Boss Lady Chapter 839

Fifth Flower frowned.

She had heard Fifth Chuan mention this matter.

Not long after Fifth Moon was born, both of their parents had pa*sed away.

Trigram readers had always had a short life expectancy, not to mention the fact that the Fifth Family’s life expectancy had diminished even faster because Fifth Shao Xin had once counted on Ying Ziji.

Fifth Chuan was also afraid that after his death, there would be no one to take care of the youngest, Fifth Moon, so he contacted the Luo family specifically.

The marriage was also arranged at that time.

It was only because the Fifth Family had declined over the years that the two families no longer had much communication.

Fifth Flower had almost forgotten about it.

If the Luo family hadn’t taken the initiative to come to the door and ask for the marriage to be cancelled, Fifth Flower wouldn’t have had the memory to remember.

But now, at this point in time, the Luo family had come to withdraw their marriage, and it was self-evident what they had in mind.

The most important thing is to humiliate the Fifth Family.

Once the marriage was withdrawn, the next day, the scandal of the Fifth Family would be heard all over the world of trigonometry.

Fifth Flower sneered, “Is Master Luo’s family seeing Yue Yue in a coma, so he is taking advantage of this time to fall on his sword?”

“Miss Hua, that is a poor statement.” Luo Huo looked calm, “People all want to go higher, does your Fifth Family’s current position in the Guaoshu community still not allow your own family to see it?”

“Just ask if there is one of you, other than Old Mr. Chuan, who can hold up the Fifth Family?”

The Fifth Flower’s expression was slightly cold.

In this path of trigonometry, there was no such thing as hard work, nor was there any such thing as diligence that could make up for poor work, it was all about talent.

And only talent.

One had to admit that the Fifth Family was indeed falling further and further behind.

“Miss Hua, I also mentioned that our Luo family could take Miss Yue in.” Luo Huo added, “But we can’t worship heaven and earth, nor can we worship each other, and we can’t be recorded in my Luo family’s genealogy.”

The Feng Shui family instead took such matters as betrothal extremely seriously.

Being in this circle, they naturally believe in karma and retribution.

The marriage had to be dissolved and the karma broken before the Luo family could get out of it.

Fifth Flower was furious and laughed as she coldly said, “This matter is of great importance, wait until my family’s elders return and then the Luo family head can come back.”

She pressed the door and was polite and detached, “My Fifth Family’s temple is small, so I won’t send it off.”

Luo Huo’s brow furrowed.

He didn’t see Fifth Moon, but he still had respect for Fifth Chuan, a senior who was once famous in the world of trigonometry.

He hadn’t told Elder Luo even when he came to withdraw from the marriage, otherwise Elder Luo would have definitely stopped him.

But Luo Huo saw it clearly.

The Fifth Family really had no use for them.

“So be it.” Luo Huo said, “Then we’ll do it another day-”


The door was slammed straight shut, nearly knocking Luo Huo’s nose out of place.

He covered his face and grimaced, “This Fifth Flower, after all this time, her temper is still so violent, it’s lucky it wasn’t her who was booked in the first place.”

“Dad, what’s the point of talking nonsense with them?” To the side, a youth spoke up, “If I were to say so, we should just back off, cousin is now a popular person in the world of trigonometry, how can he have that time to spend with a vegetable?”

If it was the Fifth Moon before the coma, the Luo family would still be satisfied.

“Anyway, don’t tell your grandfather about this.” Luo Huo’s face was sullen, “It’s only bad if he knows about this, withdrawing the marriage is fine, but I’m afraid that Fifth Moon will tell your grandfather when he wakes up.”

Fifth Moon was lawless, but she could not resist the fact that the older generation liked her.

“Let her sue.” The youth shrugged, “If she sues, cousin won’t look at her either.”

The Luo family and their group headed out.

The more Luo Huo thought about it, the angrier he became, “This fifth family is so petty, we came all the way here, but they let us go stay in a hotel.”

The Feng Shui family said they were rich and wealthy, with many antiques worth tens of millions and hundreds of millions at home.

It was also right to say poor, with too little cash money.

Carrying his herbs, Xize saw these few people from the Luo family dressed in very shabby clothes head on.

He casually glanced at them and quickly averted his gaze.

“Dad.” The youth stopped in his tracks, “Did you see a foreigner just now?”

Even if Westerners came to the Imperial Capital to shop, they wouldn’t shop in such a remote place, right?

“Yes, I saw it.” Luo Huo didn’t think so, “Probably going to the fifth house to tell fortunes, it’s a pity that these people abroad are still stuck in the past, they don’t know which family is in charge of the fortune telling world now, they really have no vision.”

The youth turned back again.

The young man was tall and erect, with short hair as brilliant as gold.

There was nothing incongruous about him, even though he was wearing the ancient Chinese style robes.

The youth frowned, always sensing something familiar about the Westerner.

It was as if he had seen it on television.

Who is it?

This way.

As soon as Cesar entered, he sensed that something was not quite right with the atmosphere.

His eyes sank: “What’s wrong? Third cla*s …… Miss Moon she had some kind of bad reaction?”

“No.” The fifth flower slapped the table, “It’s the Luo family!”

Cesar looked at the stone table that was in tatters, “……”

He believed it.

It was true that everyone in China knew kung fu.

Fifth Flower briefly recounted what had happened earlier and snorted coldly, “They don’t want Yue Yue, they really think Yue Yue just wants to marry them, the family is so poor that our Yue Yue can’t look at them.”

“Good point.” Cesar nodded in approval for the first time, “I see they’re dressed in quite rags, I guess there’s not enough gold in the family to cheat.”

Which was not as expansive as he was.

“Big brother and third brother have accompanied grandpa to the ancient martial world and won’t be back until tomorrow.” Fifth Flower pushed open the bedroom door, “It’s better not to let Yue Yue know about the matter of withdrawing from the marriage.”

Cesar hung his head slightly.

The young girl was lying on the bed, peaceful yet quiet.

She was very well behaved, not at all like the mischievous mischief-maker who had stirred up a hornet’s nest and caught frogs in the water when she was a child.

The phone rang at that moment.

Cesar picked it up immediately, “Boss.”

“Yes.” Ying Ziyi’s voice was slightly hoarse, “How is Yue Yue?”

“Life is not in any danger.” Xize swept a glance at the sleeping Fifth Moon, “I’m just afraid that there will be any after-effects when the time comes.”

“I know.” Ying Ziyi nodded slightly, “I’ll leave for the Imperial Capital the day after tomorrow to take care of her.”

“Of course.” Xize wrinkled his brow, remembering the Luo family again from earlier, “Boss, what about-

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Xize paused and quickly changed the subject, “I just want to ask, when are we going to go fishing for gold together?”

It was better not to bother Ying Zigui with such trivial matters.

He would be able to solve it.

Fifth Moon had given so much for Ying Zidian, so it was only right that he should take care of her.

A young girl needs to be taken care of.

In the early 18th century, he had been to China and had contacted several Feng Shui families.

But this Luo family, he had never even heard of it.

What the hell.

Hearing these words, the girl’s voice was cold: “Oh, goodbye.”

Xize: “……”

Their boss was getting more and more ruthless.

Cesar put his phone away and got up again, “I’ll go cook the medicine.”

Fifth Flower rubbed her head.

Originally, she thought that Cesar was the one in charge of the Laurent family, how could he live a life of eighty servants taking care of his living.

At first she had been a bit resistant to Cesar’s arrival.

In the past few days, she had a new perspective.

It was hard to see that this man of power was not only able to play chess with their grandfather, but could also play in the kitchen.


The following day.

Shanghai side.

The courtyard entrance.

Ling Mianxi quietly walked to the backyard and took a look: “It’s already half past eleven, and Ying hasn’t gotten up yet.”

Ying Zidian had never been in the habit of sleeping in and staying in bed.

Today was very unusual.

But we all understood what the reason for this abnormality was.

The door of the new room was still closed.

The bed.

The red curtain is lifted.

Ying Zidian rolls over, her eyes hazy with sleep.

Her long eyelashes are tainted with moisture, making them even more attractive.

A hand pressed her shoulder at that moment, then moved to her waist: “Where does it hurt?”

Ying Ziji’s fingers trembled gently and she clutched his fingers, her eyes cool: “devil, don’t you press me.”

She felt that if he kept pressing like this, her travel plans for the day would fail.

“Yaoyao, don’t worry.” Fu Yunshen looked at ease, “My self-control is very strong, you trust me.”

Ying Ziji: “…… I don’t really trust you.”

This whole day and night, he had used such words to lie to her.

Then she didn’t get out of bed.

“This time it’s true.” Fu Yunshen lowered his head and kissed her lips very lightly, “For the future, be abstinent this time.”

Ying Ziyi turned away, not wanting to care about him.

How can you call this moderation?

But Fu Yunshen’s ma*sage technique was indeed very good.

Plus, he was an ancient martial artist and knew the body’s acupuncture points well.

Ying Zidian lay down on the bed and soon fell asleep again.

Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes dropped and he raised his hand to rub her head: “Happy wedding, little friend.”

After so many lifetimes, he finally held her in his arms for good.

A few minutes later, Fu Yunshen got up.

He got dressed and walked out.

Many people in the hall were gathered around, and when they saw him come out, they all coincidentally went silent.

But all had a look of gossip.

However, no one dared to really gossip about it either, due to the absolute combat power of the Sage Demon.

“Brother, great.” Qin LingYan gave a thumbs up, “We were all guessing what time you guys could get up today, and it turns out that we were all wrong.”

“I’ll go and order dinner.” Fu Yunshen glanced at him, “Yaoyao is physically exhausted and needs to eat, you come with me.”

“What’s the point of ordering a meal? Can’t we just call and order takeaway?”

“There’s no takeaway at that old shop.”

Qin Lingyan resigned herself to her fate and followed her out.

Sinai also sat in the lobby and hesitated for a moment, but dialed Dean Norman’s number.

She didn’t have any hobbies either, the only thing she was interested in was aviation and mechanics.

The House of Sages had been completely destroyed and the few Sages who had stopped the development of human technology had fallen.

The cosmic carrier experiment could be carried out smoothly.

It was also her dream to explore the universe.

At this time, Dean Norman was designing a new core power unit.

With the addition of the Engineering Institute, the experimental project was progressing much faster.

“Disciple, you said you were coming over? And asked me to prepare a uniform for you?” Hearing Sinai say that, Dean Norman was quite puzzled, “Don’t you like wearing little dresses most now?”

Sinai: “…… I never said anything like that.”

“Nonsense.” Dean Norman was not pleased, the rigor of a science student made him retort directly, “You clearly said you were going to send me a little dress, I still have the chat log, if you don’t believe me I’ll dig it up and show you.”

Sinai: “……”

The alchemical drug proved to be a harmful thing.

After she had completely recovered, she simply somehow didn’t want to recognise that it was her.

Dean Norman also sensed that Sinai had become less talkative again, and his attitude softened instantly, “Disciple, I was wrong, you are even more talented than my master, of course you are not missing from such experimental projects.”

“I’ve already prepared a job application for you, your sister is the first researcher, you are the second.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Sinai blandly, “It’s okay to have some fun.”

She had never cared about such false names.

“Fine, fine, fine.” Dean Norman agreed, “Let me know when you’re almost there and I’ll pick you up.”

“No need.” Sinai yawned, “I can do it myself.”

“Just as well.” Dean Norman muttered, “Your old cla*smates did say that you look like an iceberg, but when you blow up the college, you’re a volcano.”

Sinai didn’t say a word.

She opened her phone and started to book her flight to G.

Fu Yunshen was close to the presidents of several countries in continent O.

In addition to the global influence of the Laurent family, the G country had opened up a huge experimental base for the cosmic carrier project.

This is because even now, 80% of people around the world still do not think highly of this project.

With mankind’s current level of technology, they can’t even explore another universe, and they still want to travel there?

Even with the Venus Group, the industry is not optimistic in the slightest.

Only the President of G strongly supports it.

But Sinai believed that within five years, the space carrier project would be a success.

At that time, it would shake the whole world.

Three hours later, Ying Zigui got up.

“Ying.” Sinai walked up and smiled faintly, “I’ve contacted my teacher and am going to go to the cosmic carrier experimental base.

Ying Zigui was not polite and gave her a hug, “Good, I’ll have someone help you pack your bags.”

Sinai nodded and went upstairs.

Ying Zidian walked out.

Snow has always been rare in southern China.

But this new month this year, it has snowed quite a few times in Shanghai.

It fell again this morning, covering the gra*s with a layer of silvery white.

Instead of playing cards with the others, Norton sat out on the patio.

Snow had fallen on his silver hair and he hadn’t brushed it off.

“Where are you going to go?” Ying was behind him, “Or is this life lonely again and ready for reincarnation?”

She had rarely seen Norton like this.

Only remembered when they first met, Norton was this lonely and cold.

Looking at her icily with those dark green eyes.

The man at first was just a teenager.

With a look of indifference, walking like an icy blade.

It was a very stubborn man.

“No more spinning, off to the alchemy world.” Norton opened his eyes and turned his head sideways, “It’s been a while since I’ve been there, taking care of some things.”

Ying’s phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, “I remembered, that teacher of yours-”

The origin of alchemy in the beginning was of course the Sage Magician.

At the same time, he was also the first alchemist on Earth.

But the alchemists on this side of the O Continent had nothing to do with the Sage Magician.

It was a group of people seeking immortality who discovered the miraculous existence of alchemy and studied it.

The alchemical world is much like the ancient martial world and the existence of the World City.

It is a separate space that originally existed on Earth.

This space had many alchemical materials within it.

It was the earliest group of alchemists who mistakenly entered this space and settled on it, after which it was renamed the Alchemy Realm.

At the mention of this title, Norton’s dark green eyes narrowed as well.

He gave a cold laugh, “It should still be alive, an alchemist’s lifespan, potentially longer than an ancient martial artist.”

“Good, you go to the alchemy world.” Ying Ziyi pondered for a moment, “I’ll come over to you when I’m done with other things.”

That teacher of Norton’s, she had only heard him mention it, and hadn’t met him yet.

But all in all, not a good one.

“No need.” Norton closed his eyes slightly, “I can handle it alone.”

Ying nodded slightly, “If you need anything, just look for me.”

As a Sage World, she had a lot of power.

Yet she would not interfere with the workings of the world.

All things in the world had their own reason for change.

“Okay, I know.” Norton suddenly looked up, hooked his lips in a smile and lazily lifted his chin, “Boss, watch your back when you exercise in the future.”


Without exception, Norton was beaten.

Though that little bruise was nothing to him.

Norton closed his eyes again and remained seated on the patio.

That is, until ten minutes later, when footsteps sounded once more.

Sinai had little luggage, she always travelled simply.

After picking up a coat and draping it over her body, she headed out.

After walking out, Sinai saw at a glance a man with short silver hair sitting on a bench in the garden, his black earrings faintly reflecting.

Lonely, cold.

It was as if the sage chariot that would cook in the kitchen and liked to lift her up was just an illusion.

After the illusion, he was still the sage on high.

If she hadn’t been made smaller by the alchemical drug, nothing would have crossed their paths.

Sinai wrapped her coat around her and proceeded to walk outside.

And as she pa*sed the bench, her wrist was suddenly grabbed.

The force was so strong that Sinai was momentarily unsteady on his feet.

He was sitting in the snowy weather, but his hand was still warm, and the hot temperature came through.

The next second, she fell uncontrollably into an embrace.

The man’s body, hard as ice.