and immediately rushed towards Ji Luofei’s side.

As Ning Cheng turned back and rushed towards Ji Luofei, the balding cultivator surprisingly looked back at Ning Cheng while frowning a little. Then he looked at the jade bracelet in his hand again, a cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, turned around and squeezed into the crowd, disappearing in an instant.

“Ugly b*tch, rejecting Brother Yu is at most you being blind, how dare you go around proclaiming that Brother Yu is not worthy of you, I will see how arrogant you b*tch is today ……” said a slim-eyed man in his twenties, at the ninth level of Qi gathering, with one hand already grabbing at Ji Luofei He was obviously going to tear Ji Luofei’s clothes apart.

Many onlookers around, none of them came forward to persuade him, they were all watching the fun. Some people didn’t even dare to go forward even to watch the fun, they just watched from afar.

Ning Cheng had already arrived at the side of this Qi gathering man and raised his hand to blast out a fist.

“Ka ……” A blood mist spurted out, and one of the arms of this ninth level Qi gathering man with thin eyes grabbing at Ji Luofei was actually blasted by Ning Cheng, sending blood mist flying.

The man at the ninth Qi gathering level let out a miserable scream, and before he could react, Ning Cheng raised his hand and blasted him with a few slaps.

“Slap slap slap slap slap ……” The slim-eyed man of the ninth Qi gathering layer had his face and teeth blown up by Ning Cheng, and blood splattered all over him.

“Young Qian ……” A cultivator who was also at the late Qi gathering stage and dressed as a household servant hurriedly went forward to help the slender-eyed man up, and after calling him Young Qian, he immediately pointed his finger at Ning Cheng’s nose and shouted, “You dare to touch Young Qian, you, you… …”

Or maybe he was so angry that he couldn’t even say a complete sentence.

Ning Cheng back-kicked him, directly sending this household servant who was pointing and screaming at him flying. Then, without even bothering to look at these two fellows, he went forward to support Ji Luofei.

Ji Luofei looked at Ning Cheng with a worried look in her eyes and said, “I’m fine, that person just now is Shui Fengqian, the cousin of Shui Yu of the Shui Clan. He saw me just now and immediately wanted to take me away. He made sure to say that I had slandered his cousin Shui Yu outside, and when I refused to go with him, he immediately took action. When an elder brother next to me saw me being beaten and begged for mercy on the side, Shui Fengqian killed him and even burned him to ashes on the spot with a fireball ……”

After saying that Ji Luofei’s eyes were red, this was a person she didn’t even know, and this person died for her. 、

Ning Cheng then noticed that not far in front of Ji Luofei there was a ma*s of bones and ashes, and his heart was bursting with killing intent. He came from Earth, and the concept of respect and inferiority between mortals and cultivators was still relatively thin.

He turned around and saw the servant who had been kicked by himself trying to leave with Shui Fengqian in his arms, obviously knowing that he would not be able to stay here.

Ning Cheng took out a jade box and raised his hand to put away the ashes on the ground, while stopping Shui Fengqian’s way again in a few steps, “Want to leave like this?”

“What do you want? I am a member of the Shui Family ……,” Shui Fengqian’s teeth were all knocked out by Ning Cheng and his face was bloody, so he slurred his words, but the people around him heard what he meant as soon as they heard it.

“Is someone from the Shui Clan very impressive?” Ning Cheng said sarcastically.

The servant with Qi gathering cultivation said, “If you dare to touch us, you will never leave Moze City.”

“I don’t dare to touch you ……,” Ning Cheng said once again with disdain.

Before Shui Fengqian and the servant could breathe a sigh of relief, two wind blades slashed over, “I only dare to kill you.”

“Poof poof ……” Two blood mists sprayed up as Shui Fengqian and the servant beside him were cleaved and killed by Ning Cheng with two wind blades.

All the people around froze, no one could have imagined that there would still be someone who dared to kill people from the Shui Clan in Moze City. And to kill them so arrogantly and C*ckily.

After killing Shui Fengqian, Ning Cheng knew that this was no longer a place to stay for long, he had to return to the Divine Wind Residency as soon as possible, which would ensure his safety.

So after Ning Cheng killed the two people from the Shui Clan, the first thing he did was to quickly leave with Ji Luofei.

It was not until Ning Cheng was far away that the place was abuzz with discussion. Everyone else knew that the people from the Shui Clan would be here soon, so even if they were talking, they did not dare to speak next to Shui Fengqian’s corpse.

“I remember, that man just now seems to be Ning Xiaocheng who came first in the preliminary round, by the way, he joined the Divine Wind Academy and is now a core disciple of the Divine Wind Academy. No wonder he doesn’t fear the Shui family’s people, he’s actually a core disciple of the Divine Wind Academy.” Someone in the crowd had already recognized Ning Cheng.

“Even if he is a core disciple of the Divine Wind Academy, killing the Water Family’s people would probably be difficult enough.” Someone next to him said in a low voice.

Although there was a lot of chatter here, no one dared to talk about anything wrong with the Shui Family’s disciple.


When Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei arrived at Mo Ze Grand Square, there were more people here than when he had taken the preliminary written exam.

Although today was no longer the day for the Five Star Academy to select their disciples for the rematch, it was the more important Five Star Academy Grand Competition. A six-star academy was to be chosen to lead the entire lower continent, and because the Angry Axe Valley had opened early, this five-star academy competition had likewise been brought forward.

Most people are clear that the main reason for the early opening of the five-star academy competition is to cultivate the reserves for the six-star academy to be elected. Since the Angry Axe Valley has been opened early, the quota for entering the Angry Axe Valley has to be selected first. The six-star academy had the most places to enter the Valley of the Furious Axe, and would definitely receive the most resources in the future.

If a six-star academy is selected first, then with the cooperation of the resources of Raging Axe Valley, this six-star academy will slowly leave behind the remaining five-star academies and eventually form the discourse of the entire lower continent.

After the two arrived at Moze Grand Plaza, Ji Luofei was still very worried, she had been in Moze City for a longer time than Ning Cheng and knew that the Shui Family was powerful.

Now that Ning Cheng had killed someone from the Shui Family, she was worried that the Shui Family would retaliate against Ning Cheng by any means necessary.

“Luo Fei, you don’t need to worry. The Shui Family is not so powerful that they would come and fall out with Divine Wind Academy for a mere Qi gathering cultivator. Liu Xian has said that he is not afraid of the Shui Family, so why should he be afraid? Even if the Divine Wind Academy doesn’t expect me to help with the competition, we are disciples of the Divine Wind Academy, and the Divine Wind Academy won’t just sit back and watch. After the Five Star Academy competition, we will not be afraid of the Shui family’s revenge when we go to the Divine Wind Academy. Even if the Water Family is more powerful, can it still attack the Divine Wind Academy?”

Not to mention that Ning Cheng knew that he would definitely be fine if he killed Shui Fengqian, Moze City was conducting the Five Star Grand Competition, the Shui Family would definitely not dare to make trouble to the Divine Wind Academy at this time. If the Shui Family really caused trouble, it would be just what Ning Cheng wanted. He was sure that the great powers from the Intermediate Continent would not allow this to happen, and once it happened, the Shui Family would most likely be removed from Moze City.

Even if Ning Cheng knew that there was something wrong with him killing the Shui Family, he would not hesitate to kill this fellow and then take Ji Luofei and flee to the Falling Thunder Desert.

When Ji Luofei was bullied like this to her face, how could he hold back? The reason he did not kill the Shui family to settle the score was because he was not strong enough. If he was strong enough, after he killed Shui Fengqian, he would even have to kill the Shui family to demand compensation.

He had been living with his sister Ning Ruolan since he was young and had been bullied quite a few times. But Ning Cheng would desperately try to find a way back every time. He knew one thing very well, if he was bullied once and didn’t say anything, he would only be bullied even more the second time. So he had never been a person who swallowed his anger and would fight tooth and nail against anyone who dared to bully him and his sister.

Ji Luofei was worried, but she had never been worried for herself, she was worried for Ning Cheng. Being with Ning Cheng made her feel wholeheartedly happy, and she didn’t want anything unexpected to happen to Ning Cheng. If she was worried about herself, she would not have killed Xian Yuan Kui in Cang Le City to take out her anger for Ning Cheng in the first place.