Creation Gate Chapter 100

Ning Cheng ignored the white-haired old woman who was chattering away, and simply followed behind Meng Yu Jing in concealment.

Half an hour later, the two had long since moved away from Moze City and arrived at a mountain village. There were not many people in the mountain village, about ten or so.

There were many such mountain villages around Moze City, all of them were adventurers, or merchants who often had to go to Moze City for business, and a small number were local residents.

Just when Ning Cheng was wondering what Meng Yu Jing and the man were up to, she and the man entered a house in the far corner of the mountain village.

Ning Cheng quickly arrived under the window of this house and his divine thoughts carefully poked in.

Inside the house, there was everything, not only was there a living room but also a bedroom, and judging from the movements of Meng Yu Jing and the man, it was clear that this room was a room that they often came to.

“Senior sister Yu Jing, hasn’t he come to you yet?” The man asked, somewhat distractedly.

“No, I guess he’s gone in search of his brother, when he has the chance, he will definitely come to me.” Meng Yu Jing’s voice was very low and she seemed to be thinking a little far away.

“Senior Sister Yu Jing ……” The man suddenly posted to Meng Yu Jing’s front, one hand wrapped around Meng Yu Jing’s waist, and the other hand had climbed up Meng Yu Jing’s chest.

Ning Cheng’s heart rose a kind of sadness for that Kou Hong, he was still thinking about his fiancée when he was dying and asked himself to make sure to deliver something to his fiancée, but he didn’t expect that his fiancée had changed her heart long ago. If Kou Hong had known that his fiancée was such a person, he would not have continued to let himself send things over.

Ning Cheng was still speculating whether this small room was the place where Meng Yu Jing and her new love often met in private when he felt a tightening at the back of his neck, and the next moment he was uncontrollably led away from the place.

The white haired old woman threw Ning Cheng on the ground, “At a young age you are not afraid of growing C*ck-eyed, what is so pretty about this thing, hurry up and come with me to the Falling Thunder Scorching River.”

Although Ning Cheng didn’t say anything, he pooh-poohed in his heart, if he could grow C*ck-eyes even looking at this, then in a certain V-infested place, there would have been C*ck-eyes everywhere, this old woman was really insightless. Besides, if she didn’t look at it herself, how would she know what he was looking at?


The white-haired old woman was indeed not bragging, she had already arrived at the Falling Thunder Scorching River in just under half a day with Ning Cheng.

In Ning Cheng’s opinion, the journey from the Falling Thunder Scorching River to Moze City was much further than when he had come out of the Falling Thunder Desert to Moze City. This white-haired old woman had used a very ordinary flying magic treasure to bring him in a short period of time, so it was evident that she was formidable, and Ning Cheng also suspected that she had not even exerted her full strength.

Looking at the Falling Thunder Scorching River from the flying magic treasure, it was a boundless stretch of water. Fine ripples flowed across the surface of the water, giving the impression that it was a large river that was incredibly gentle. But the extremely dark coloured water surface reminded Ning Cheng of the Quicksand River within the Journey to the West.

Eight hundred quicksand boundaries, three thousand weak waters deep. The goose feathers could not float, and the reed flowers sank at the bottom.

“Why is it so cold here?” Ning Cheng had just stepped out from his flying magic treasure when he asked out in a shocked voice.

Just by hearing the name, the Falling Thunder Scorching River knew that the temperature of the water must be very high, or at the very least, it was only as cold as an ordinary river. It was absolutely impossible to call a place that was so cold and biting, a scorching river.

This was still at the edge of the river, and Ning Cheng could feel the icy coldness, if he entered inside this river, would he still want to live? He had to know that he was a cultivator at the first level of True Condensation, so even if he didn’t run his true essence, he wouldn’t be so afraid of the cold.

“Because this river has another name, it’s called the Cold River Forbidden Land. The Falling Thunder Scorching River I’m talking about was the name of this river countless years ago, and not many people can know the name Falling Thunder Scorching River now. Not many people can know the name of the Falling Thunder Scorching River anymore. Many people said that the real icy cold forbidden place in the Yixing Continent was the Sickly Wood Cold Cave, but in fact they were all wrong, the real icy cold place in the Yixing Continent was here, the Cold River Forbidden Land.”

The white-haired old crone seemed to be explaining to Ning Cheng, and also seemed to be talking to herself.

Ning Cheng, however, did not think that this old crone was wrong, he was still standing by the river and felt the icy cold to the bone, once he went inside the river, how terrifying would this be?

“The reason I stayed in Southern Plains City was because I had been struck by the cold poison here. Originally I thought I would never come back here in this lifetime, but I never thought you would send me the material for the One-Horned Fire Dragon Sculptor. I think this might be heaven’s will, allowing me to enter the Cold River Forbidden Land once more.” The old crone sighed and surprisingly told these things that Ning Cheng had not asked.

“Why does it have to be the One-Horned Fire Dragon Jiao?” Ning Cheng asked, puzzled.

The white-haired, white-haired old crone stared at the rippling, scaly river in front of her and said in a slow voice, “No matter how high your cultivation level is, or even if you are a strong to the extreme body refiner, you will not be able to resist the bone-chilling coldness of this cold river. Only through a water boat magic treasure refined from the materials of the One-Horned Fire Dragon Sculptor can you enter the cold river and minimise the cold poisonous intrusion. Moreover, the one-horned fire dragon sculptor’s one-horn is used to refine the bow of the boat, and its speed is also the fastest in the cold river.”

Ning Cheng suddenly understood that it was no wonder that this white-haired old woman with such a high cultivation level still placed such a high value on his rank four One-Horned Fire Dragon Jiao. It turned out that it was for exploring the Cold River, only that he didn’t know what treasures were inside this Cold River that made this old woman care so much.

“Before that I had found two materials for the One-Horned Fire Dragon Jiao, the first one was a rank seven demonic beast, and its materials made me search this Cold River almost all over. Unfortunately, when I was about to find what I needed, the water boat magic treasure made by this one-horned fire dragon jiao was also corrupted by the cold poison. Then after many years, I obtained another material for a fifth-grade one-horned fire dragon jiao ……”

Ning Cheng’s heart was jumping wildly as he listened to the white-haired old crone talk about this, this white-haired old crone was able to obtain the material of a Grade 7 One-Horned Fire Dragon Jiao, how terrifying should her cultivation level be? At least she must be at the God Shaping Realm? No wonder she could come to his room without a sound.

The white-haired old woman did not know that Ning Cheng was thinking about her terrifying cultivation in his mind and was still saying, “The grade of the water boat made from that Grade Five One-Horned Fire Dragon Sculptor material is far worse than the grade of the water boat made from Grade Seven Fire Dragon Sculptor material. I was on my third trip into the Cold River when the water boat surprisingly started to break. Coincidentally at that time, I found what I was looking for. I thought that even if the water boat shattered, with my ability to last for an hour or two there shouldn’t be any problem ……”

Ning Cheng once again became worried in his heart, the water boat that this white haired old crone had refined with a Grade 5 One Horned Fire Dragon Jiao had only lasted three times under the cold river before it shattered. Then wouldn’t the level four one-horned Fire Dragon Jiao that he had given to the white-haired old crone struggle to last even one trip? Once the water boat shattered, wouldn’t he struggle to hold on for even a few breaths?”

As expected the white-haired crone continued, “But I overestimated my own abilities, and I didn’t even last an hour before I was struck with an extremely heavy cold poison. I had no choice but to evacuate the Cold River and hide in a small place in Southern Plains City to heal my wounds. If I hadn’t met you, I thought I would never come here again.”

“Senior, that level five Fire Dragon Jiao couldn’t even last three trips, the one-horned Fire Dragon Jiao I gave senior was only just level four, wouldn’t it be even more ……”

Before Ning Cheng finished his words, the white haired old woman had already understood what Ning Cheng meant and said in a light voice, “You don’t need to worry, my refining level has also risen quite a bit, besides we only need one trip this time. And I know the path this time, we will get to the place I want to go at the bottom of the river in the shortest time possible. Of course, if you are too slow when calculating the entrance and the watercraft shatters, there is nothing I can do about it. At most, I will just die with you at the bottom of the cold river.”

Ning Cheng cursed in his heart, “Who wants you to accompany an old woman to her death, but in the end, he could not find a reason to resist.

The white-haired old woman simply ignored Ning Cheng’s silent resistance and directly sacrificed a black, sharp-horned half-moon boat. At the same time, she tapped the hull of the half-moon boat and a hatch came out in the middle section, just like a space capsule.

The old crone entered the hatch first and then said to Ning Cheng, “Come in quickly.”

Ning Cheng had no choice but to also get into the hatch.

The cabin was extremely small, so two people could only squeeze in. Luckily, one was a white-haired old woman and the other was less than twenty, so there was no embarra*sment.

After Ning Cheng was swindled into the cabin by the old woman, the white-haired old woman immediately closed the cabin lid, raised her hand and took out several spirit stones and set them in the grooves in front of the two people’s seats, while controlling the water boat into the river.

Even inside the cabin, after the water boat entered the cold river, an icy cold stinging caused Ning Cheng to shiver.

Ning Cheng’s heart simultaneously jumped wildly for a moment, shocked beyond belief.

The white haired old woman thought that Ning Cheng’s surprise was caused by this icy cold and biting, and said with some disdain, “This has only just entered the cold river, when we get inside it is countless times colder than this.”

Only Ning Cheng knew that he was not shocked at all because of the icy coldness of this cold river. When this old woman took out the spirit stone and set it on the groove just now, Ning Cheng clearly saw that the back of this white haired old woman’s wrist was white and smooth, this was definitely not the wrist of an old woman. Even Ji Luofei’s wrist was not so smooth and clean.