Creation Gate Chapter 101

This old woman must have a disguise, Ning Cheng immediately came to this conclusion. It was impossible for an old woman to have wrinkles on her face and pale hands, yet have a wrist as polished as jade.

However, Ning Cheng quickly calmed down, it was a blessing but not a curse, it was a curse that could not be avoided. Whether the other party was an old crone or a young woman, he was the weaker party.

Once he had cast his worries away, Ning Cheng’s mind opened up. Immediately afterwards, he realised that apart from getting colder and colder, the speed of the water boat magic treasure was surprisingly getting slower and slower.

“Senior, is this what you mean by fast speed?” Ning Cheng asked in a daze, this kind of speed could be called the fastest?

“That’s right, this is very fast.” The old crone replied simply, not even bothering to explain.

Ning Cheng was helpless and could only run his true essence to resist the icy cold around him. His divine thoughts could only pa*s through the water boat’s formation and view three to five metres around the water boat, once he went beyond this range, his divine sense would disappear without a trace once he went out.

Ning Cheng was secretly shocked in his heart, once the water boat broke, would he be able to last for a moment or three under this terrifying ice cold?

After an hour had pa*sed, apart from the increasingly icy coldness, Ning Cheng could only feel that the water boat he was in was going deeper and deeper into the water.

After another hour had pa*sed, Ning Cheng suddenly heard a crisp ‘click’ sound, he was startled and immediately turned his head to ask the old woman what was going on. Unexpectedly, the old crone took the initiative and said, “I didn’t expect you to be so thick in true essence for a mere condensation layer, and still be able to withstand it when you reach this place.”

“Senior, don’t divert my attention, did our water boat ring a bell?” Ning Cheng couldn’t care less about respecting the old and the young at this time, and his tone was tinged with some reproach.

This old crone had said that this water boat could bring him safely to shore, and now this water boat had cracked before he even reached the bottom of the water. How would he get back later?

“That’s right, the water boat did crack a seam just now. I didn’t expect this level four One-Horned Fire Dragon Sculptor to be so bad, this hasn’t even reached the place and there is already cracking.” The white-haired old woman spoke in a calm tone, without any semblance of surprise.

“But ……”

Ning Cheng had just said two words when this white-haired crone continued, “You don’t need to but either, our water ship will be here soon, it won’t die.”

Ning Cheng could only shut up, even if the white haired crone let him go now, he would not be able to get away.

“Senior, can you tell me what is inside this cold river? I can also help later on. Otherwise, I’ll have to waste time again when we get to the bottom of the river later.” Ning Cheng thought to himself that he was going to know the secret anyway, and it was up to the old crone if she wanted to kill and silence him, so he might as well know more.

The white haired old crone did not hide anything and said in a softer tone, “Many years ago, the Cold River Forbidden Land was still called the Falling Thunder Scorching River. One day an extremely terrifying shadow of a giant axe fell over the Yixing Continent, which struck at the edge of the Yixing Continent. A tens of thousands of miles long gorge was formed, and perhaps because of the extraordinary origin of the giant axe, all kinds of rare spiritual herbs and all kinds of heaven and earth treasures grew wildly inside this tens of thousands of miles long gorge.”

“Could it be that senior is talking about the Valley of the Angry Axe?” Ning Cheng had heard about the Angry Axe Valley on the airship back then, so as soon as this old crone said it, he reacted. However, what he did not understand was that this was the Cold River Forbidden Land, so what was the connection to the Angry Axe Valley.

The old crone nodded, “Yes, it is the Valley of the Angry Axe. Many people know about the Valley of the Angry Axe, but no one knows that when that huge axe shadow fell, something else fell. But that thing did not fall in the Valley of the Angry Axe, but in the Falling Thunder Scorching River.”

“Senior is looking for another thing that fell down from the void?” Ning Cheng immediately understood.

“That’s right, I want to find just another thing. In fact, there were a few people who knew that something had fallen from the Falling Thunder Scorching River in the first place, only that after they didn’t find it in the first place, they thought that it was a miscommunication. Because the thing that fell from the void made the temperature of the Falling Thunder Scorching River, which was originally very hot, lower and lower, and as a result, even fewer people were able to enter the Falling Thunder Scorching River. It was also by chance that I learned about the Falling Thunder Scorching River.” As the white-haired old woman spoke, there was some self-congratulation in her tone, clearly self-congratulating herself for knowing something that others did not know, but she did.

Seeing Ning Cheng’s silence, the old crone took the initiative to say, “That Furious Axe Valley actually has many good things, and if you can enter it in the future, it will definitely benefit you for the rest of your life. Of course, the prerequisite is that you are able to come out alive.”

“Isn’t the Furious Axe Valley a secret realm? I’ve heard that there is a time limit for opening it.” Ning Cheng hurriedly asked.

The white haired old woman hummed and said, “Countless years ago, the Yixing Continent was rich in resources and there were many strong people. The Cultivators of the Transformed Cauldron were even seen everywhere, and at that time, the Furious Axe Valley was not a secret realm at all. Some strong people had entered the Angry Axe Valley in search of opportunities, and because there were so many good things in the Angry Axe Valley, it resulted in many killings between strong people.

As more and more experts died, eventually all of the Cultivators of the Transformation Tripod sat down. They agreed with each other that in future, no cultivators above the Yuan Building realm would be allowed to enter the Angry Axe Valley, and joined forces to turn it into a secret realm where only with a specific jade token could they enter the Valley. In time, the Angry Axe Valley was fixed to form a place for Condensed True or Gathered Qi cultivators to go in for practice.”

As Ning Cheng listened with some taste, he once again heard a ‘click’ sound. Ning Cheng’s face immediately turned ugly, the quality of this water boat looked like it was not working. He was already thinking about whether he should enter the Xuanhuang Pearl first when the water boat exploded later.

Ever since that time when he had entered the Xuanhuang Pearl once without being able to help himself, he had never tried to enter the Xuanhuang Pearl. Even Ning Cheng himself did not know if he could enter it.

“It’s already here.” The white haired old woman’s voice interrupted Ning Cheng who was rambling in his thoughts just in time.

Without waiting for Ning Cheng to say anything more, the white-haired old crone had already opened the hatch of the water ship, while taking out a handful of formation flags and throwing them out. The next moment, the old crone grabbed Ning Cheng and brought him out of the water ship.

As soon as Ning Cheng stepped out of the Half Moon Water Ship treasure, he felt a bone-chilling coldness invade him, not only was his true essence not half effective, but he could not operate it at all, not only that, but his divine thoughts could not be used either.

The thought had just risen in Ning Cheng’s mind when the white haired old woman had already sacrificed a fire-red circular shield. After Ning Cheng was covered by it, the chilling feeling all over his body disappeared instantly.

After the coldness disappeared, Ning Cheng immediately saw a huge water-coloured gate. The colour of this gate was the same as the water colour of the Cold River, and if the old crone had not said that she had arrived and brought him out, he really would not have been willing to see it clearly.

An aura of ancient vicissitudes was immediately felt by Ning Cheng, who knew right away that it must be unusual behind this gate. The old crone was right, this was definitely a treasure among treasures, but unfortunately, this treasure was not his. Even if he had obtained it, it would still end up being taken away by that old crone.

Ning Cheng subconsciously wanted to sweep it with his divine thoughts, but immediately he felt a pain in his purple mansion and was unable to sweep out his divine thoughts at all. He looked at the white-haired crone next to him, but was surprised to find that the white-haired crone was trembling and her face was turning paler and paler. It was evident that the white haired old woman was also struggling to control this shield.

“See what’s on that gate?” The old crone seemed to be completely unaware that she was already struggling, and she spoke to Ning Cheng in an incomparably excited tone.

Ning Cheng could hear clearly that her voice was a little off and trembling, and her off voice was very different from her usual old voice.

There were only six different coloured formation flags on the main gate, and nothing else.

When Ning Cheng was puzzled, he heard the old crone say eagerly, “I can’t hold on for long, this is a formation array base, hurry up and calculate how many array methods.”

Only then did Ning Cheng realise that under the six different coloured formation flags, there was another row of small words, “Vermilion Bird Illusion Formation Base Variation, six different illusion formation flags, listed as three flags and two rows of variations, several variations can be made.”

In the place of a few was a space, surprisingly a fill-in-the-blank question. The question was extremely simple to Ning Cheng, meaning six different formation flags, arranged in two rows of three flags each, how many different ways of arrangement were there in total.

“Senior, this topic is so simple, that is, you can’t use your divine sense to do it now, after so many years, you have done it, right?” Ning Cheng looked at the white-haired old crone in confusion, he did not believe that such a topic, the white-haired old crone had not done it by now.

“Idiot, the topic here is different every time, hurry up and calculate it.” The white haired crone shouted with extreme displeasure.

Ning Cheng said speechlessly, “What the hell do you need to calculate for such an easy one, seven hundred and twenty different placement methods.”

“That simple?” The old crone looked at Ning Cheng with some disbelief, Ning Cheng had not even done any calculations and answered in one breath, making her somewhat suspicious.

Ning Cheng didn’t bother to pay attention to this old crone, believe it or not, it was up to you.

Once the old crone took a look at Ning Cheng’s expression, she knew not to expect Ning Cheng to answer her again. She suddenly dashed out of the fire-red shield and wrote out the number seven hundred and twenty with force under that space.

“There was a soft creak, and the aqua-coloured door unexpectedly opened slowly.

“Really right?” The old crone immediately said to Ning Cheng in surprise, “Without my control, the shroud will only last for a limited time, you find your own way back inside the water ship and wait for me, I’m going in ……”

Before she could finish her sentence, the old crone had already rushed into the water-colored gate. With that, that aqua-colored gate slowly closed with a creak once again.

Ning Cheng stared dumbfounded at the aqua-colored gate, completely forgetting to despise the old crone for not sending him to the Half Moon Ship’s magic treasure cabin. The moment the gate opened, he felt an unprecedented aura.

No, it was definitely not aura, to be precise that aura was many times more powerful than aura. Just by feeling this kind of aura, he felt his cultivation level drifting up.

What the hell was this place?