A Man Like None Other Chapter 2924

The two demonic cultivators hadn’t even thought that all the people trapped inside had escaped, nor would they have thought that there would be an ambush ahead! Now that the cave had collapsed and none of the spirits had escaped, … more

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2923

After waiting for everyone else to have escaped from the cave, Chen Ping bit through his finger and took out some yellow talisman paper and drew some special patterns on it with blood! “Mr. Chen, what are you doing?” Ji … more

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2922

Seeing those few spirits scattered on the spot, the other spirits did not dare to make any move! Chen Ping was holding a devil whip in his hand and said like a herd of cattle, “Break the exit barrier at … more

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2921

Snap ………… With a crisp sound, the spirits that rushed towards Chen Ping were instantly wiped out by the Demon Whip, leaving not even a trace of breath behind! The demon whip flickered with light, scaring those souls into a … more

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2920

“Kid, are you crazy, we can still live for a while now, and you still want to release the sealed demon cultivator spirits, isn’t that letting us die right away?” “That’s right, such a small place, when the time comes, … more