Campus Master Chapter 731-732

Chapter 731

Xiang Yongzhan glared, then couldn’t help but shake his head slightly and said: ”Your brat’s temper is really even more violent than Ji Shaolei’s! Of course, I know you’re worried that your family and those around you will be attacked, you don’t have to worry about that, at that time, although they had moved on, we still had intelligence officers monitoring them and sent out one last piece of intelligence before he was about to die! Those people are no longer in the country, and the top has long been highly regarded, if they try to enter China again, they will definitely be closely monitored!”

“Before they died?” Ji Feng frowned, “That intelligence officer was sacrificed?”

“That’s right, sacrificed!” Xiang Yongzhan nodded and said, “The power of the dynasty, is not as simple as you think, before our intelligence officer died, he only said sent back two words – Island!”


Ji Feng was stunned, “They went to the island? Or is it that there are islanders in the dynasty?”

“Both!” Xiang Yongzhan said, “Those people went to the island, and, in the Dynasty organization, there are still islanders! This is the information we found on the micro-recorder we found on the fallen intelligence officer!”

“Islanders ……” Ji Feng pondered for a moment before asking, “Is it confirmed that there is indeed no one left from the dynasty?”

“It’s basically confirmed now!” Xiang Yongzhan nodded his head and said.

“If I had said that earlier, wouldn’t I have understood?” Ji Feng said with no good humour, “You have to waste so much breath and make such a big circle!”

“You guy, I always have to explain things clearly to you, right? Didn’t you see that face of yours when you first came here, it was longer than a donkey’s face! If I don’t explain clearly, will you agree?!” Xiang Yongzhan couldn’t help but shake his head and scold with a laugh.

Ji Feng didn’t mind Xiang Yongzhan’s words either, but asked, “You haven’t arrested Qiao Rong yet?”

“You brat ……” Xiang Yongzhan gave him a good-natured look, “Catching her isn’t easy? The key is to report to the top first and wait for the approval from above before you can do so! However, capturing him won’t be of any practical use either, that supervisor in the Royal Club is the backbone of Dynasty’s hideout in Mainland China, capturing him will be the only way to get useful information.”

“In that case, the fact that Dynasty’s people knew everything about our situation before was also without Qiao Rong’s great help, right?” Ji Feng asked with a grim expression, “Or perhaps those killers, themselves, were sent directly by Qiao Rong?”

Xiang Yongzhan shook his head slightly and said, “This …… It’s hard to say for the time being, but I reckon Qiao Rong isn’t that capable, after all, she hasn’t been a member of the dynasty for long, so it’s impossible for her to come into contact with so many things. Like advanced transformers and the like, this should only belong to the core secrets of the dynasty.”

“It’s impossible to say!”

Ji Feng said indifferently, “Qiao Rong joined the dynasty to save her son with the help of the dynasty’s extraordinary level of technology, but the people of the dynasty are not stupid, why would they risk exposure for no reason to save an unrelated person? Obviously, Qiao Rong has something they need …… Is it the Qiao family’s energy in China, or something else?”

Xiang Yongzhan slowly shook his head and said, “All of this, we will only be able to find out exactly why after we catch Qiao Rong. As for now, the two of us should stop speculating wildly here, why don’t we talk about something else?”

Ji Feng knew at once that Xiang Yongzhan had finished explaining all the issues that should be explained. In fact, Ji Feng was still satisfied with Xiang Yongzhan’s explanation, as for whether the action was a mistake or what kind of purpose was achieved, this was all a matter between Xiang Yongzhan and the above, it had little to do with Ji Feng, what he was concerned about was who actually sent the Transformer to Jiangzhou to kill the White Spider, and who sent the White Spider to Jiangzhou, and where exactly was this person hiding behind the curtain now!

The important people in the Royal Club, had already left China and gone to the island, and what was left, were just some understudies, already Qiao Rong, this silly woman was holding up the facade, but did not know, in fact, that a big disaster was already at hand, and now what was waiting, was just an order from above!

Of course, Ji Feng also knows very well that there may not be many people in Yanjing City who do not know that the old man of the Ji family is defending the Qiao family, so when he says he is waiting for the approval from above, he is actually waiting for the old man to take a stand, and before the old man expresses his opinion, I believe that absolutely no one will act rashly.

On the one hand, this is because the main figures of the dynasty in Yanjing have all run away, the threat has disappeared for the time being, the remaining ones have become insignificant, while on the other hand, it is also because the Qiao family has a weak influence in Yanjing itself, to move the important figures of such a family, all aspects need to be considered thoroughly.

But this is no longer Ji Feng’s business, what he feels puzzled about now is the presence of the islanders in the Royal Club!

Obviously, from the current situation, although for him, the threat had disappeared for the time being, but no one knew how many people from the dynasty were still hiding in China. Those foreigners who had been transformed were indeed easy to identify, and intelligence officers could easily notice the targets, but if there were also islanders among them, it could be a bit troublesome.

If the islanders are deliberately disguised, they will still resemble the Chinese, especially if they have lived in China for a long time.

And there was another point, once the islanders were mentioned, Ji Feng felt a little strange, the islanders seemed to have a very serious infiltration in China, for example, the last robbery of the Jardine House, if it wasn’t for the timely appearance of himself and the four Yi Xingchen, I don’t know how many people would have suffered, Qin Shujie would definitely have been unlucky as well, just for the compensation for the employees, it would have been an absolutely astronomical amount, so that she couldn’t even pay for it with all her money.

The important thing is that in this robbery, the main characters were islanders!

From this, one can imagine how deep these islanders are hiding in China, they were able to get accurate information and specifically run towards Jardine House, and also control a small gang in Jiangzhou, allowing them to follow and participate in this robbery, this familiarity with China has simply reached an unimaginable level, not to mention that the people of that dynasty are equally intent on hiding ……

Thinking of this, Ji Feng was horrified, the islanders in the last Jardine House robbery, would not have anything to do with the dynasty, right ……

“Ji Feng, what are you thinking about!” Xiang Yongzhan handed over another cigarette, which instantly brought Ji Feng back to his senses.

“I thought of something just now and got a little lost in thought.” Ji Feng smiled: “There is a clue that I can mention to you, know that about a year ago, there was a robbery of Jardine House in Jiangzhou, at that time, some of the people involved in this incident were islanders, I think, between those people and Dynasty, is there any connection ……”

“Is that so?”

Xiang Yongzhan’s expression gloomed, “I will report this situation.”

“Actually, this is just my guess, it may not necessarily be true, you can investigate first and report it after you are sure.” Ji Feng laughed.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be reckless!”

Xiang Yongzhan laughed, “Ji Feng, you’ve got everything clear about the dynasty, next, can you do me a favour?”

“Tell me?” Ji Feng laughed.

“Please save the life of the White Spider.” Xiang Yongzhan said.

“She’s dying too?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but be stunned, before Ji Shaolei also said that Xiang Yongzhan wanted him to save the white spider, but Ji Feng didn’t ask what happened to the white spider at that time, now that he thought about it, he felt strange, what was wrong with the white spider, and he still needed to save it? The army has a lot of experts, so it’s not his turn to intervene, right?

“No, she’s alive and well, but she could die at any time!” Ji Shaolei said, “She’s alive and well, but she could die at any time! Ji Shaolei said, “Her body, likewise, has been implanted with a biological bomb, which could explode at any time.”

Ji Feng instantly frowned, “White Spider is also a transformer?”

This was really hard to see, such a beautiful woman, although her nickname was Black Widow, which made people feel a bit scary, but how could she be related to a transformer?

Xiang Yongzhan shook his head slightly, “She is not a reformer, however, before she joined the dynasty, she was a very powerful assassin, only later did she take a mission to assassinate a director of the dynasty, as a result, although the target was killed by her, she also fell into the hands of the dynasty.”

“Then how did she become the dynasty’s supervisor in Western Xia?” Ji Feng asked curiously.

“The people of the dynasty saw her extraordinary skills, plus there might be another purpose, so they implanted a biological bomb in her body to control her and make her join the dynasty, later on, with her own ability, White Spider became the supervisor in Western Xia, but kept insisting that she didn’t become a reformer.” Xiang Yongzhan explained.

“So that’s how it is!” Ji Feng nodded, “But, what does this have to do with me?”

“The reason I asked you to come is that I hope you can help take out the biological bomb inside her body, right now, White Spider doesn’t even dare to leave the basement, in order to prevent the biological bomb inside her body from being detonated by someone remotely, she can only stay in a room with a signal shield installed every day, it’s hard to bring out her value.” Xiang Yongzhan said.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh, “You’re looking for the wrong person, I’m just a student, not some experienced and highly skilled surgeon, how can I help her remove the biological bomb?”

“The location of her biological bomb is very special, the bomb is integrated with her heart, after the experts in the military district have seen it, there is nothing they can do, because if they want to take out the bomb inside her body, not to mention whether it will explode, just because the bomb is integrated with her heart, there is no way to move the knife, otherwise, before the bomb explodes, the white spider may would have already stopped her heartbeat first!”

Xiang Yongzhan stared at Ji Feng and said, “I guess, you must have a way!”

“What solution can I have ……” Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and laughed: “You also think too highly of me, even the experts are helpless to do anything, I’m even more helpless.”

Chapter 732

“Ji Feng, I know that the White Spider entered the United University with the goal of having bad thoughts about you, about Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei, I think you are also very well aware of that, so you might have some not-so-good impressions of the White Spider.” Xiang Yongzhan laughed, “But right now White Spider is still very valuable to us, moreover, she is quite skilled herself, if she stays in her room on this and doesn’t dare to go out, it would really be a waste of talent.”

Ji Feng shook his head with a non-committal smile, “Since that’s the case, then you guys should find someone to study the biological bomb inside her body and come up with a remote control or something like that, or come up with a pocket-sized shielding device on her body to stabilize it, won’t that do the trick?”

At this proposal from Xiang Yongzhan, Ji Feng couldn’t help but feel a bit stunned, he wasn’t a doctor, let alone an expert, how could he have that ability to save the white spider?

“A biological bomb!”

Xiang Yongzhan shook his head helplessly, “This is not an ordinary remote control bomb, if the shield and remote control alone worked, then we wouldn’t be so worried. The most important thing is that this bomb is extremely sensitive to changes in the human body, as soon as it reaches a critical point, it will immediately explode!”

“What do you mean by this critical point?” Ji Feng asked with some confusion.

Regarding biological bombs, Ji Feng had also learned something about them and knew that this kind of bomb possessed certain biological characteristics and was currently the most advanced and complex kind of bomb in the world. But because at that time he was still most concerned about transforming people, he did not have a detailed understanding of biological bombs.

“To use an analogy, for example, the biological bomb inside the white spider, if the white spider’s heartbeat exceeds or falls below a certain speed, the bomb will explode. The other biological bombs are similar, they are all very complex and intelligent, they are not at all comparable to ordinary bombs!” Xiang Yongzhan said.

“That’s awesome!” Ji Feng sighed in heartfelt admiration, the person who invented the biological bombs was truly astonishingly clever.

“So that’s why we simply don’t dare to easily move the bio-bomb inside the white spider now!” Xiang Yongzhan shook his head helplessly, “In our country, there is no mature technology to crack the biological bomb yet. Therefore, I can only seek your help now.”

“Sorry, this favor, I really can’t help.” Ji Feng shook his head slightly and said, “I’ve never had any experience in cracking biological bombs, much less medical skills, so there’s no way to take out the biological bomb from the white spider’s body.”

“Really?!” Xiang Yongzhan frowned and asked, “Ji Feng, you’re not still holding a grudge against the white spider, are you? I know that she once did have some …… But there’s always the bigger picture to consider, isn’t there?”

“What makes you think that I can crack the biological bomb inside the White Spider?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but say without good humour, “I really don’t know where you got the confidence to just assume that I’m that good!”

Xiang Yongzhan looked at Ji Feng with a suspicious gaze and frowned, “Ji Feng, others may not know, but I do, remember Black Wolf? Remember Black Wolf? At the beginning, you could tell with a single glance where the biological bomb in Black Wolf’s body was located, and after we brought it back, we used special instruments to scan it before we knew it.

Ji Feng’s heart suddenly flinched, of course he remembered Black Wolf, in fact he not only remembered, but also fought with Black Wolf.

Back then, on the outer ring road in Jiangzhou, Ji Feng deliberately lured a snake out of a hole, so he lured out the black wolf, a net check killer driving a Ferrari, and ran away with a black car at that time, while that black wolf was restrained by Ji Feng by directly scrapping his limbs.

Soon afterwards, Xiang Yongzhan rushed to the scene, and at the same time was responsible for surrounding the black car that ran away. When he handed over the black wolf to Xiang Yongzhan, Ji Feng was worried that Xiang Yongzhan and the others did not know where the biological bomb inside the black wolf was, and he was afraid that the bomb would suddenly explode due to certain factors, so he kindly reminded Xiang Yongzhan, but he did not expect that this guy would actually take it to heart and even mention it now.

The fact that he had to give a reasonable explanation to Ji Feng was a clear indication that he wanted him to do so. Ji Feng couldn’t help but secretly regret, if he had known that this guy remembered the details so well, he wouldn’t have said that one more word.

“That’s …… I guessed it!” Ji Feng spread his hands.

“……” Xiang Yongzhan almost didn’t choke on his own saliva, what kind of answer is this, it is clearly a scoundrel. And guessed …… How can I not guess? The actual fact that you are the only one who guessed so accurately?

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

In fact, Xiang Yongzhan also knows where Ji Feng’s dissatisfaction comes from, one is because he feels that he is not doing his job properly, on the other hand, he also feels that he is dragging his feet, in other words, or ordering him to do something, the reason why Ji Feng is resisting this matter is probably because of these two reasons.

Xiang Yongzhan deliberated for a moment before saying, “Since you were able to guess so accurately that time, why don’t you also guess now how to break the bomb inside the white spider?”

“Not interested!” Ji Feng flatly refused, “Grand Duke Xiang, if you don’t have anything else, then I’m going back, as you know, today is not a weekend, I still have classes at school, I’ve been busy with my butt off the bench for a while recently, and now that I’m about to take exams, it’s time to revise properly.”

Xiang Yongzhan looked at Ji Feng, his heart was helpless to the extreme, this Ji Feng guy was simply oil and salt, no matter how much he explained, he just wouldn’t let up, he didn’t even admit that he could break the biological bomb inside the white spider.

In fact, if he hadn’t dealt with Ji Feng a few times and seen some of his special skills, such as that time when the military operation against Western Xia, when the arsenal of the Western Xia branch was bombed and everyone, including Xiang Yongzhan himself, was buried alive, while Ji Feng was a few hundred metres away and people were still buried in the mound of earth, he would have been able to tell whether it was an enemy or a friend, and thus shoot the enemy directly without any fear.

Another example is the last encounter with the dynasty killer Black Wolf on the outer ring road, where he could tell at a glance where the biological bomb in Black Wolf’s body was ……

These peculiar skills, coupled with Ji Feng’s sudden rise over the past year or so, made Xiang Yongzhan firmly believe that Ji Feng must have some secret that is not known to anyone, only that he hides it very well, so others do not know about it. However, Xiang Yongzhan, who had contact with Ji Feng, knew that Ji Feng’s skills were definitely more than what he had revealed.

However, he was not sure if Ji Feng could really break the biological bomb, but now that even the military experts were at their wits’ end, he could only put his hopes on Ji Feng, after all, the white spider was too important. If it was Black Wolf instead, Xiang Yongzhan might not have had too many worries.

Because, Black Wolf’s identity was only that of an assassin of the Dynasty, what he knew was, in fact, so little that he could not even remember where he had been transformed and when he had joined the Dynasty. The only thing he knew was that he had a biological bomb installed in his body and simply did not dare to resist the dynasty’s orders.

Other than that, all he knows is a few things about the Royal Club, but these are all irrelevant, and as the important people in the Royal Club have all moved away, Black Wolf can no longer provide any valuable information, and at best it can only be used by scientists to study his physical changes, and that’s about it.

Black Wolf’s body has also been transformed, but because his body has not been completely transformed, he is still able to eat like an ordinary person, only that the rate at which his body absorbs nutrients has become extremely slow, and his whole body is gradually losing weight.

Although she had a biological bomb installed in her body, she was not a transformer, so she did not have to worry about starving to death because she lacked the nutrition needed by transformers.

What’s more, as the former head of Dynasty’s branch in Western Xia, White Spider has a lot of memories of Dynasty in her mind. For example, she knows that Dynasty has a stronghold in one place, but she can’t say what that place is, yet she knows how to go if she is asked to go personally.

And that, in turn, would require her to be able to move around freely to do so.

But as things stood, the White Spider would have to have the biological bomb inside her defused before she could move freely. Otherwise, once she entered the dynasty’s sphere of influence, the other side would likely have an unexpected method to detonate the bio-bomb inside her.

On this point, Xiang Yongzhan had no doubt, after all, those transformers he had seen over this period of time had taught him the extraordinary level of technology of the Dynasty, which was powerful, definitely not without reason.

Therefore, to deal with the Dynasty, the White Spider can play a very important role, and Xiang Yongzhan must find a way to break the biological bomb inside her.

Right now, he could only hope that Ji Feng would bring about a miracle.

However, looking at Ji Feng’s current so oily look, Xiang Yongzhan had a bit of a headache. This guy, really seemed too difficult to deal with, and if he didn’t pay a price, he thought that Ji Feng would leave now.

He had no choice but to speak up and said, “Alright, you’re tough, tell me, what do you want before you’re willing to save the White Spider!”