Boss Lady Chapter 832

“Was the Boss missing the heart when he became the Wheel of Fortune?” Cesar thought back to the old days, “No wonder Boss used to be cold and ignored people.”

Not having a heart meant not being able to sense any emotions.

But even so, the Wheel of Fortune hadn’t gone to extremes like the Sage Trials.

“I know I know, that’s because you’re too stupid.” Fifth Moon nodded, “Look at me, Master is just so nice to me, by the way, so where are you going to throw all the gold wow?”

Cesar: “……”

Better to just let him die.

Norton wiped the blood from his face and a glint of doubt swept across his eyes.

He faded: “The boss isn’t sure where her heart is.”

The Wheel of Fortune could be counted by anyone, but not by himself.

“But if Ying has a heart, the trial will definitely not be a match for her.” Ling Mianxi’s eyes stared, “Let’s think about where Ying’s heart would really be.”

This was the only way they could turn the situation around.

“Good.” Qin Lingyu nodded, “We’ll go find it as soon as we regain our mobility.”

Fifth Moon proceeded to set up the formation.

And suddenly, as if she thought of something, her body trembled violently as if it had been electrified.

Fifth Moon murmured, “It’s not impossible.”

Cesar didn’t hear it clearly and looked up, “What did you say?”

“Want to know what I said, don’t you.” Fifth Moon opened the cash code, “One word, a thousand.”

Cesar: “……”

Several sages regained their strength with the help of the Feng Shui formation set up by Fifth Moon.

During this time, the battle of the three Magi continued.

The sound of howling wind was all around his ears.

Even Norton could not see the figures of Ying Zigui and Fu Yunshen at all.

This level of battle was even more terrifying than the previous Holy War

It was almost like destroying the heavens and the earth.



Once again, cracks appeared on the ground as the Sword of Judgement batch came down.

At the same time, two figures landed on the ground.

It was Ying Zigui and Fu Yunshen.

After seeing them clearly, Qin Lingyu’s expression changed, “Not good!”

Both of their bodies were drenched in blood and their wounds were streaked with scars.

Obviously, they were already seriously injured.

Yet they still stood straight, protecting the others in front of them.


And opposite them, Yue Fuyi also jumped down.

Her eyes were cold and merciless.

Her body also bore wounds, but much less.

“As said, you guys are no match for me even if you get the power of the other sages.” Yue Fuyi gasped slightly, her voice still cold and chilly, “Wheel of Fortune, I also said that you are my only recognised opponent.”

“I can also release them as long as you choose to stand on my side and revolutionise the world with me.”

The Sword of Judgement in her hand was pointed at Ling Mianxi and the others.

Even though she was saying this, Yue Fuyi was annoyed.

She hadn’t expected Ying Zigui and Fu Yunshen to be able to hold out for so long.

The two were also completely unafraid of death.

Even now, Yue Fuyi did not intend to use her full strength.

She needed the asteroid disaster to wipe out the species, but she also needed a little bit of sage power left to protect herself.

When the catastrophe had pa*sed, the Earth would be given a new lease of life.

But Ying Zidian and Fu Yunshen were really giving her a headache.

Yue Fuyi was also trying to think of a compromise, to preserve her power as much as possible.

Ying Ziji wiped the blood from her body and looked calm: “Brother, let’s begin.”

“Hmm.” Fu Yunshen still had that lazy dude look, “Reverse position.”

Ying Ziji also said, “Inverse position.”

Both of them were lighthearted, like they were just going to have a cup of afternoon tea.


Instantly, the two of them pounded another cup of power than before.

Yue Fuyi’s eyes changed abruptly.

As cold as she was, she wanted to curse “D*mn”.

“Impressive.” Yue Fuyi gently raised her eyebrows, lightly, “For the sake of this bad world, you guys, you actually chose to open the reverse position, do you want to actively seek death?”

Speaking here, her voice sank as she finally snapped in anger.

The inverse position had, indeed, started out as nothing more than a way to help the Sages increase their power.

It was in response to a great catastrophe that even the Magi could not resist.

The Fool and the Temperance would fall, also because the inverse position was turned on to ward off the disaster.

Only she was using the inverse position to control the other sages.

Only the original four sages knew how to open the inverse position.

But now, Ying Zigui had also learned how to open the inverse position.

As expected of a Wheel of Destiny with absolute precognition.

It could not go on like this.

Who knew if the Wheel of Destiny would find some new way to turn defeat into victory at a critical moment.

“Alright, very good, very good.” Yue Fuyi nodded, “In that case, I’ll show you how I destroyed this world you’re trying to protect.”

She no longer struck out at Ying Ziyi and Fu Yunshen, and changed the target of her attack, aiming at the inhabitants of the City of Worlds with her Judgement between her hands.


Another sword slashed down.

Ying Zigui’s body trembled and she coughed out a mouthful of blood.

But she didn’t stop in any way and once again blocked Yue Fuyi’s path.

She used her own body to block between the trials in a raw way.

“Ying!” Qin Lingyu looked anxious, “Ying!”

With Ying Ziyi and Fu Yunshen’s ability today, they could have simply left.

But they didn’t.

They were using their lives to stop Yue Fuyi from trampling on the land they loved.

Fifth Moon saw it too, and her eyes reddened.

“Master said that I should not count her out.” Half a moment later, she lowered her head, “But now it’s a time of crisis, even if it’s a master’s order, I have to disobey.”

Without hesitation, she immediately set up an eight trigram formation and began to count where Ying Ziji’s heart was.

However, it was only for just such a moment that it started.


Fifth Moon spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Her five internal organs were twisted together, hurting.

She had been favoured since she was young, and had even studied trigonometry under Ying Zigui’s care in the past two years, but she had not yet experienced such pain.

No wonder, the trigonometrist in the imperial capital had only calculated Ying Zigui’s name and fainted straight away.

Xize looked at the mouthful of lustrous blood and his expression changed: “Third-cla*s cripple, what are you doing?”

“I counted it.” Fifth Moon ignored him as she bit through her fingertips, “I must have counted it!”

She kept reciting, her voice trembling, “Qian is Heaven, Kun is Earth, Zhen is Thunder, Xun is Wind, Kan is Water, Li is Fire, Bur is Mountain, and Tui is Ze.”

Drop after drop of blood ran down her fingertips and fell into the eight trigrams on the floor.

It was shocking to the eye.

“Yue Yue, don’t forget it.” Ling Mianxi grabbed Fifth Moon’s hand, anxious, “You’ll die if this goes on!”

The Wheel of Destiny was supposed to be a divine calculation of the world, how could someone go and count her?

“Who’s counting if I don’t?” Fifth Moon shook off Ling Mianxi, her body trembling, “If this goes on, Master will die, you will die, all of us will die.”

“Third cla*s cripple!”

“Miss Yue!”

Fifth Moon remained motionless.

Suddenly, she spurted out another mouthful of blood.

But this time, her eyes were glowing, “I counted it!”

She immediately pulled Cesar’s hand and wrote a coordinate in his palm with her blood, “Here, go!”

“Wait!” Cesar hastily held her up, “Boss! Boss!”

Naturally, Ying Ziji felt it.

She swallowed the fishy sweetness in her throat, closed her eyes and said one word at a time, “Fifth, fifth, moon!”

This was the first time that Fifth Moon had heard the emotion called “anger” in her voice.

She laughed instead, her voice still soft as a little girl’s, “Master, you see I’ve always listened to you before, just a little disobedience.”

“You’re more powerful and you’re more important, I’m not, and losing me won’t mean anything.”

“Grandfather said that our fifth family is a family of trigonometry, with abilities beyond those of ordinary people, but also with unusual responsibilities.”

“Protect the family, defend the country and protect the world.”

The dogma of the Fifth Family for generations had remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

Fifth Moon had also grown up with these teachings in her ears.

When she was young, she could not understand them and only saw them as mere rote memorisation of points of knowledge.

Now, she understood.

These dogmas, to her, were just a few words written in the history books of the Fifth Family.

But they were the magnificent and short lives of their forefathers.

Her surname was Fifth, when she continued the mission of the Fifth Family.

“Master, you consumed your origin to save my life and change my destiny, without you, I would have died long ago.” Fifth Moon coughed and then spoke, “I did something for you, it would have been the right thing to do.”

“Master, you see, I really am the most powerful godly man, I did it.”

She was no longer the lazy, lazy, idle fop.

She understood in this moment what she was meant to be as a trigonometrist.

She was happy.

As she said these words, Fifth Moon’s face rapidly aged and her black hair turned white as her longevity was rapidly diminishing.

This was the most serious backlash brought about by the trigram calculation.

Even if one was as strong as Ying Zigui in medical skills, one could not reverse it.

Of all the people present, only Fifth Moon was truly eighteen years old.

She was still so young, so small.

Yet she was already shouldering responsibilities that no one could imagine.

Fifth Moon kowtowed three times at a distance to the top.

This was the unfulfilled ritual of worship at the beginning.

Her voice was solemn and not regretful.

“My apprentice, I pay my respects to my master.”

She was willing, for the sake of this world, to sacrifice.


The world seemed to stand still at that moment, and the wind stopped.

Cesar looked at her hanging hand and his whole body froze.

As far as he could remember, this eighteen year old girl was stingy and jumpy.

It was even a little annoying when it came to cheating.

But he didn’t expect that Fifth Moon would remain so determined even though she knew that she was being backstabbed.

She was only eighteen, how could she think of sacrifice at such a young age.

Ying Zigui’s fingers tightened, and the tips of her eyes turned red little by little: “I said, don’t count me out!”

“There’s still time to care about others?” Yue Fuyi swept a glance at the fainted Fifth Moon, indifferent, “Each one of you is thinking great thoughts, but who will remember you when the human race is extinct?”

Ying Ziji slowly wiped away the blood from her lips, “Humanity will not be extinct, and you will not win either.”

Even if she died, she would not let the Sage’s Trial succeed.

“Then let’s try.” Yue Fuyi was cold, “It’s fine if you don’t turn on the inverse, but if you do, I can just kill you!”

Above, the battle resumed.

On the ground, there was silence.

“Quickly, symbiosis.” Xize suddenly woke up, too late to grieve, and fiercely grabbed Ling Mianxi’s shoulders, “Share my life span with her!”

Ling Mianxi held Fifth Moon’s hand, “That’s all that can be done.”

It wouldn’t do for anyone to leave.

They couldn’t have anyone else damaged.

After the symbiosis, although Fifth Moon was still in a coma, her body signs had stabilised.

She was breathing shallowly, and her hair and face were slowly returning to their original youthfulness.

The crowd breathed a sigh of relief.

Luckily they had the Sage Lovers in place to save the crucial link.

“Fortunately.” Ling Mianxi wiped the sweat from her head, “The symbiosis between the two of you wasn’t particularly difficult.”

She had also pulled the strings for Yu Xuesheng and Qin Lingyu.

The higher the tacit understanding between two people, the easier the symbiosis would be.

This was something that Xize was also clear about.

“Me and her?” He was surprised, “You can’t, can you? Look at her, all she wants to do is cheat me out of money, where is the tacit understanding with me.”

Ling Mianxi thought for a brief moment, “Maybe, you both love money?”


“Cheap for you, third cla*s cripple.” Xize paused and looked away, “Don’t cheat me out of gold in the future.”

Once symbiotic, the two were tied together for life.

He would have to transport the gold to a safe place.

“Ying’s heart is in the Sage’s House?” Qin Lingyu held onto the tree and stood up with difficulty, “Quick, let’s go find it.”

They had been in the Sage’s Courtyard for so long and hadn’t found anything else.

“You guys go.” Xize stopped and picked up Fifth Moon across the waist, “I’ll take her to a safe place.”

Several men separated.

And on this side, the battle was over for another round.

It was still hard to tell the winner.

“Miss Ying.” Fu Yunshen looked sideways, his peach blossom eyes curved up, “Can I discuss something with you, please?”

His eyes were so gentle, with deep affection and a soft smile.

There was a time when she could have died for that look.

“What, Fu Yunshen?” Ying looked at him, her gaze calm, “Want to do it again? Do you think you can do it in front of me this time?”

“No.” Fu Yunshen gave a low laugh, his expression scattered, “That’s why I’m discussing it with you.”

“Negotiation is not possible, don’t even think about it.”

After Ying Ziyi saw that Fifth Moon was safe, the heart she was carrying was relieved.

This silly girl.

“Little friend, be obedient.” Fu Yunshen hugged her, his voice low and soft, “The adults are about to start fighting, so you should go home and rest.”

He was still as patient as before, coaxing her, his voice softening an inch over an inch.

Of the twenty-two Sages, the Sage Demon was the most powerful in battle, and his combined strength was only subordinate to the original Four Sages.

And in this life, the power Fu Yunshen had exploded with had even surpa*sed the original four sages.

However, it was definitely not as strong as the Judgement of the Magi, who had plundered the power of the God of Death.

The reason why Judgement chose to hunt the God of Death was also because the God of Death’s special ability happened to be on the opposite side of her.

With the combination of two opposing abilities, Judgement was so strong that it had no rival.

“Excuse me.” Ying Ziji faded, “I can’t hear you.”

“What do you make me do like this.” Fu Yunshen was helpless, “Listen to me for once, okay?”

He suddenly lowered his head and kissed her hard on the lips.

There was gurgling blood running down the corners of his lips, but he was still smiling, “Yaoyao, I love you.”

He opened his eyes, as if to look at her one last time, to reflect her voice and face in his eyes.

“You are the person I love most in this world.” Fu Yunshen whispered, “You must take care of yourself.”

For after this departure, he would never be able to return.

Sage demon, special ability, return to light.

The cost of life in exchange for a more powerful ability.

He had never used the special ability before, because he couldn’t use it.

This time, it was used instead.

“You’re the one who should listen.” Ying grabbed his shoulder with one hand and suddenly blocked his acupuncture points with an ancient martial arts point technique, “Told you, don’t even think about it.”

Fu Yunshen’s body instantly tensed up and his eyes suddenly changed, “Yao Yao?!”

“A one-person duel?” Yue Fuyi spat out a mouthful of blood, “Wheel of Fate, you are no match for me.”

Ying Zidian’s fingers clenched, “Then try too.”

Yue Fuyi faded: “Don’t measure yourself.”

She raised her hand, and the Sword of Judgement sank down!


On the girl’s back, a bone deep blood mark appeared.

But she didn’t stop.

“I can open the universe channel, and I still can’t kill you?” Ying Ziji slowly walked, “What are you.”

It was just a life.

It was worth it.

Fu Yunshen’s expression finally changed completely, and he even gave his name: “Ying Zigui!”

At this moment, it was as if he had been transported back to dozens of centuries ago.

She had only one breath left, yet she still grabbed his hand and said –

But I only want you to live.

Blood seeped out of Fu Yunshen’s palm, his throat rolled and his voice was difficult: “Yao Yao, don’t be like this, okay?”

“It will be fine.” Ying Ziyi smiled softly, “Mr. d, everything will be fine, you can look up, I’m right in front of you.”

The clouds are me, the wind is me.

The stars are me, the moon is me.

I have always been there.

And when you wake up, the sky will still be the same blue.

The sun will still be up, and tomorrow will still be bright.


This way.

Qin Lingyu, Yu Xuesheng and Norton quickly ascended the Sage’s Courtyard and followed the coordinates given out by the Fifth Moon all the way to the twenty-second floor.

It was also the same floor that belonged to the Sage World.

This floor, which they had all been to before, did not have anything special about it.

None of them had ever seen the Sage World.

Yue Fuyi even said that the Sage World did not exist at all.

“Here.” Norton crouched down and pressed his hand on a piece of floor.


The floor burst open.

There was a glow that appeared at first.

Qin Lingyu took a look.

It was a very small ball of light.

Without hesitation, she immediately reached out to take it out.

And the moment this ball of light and shadow was taken out –


With a loud sound, the Sage Courtyard collapsed with a bang.

The building, which had been floating for an unknown amount of time, finally lost its momentum to support it and completely toppled over.

Ling Mianxi was startled: “This, Ying’s heart is the power that supports the Sage Courtyard?”

Even Yue Fuyi was stunned.

She turned her head and looked at Qin Lingyu’s few people, “You guys, you’re really annoying too.”

“It’s this, it must be this.” Qin Lingyu held on to this small ball of light and shouted, “Ying, catch it!”

Yue Fuyi raised her hand and gave the order, “Death.”


“Little Yu.” Yu Xuesheng hugged her in time and quickly left the realm of judgement.

Looking at the flowers and trees that had withered in unison, Qin Lingyu drew a breath backwards, “So strong.”

No wonder the Sage Judgement had chosen to plunder the powers of the God of Death.

With both resurrection and death at hand, who could still stand in the way?

Ying Ziyi’s eyes flashed with awe as she raised her hand to hold the light and shadow.

The light and shadow quickly disappeared.

At this moment, all the power and memories belonging to Ying Zigui returned in an instant!

“As I said, I am not just a judgment, I am also a god of death.” Yue Fuyi raised her hand once more, “I cannot kill the Wheel of Destiny, but killing you all is still easy.”

But with this sword, she failed to hurt Ling Mianxi and the others by half.

It was as if they were held back by an invisible force, not allowed to advance half a step.

Yue Fuyi’s eyes changed slightly as she fiercely withdrew her sword.

“Yeah.” Ying Zigui’s fingers clenched, and once again, many images appeared in his mind.

Ancient, far away.

Memories that belonged to her alone.

The girl tilted her head slightly and whispered, “I’m not just the Wheel of Destiny either.”

Hearing these words, Yue Fuyi turned back and smiled coldly, “What did you say?”

If not the Wheel of Destiny, who else could it be?

However, as soon as she turned around, she felt a thunderous, thousand-pound pressure descend.


Yue Fuyi thrust the Sword of Judgement into the earth just in time to stop herself from falling to her knees against Ying Ziyi.

But even so, her knees were bent.

They were trembling faintly.

This was an absolute suppression of all the Magi!

Including the initial Four Magi.

It was absolutely unstoppable as well.

Yue Fuyi jerked her head up, her pupils contracting violently.

With her knowledge of the Magi, she couldn’t understand what had happened to Ying Zigui.

It was just that with the reverse position turned on, the power would definitely not exceed hers either.

She was really worried earlier that Fu Yunshen would unleash her special ability and die with her.

But what the hell was going on now?


At the same moment, the sunlight pierced the dark sky, sweeping away all the gloom.

The light was so blinding that one could not open one’s eyes.

The girl stood amidst the pale golden sunlight, divine, magnificent and inviolable.

The head of the twenty-two Magi – the

The World!