Creation Gate Chapter 103

Ji Luofei did not expect that it would take her less than three days to break through the fifth Qi gathering layer and advance to the sixth Qi gathering layer. After advancing to the sixth Qi gathering layer, Ji Luofei did not even have time to stabilize herself before she hurriedly came out to tell Ning Cheng the good news. She knew that what Ning Cheng cared most about was her cultivation level, and as long as her cultivation level went up, Ning Cheng was the happiest thing.

What puzzled Ji Luofei was that Ning Cheng was not there, and had not even left a letter behind.

Ji Luofei walked out of the room, she intended to ask the people at the Rest Inn when Ning Cheng had gone out. Ji Luofei walked to the exit of the Rest Inn, and at that moment there was a ******** person asking the Rest Inn staff if there were any empty guest rooms.

Ji Luofei felt that this ******** person was somewhat friendly, and she subconsciously looked at him a few more times. At this moment that ******** seemed to have sensed that Ji Luofei was looking at her, she turned back and saw Ji Luofei just in time. She stared at Ji Luofei for a long time, and just as Ji Luofei was frowning, this ******** suddenly called out in a trembling voice, “Luofei.”

After calling out these words, ******** her eyes became a little red and swollen, and her expression was in a body of excitement.

“Who are you?” Ji Luofei stared at this ******** in front of her, she felt that there was some kind of connection between herself and this ********, that kind of vague feeling that made her feel a little strange.

“Luo Fei, what happened to your face?” ******** immediately asked nervously after noticing that Ji Luofei’s face was broken. This ******** was none other than Xiong Qihua, who could not have imagined that her daughter’s face was disfigured. When she saw her daughter’s disfigured face, she suddenly felt a wave of dizziness.

She was sorry for her daughter, it was because she had not taken care of her daughter that she had allowed her daughter to be disfigured.

That familiar and strange feeling grew stronger and stronger for Ji Luofei as she asked again, “May I ask who you really are?”

“Luo Fei, mother is sorry for making you suffer ……,” Xiong Qi Hua looked across at her daughter, who also did not recognize her, and then thought that her daughter had been disfigured, grief came from her heart and she could no longer hold back her sobs. There is no need to pretend that you have inadvertently come to this rest house, Xiong Qihua has been completely caught up in self-blame.

As if struck by lightning, Ji Luofei stared blankly at the grief-stricken ******** woman in front of her for a moment before asking dully, “You are my mother?”

Immediately afterwards, Ji Luofei knew that the other party was her mother, it was a natural connection that rose up in her heart, making it impossible for her to doubt.

“Mother ……” Ji Luofei suddenly couldn’t hold back her own tears, after so many years, she had been alone. Before Ning Cheng changed, she had never been an abandoned corner in the Ning family. There had been countless times when she had remembered in her sleep that she had returned to her mother’s side. There were countless times when she couldn’t hold on, she was thinking or as long as she lived, one day, she would be able to find her mother.

Now her mother had appeared in front of her, even making her wonder if she was dreaming.

The sound of her mother’s voice no longer separated mother and daughter from each other as they hugged and cried.

Only after a long time did Ji Luofei remember that it was still outside and she hurriedly took her mother into her room.

Xiong Qihua had also calmed down a bit by now, and she asked again, “Luo Fei, what’s wrong with your face, what’s going on?”

After asking and not waiting for Ji Luofei to answer, she murmured, “Mother is sorry for you, when you were still held in her hands, mother left you ruthlessly ……”

Seeing her mother keep blaming herself, she kept mumbling. Ji Luofei’s heart was unbearably hard, she grabbed her mother’s hand and choked up, “Mother, it’s not your fault that we were separated in the Daan Forest, I’m already very happy to be reunited again. Mother, has my father come with you?”

After asking, Ji Luofei felt that something was wrong, her mother had come and her father had not, which meant that something had happened to her father, thinking of this, she immediately stood up with a slightly pale face, “Mother, where is my father? Did my father not come out of Daan Forest?”

Xiong Qihua also stood up, took Ji Luofei’s hand and said, “Luofei, things are not as they should be, there are always many. Even though your father is gone, it is time for him to rest in peace under his nine springs that we can see each other again, mother and daughter.”

She fell to her knees in tears, her father had died before she ever met him. As a child, what could be more heartbreaking than this.

Xiong Qihua picked up her daughter, her heart torn beyond belief, when she actually saw her daughter, she suddenly did not want to lie to her daughter. The fact that her daughter had treated her so well meant that Ning Cheng had not told anyone about what had happened between her and Zhu Hongwen.

Should she continue to lie to her daughter with falsehoods?

But every time she wanted to tell the truth, Zhu Hongwen’s voice and smile appeared before her eyes. She knew that as long as she told her daughter the truth, then she would never be able to be with her daughter again. She subconsciously stroked her belly, the fruit of her relationship with her beloved.

If her daughter would not allow her to remain with Hong Wen, would she have to face the prospect of having no father again when her second child came out?

It was only Hong Wen’s solution that would allow her daughter to accept her and accept Hong Wen as her stepfather.

Not only can her child not leave Hong Wen, but she cannot leave him either. In this world, Hong Wen was the only one who loved her. From the first day she met Hong Wen, this love has never changed. Even when she was forced to marry into the Ji family, even when she stayed in the Daan Forest for more than ten years, Hong Wen was by her side and almost never left her sight.

“Mother, don’t be sad, wait for a future trip to the Da’an Forest for us to pay our respects to my father.” In the midst of her sadness, Ji Luofei still sensed that something was wrong with her mother.

Xiong Qihua came back to her senses, rubbed her red and swollen eyes, and said in a sobbing voice, “I have been trapped in the Da’an Forest for more than ten years, and although my heart is constantly thinking of leaving the Da’an Forest, I am simply unable to get out of the Da’an Forest. I could only stay in a safe place in Da’an Forest, and this trapping was more than ten years ……”

“Mother ……” Ji Luofei’s heart burst with sadness at the thought of her mother being trapped in such a terrible place like the Great An Forest for more than ten years.

She had heard Ning Cheng say that the Great An Forest was full of dangers. But the good thing was that every demonic beast had its own territory, and if they could find a safe piece of ground, they could barely survive. It was evident that her mother had done the same, but the hardships involved could be known without having to think about it.

Ji Luofei was sad in her heart and hurriedly tried to come over to support Xiong Qihua.

This time, Xiong Qihua consciously stroked her already slightly bulging stomach, and this time Ji Luofei saw it clearly. She immediately asked in surprise, “Mother, your ……”

She did not dare to ask out, but her mind was blank. The slight bulge in her belly was clearly a symptom of pregnancy, how could her mother be pregnant when her father was no longer around?

When Xiong Qihua heard Ji Luofei’s words, her face turned pale beyond recognition, she raised her hand and grabbed a dagger, about to stab herself in the neck.

In panic, Ji Luofei screamed in shock, “Mother, you ……”

It was simply too late to think more, and grabbed Xiong Qihua’s hand with force, surprisingly stopping the weak Xiong Qihua.

Xiong Qihua’s dagger ‘clanked’ and fell to the ground. People also disheveled incomparable sat down, muttered, “Luo Fei, I’m sorry your father, also sorry you, I do not even have the courage to kill myself, I ……”

“Why is it like this? Why is this ……” Ji Luofei mumbled, completely unaware of why there was such a thing when she and her mother met.

Xiong Qihua seemed to be explaining to Ji Luofei, and also seemed to be talking to herself, “That day I left my own residence a little far away, but I didn’t expect to run into a demonic beast that was about to be level three. I was attacked by the demonic beast and was seriously injured, and just as I was desperately trying to escape, someone suddenly saved me. I didn’t expect anyone to come in the Daan Forest either, and I was overjoyed. As long as there was someone, it meant that I would most likely leave the Great An Forest. I pa*sed out because I was already injured and because of the poisonous gas spewed out by the demonic beast.”

Ji Luofei had long forgotten about her mother’s pregnancy and asked nervously, “What happened after that?”

“Later the man found my place and sent me back, then helped me heal.” Xiong Qihua said in a piteous tone.

Ji Luofei didn’t hear that her mother’s tone was wrong and still said gratefully, “Then I’m really grateful to that person, it’s lucky that I met him.”

Xiong Qihua said in a sad tone, “If I had to do it again, I would rather face that demonic beast alone than be saved by him. Although that man saved me, he was also affected by the poisonous mist that the demonic beast spewed out, which was tainted with obscene poison. While he was healing me, he finally couldn’t hold it in and forced himself on me, on me ……”

Ji Luofei finally understood what was going on, a benefactor saved her mother, only for the benefactor to also be affected by the demonic beast’s lustful . The poison affected and forcibly had a conjugal affair with her mother. Should she hate the other party, or should she be grateful?

Xiong Qihua looked at her daughter’s dumbfounded expression and knew that her man’s words were right.

Zhu Hongwen thought that the fact that Ning Xiaocheng and Luo Fei had lived together for such a long time and that Luo Fei was still a virgin meant that Ning Xiaocheng was still considered to be prudent in matters of men and women, or was good at covert deception. To have sex by force, there has to be some reason for it to happen.

“After I woke up, I desperately resisted, but the wood had been laid and no amount of resistance could change the truth. And at this time, the Zhu Butler, who had searched so hard for me in the Daan Forest, finally found me because of my voice. The man was seriously wounded and escaped, although he was no match for the Zhu Butler. Poor me, my body was taken by that man by force, and I was seen clearly by a steward. I ……”

Xiong Qihua seemed to be unable to hold back her inner sorrow any longer and burst into tears.

Ji Luofei cried just as much and hugged her mother, her heart also feeling sad for her mother’s sad fate. The two cried bitterly for a long time again before Ji Luofei sobbed and asked, “Mother, do you know who that person is?”

Xiong Qihua wiped her red and swollen eyes and said in a sobbing voice, “I think he said his name was Ning Xiaocheng ……”

“What?” When Ji Luofei heard the name Ning Xiaocheng, her chest sweetened and a mouthful of blood arrows spurted out with her mouth open.