Boss Lady Chapter 823-824

Chapter 823

It was not during the Holy War that the Sage Emperor fell.

Rather, it was a later calamity.

After that, too, the Sage Emperors disappeared for dozens of centuries, never returning to the House of Sages.

The other Sages had no interest in such matters as wielding power, and Sara had been at the pinnacle of power for so long, sharing the City of Worlds equally with the Sage Pope Louis Theseus, that she was almost forgetting the Emperor’s existence.

She was also about to forget that the Sage Emperor had the same special powers as she did, but far above her!

Everyone turned and held their breath as they looked at a figure coming from the edge of the sky.

Ying Zigui also raised her head and raised her eyebrows, “Back so soon?”

It seemed that Fifth Moon’s trigonometry ability had been enhanced again.

Sure enough, to deal with her as a disciple, one could only force to go and read more.

Xizhe stepped forward and did not look at Sara, but went straight to Ying Zigui’s face.

He was respectful, true from the heart: “Boss.”

Sara’s mind buzzed again.

Bit by bit, her face turned so white that even the blood was gone from her lips.

Because they had the same special ability, they had been on the most missions together with each other.

The Sage Emperor always took care of her during disaster-blocking missions, too.

As a matter of course, Sara had always thought that the Sage Emperor liked her.

But now, what did he call Ying Zidian?

This kind of address was clearly putting herself on a lower level.

Sara couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and she struggled to lift her head, and angrily voiced, “Caesar!”

“Sorry for the name change in this life.” Only then did Cesar turn his head and surveyed Sara, who was forced to kneel on the ground, “Aesthetics are still as bad as ever, I don’t want to look at you more than once every time I go on a mission with you.”

“Otherwise, who would stand in your way to step up the speed of the mission?”

Sara’s eyes went black.

Her body was already badly wounded, and then a fishy sweetness rushed up in her throat when she heard such heart-breaking words.

How could this be?

Ying glanced at him with one hand in his pocket, “Your aesthetics are no better.”

Once Xize remembered what he had done in this longest reincarnation: “……”

He immediately spoke, “What gold, I don’t like it the most, wait a moment and I’ll throw it all into the sea, never again!”

There was a silence on the stage as the inhabitants were stunned and bewildered.

Because of the Loran Auction House, Cesar was famous in the City of Worlds, too.

How had he become a Sage too?

Even if they didn’t know which Sizer was, they had heard the name that Sara had just blurted out.

The Sage Emperor, Caesar!

Ying Zigui was not slow: “It’s fine if you don’t want it, give it to me and I’ll split it.”

Cesar: “…… I’m still quite sad to part with it.”

He lost a black gold card just yesterday and is still fleshing it out.

Sara was no longer listening, her nails pinching blood out of her palm.

Why should even the Sage Emperor respect this Wheel of Fortune?!

“And our Emperor has finally returned.” At this moment, Qin Ling Yu stepped forward, sarcastically, “Since you, Sara, are so fond of talking about history, let’s talk about it properly, the original history of the City of Worlds.”

Sara trembled, then shook violently, “No……”

However, Qin Ling Yu had already turned around and faced all the inhabitants, “As we all know, the City of Worlds was founded by twenty-two sages together, and the contribution of each and every one of them was no less.”

“Especially the original four sages.”

The Sage Fool, the Sage Temperance, the Sage Judgement and the Sage World.

“But to say who gave the City of Worlds its present weather and climate, it was not this Queen of your faith.” Qin Lingyu continued, “but the Emperor, and the Temperance that has left.”

Sage Temperance, special ability, purification.

“Say, Sara, what and how do you dare to take all the credit for this?” Ling Mianxi also came over and smiled coldly, “Do you think that a few dozen centuries are enough to erase the credit of others?”

Sages were made to protect the world, and as long as it wasn’t too big of a deal internally, it did pa*s with a smile.

Not to mention, that future cataclysm that it would take all the Sages to fight.

But Sara had repeatedly put the whole big picture at risk.

Sara’s body trembled even more and her voice got lower and lower: “Don’t …… say that!”

“You stole the fruits of other sages and took them for yourself.” Ying Ziji faintly, “Now, you still want to say that this World City will become a barbaric era without you?”

Before Sara could respond, below, the inhabitants had knelt down one after another.

“Please, Lord Wheel of Destiny, punish the sinners!”

“Please, Lord Wheel of Destiny, punish the sinners!”

The petition of a billion people was spectacular.

Ying Zigui turned around, “Indeed, one of the Institute’s institutes, the Biogenetic Institute, is banned from today, but anyone who uses alchemical drugs or experiments on living people will all be put on trial!”

These words fell like a bomb and exploded in the crowd!

Many of the Genetic Academy students who had come to see the fun had turned pale.

“Lan En!” The cadet from earlier turned pale, his legs went limp and he fell to the ground, “It’s over, we’re going to be finished!”

He was just making a casual remark, he didn’t even take it seriously.

Who knew that Ying Zidian was really a Magus?

Or the most terrifying Wheel of Destiny?

The Biogenetic Institute had been so arrogant, arresting civilian trainees into its labs, just because it had a Magus behind it.

But the magician was already dead.

Lan En, who had always been calm and collected, changed his expression.

He stared blankly at the girl, and only after a long time did he let out a bitter laugh, “Yes, we’re finished.”

Who would have thought that this commoner, who had been despised by all the senior trainees of the Biogenetic Academy, would become the eldest lady of the Lehngar family, and a sage they could never look up to?

This was a high place that they could not even touch.

“Knights, arrest the men.” Ying commanded, “The Hacker Alliance will cooperate with your actions, no one should be spared.”

The four knight commanders immediately took orders, “Yes!”

After giving the order, Ying Zidian turned around and looked at Sara who was kneeling on the ground, “Take her down, I’ll come over later.”

“Miss Ying, I’ll come, I’ll come.” Yun Shan slapped away the knight next to him, “Let me do it.”

Cloud Mist had a limp face, but obviously meant the same thing.

There were more and more people following their young master and young lady now, and they sensed a crisis.

There must be a good performance.

“Call a few more people.” Ying Zidian nodded, “Go ahead.”


The Leingold family.

Ying Zidian finished delivering medicine to Lu Yuan, came downstairs, saw the man nestled in the sofa and walked over, “Just got back?”

“Well, let him come back first.” Fu Yunshen said, “I looked at Fifth Chuan’s health, and he can still last a few years.”

“That’s the best possible outcome.” Ying nodded slightly, “Then Yue Yue’s trigonometry ability is now far superior to Shao Xin’s.”

The Fifth Family was indeed a school of geniuses.

Fu Yunshen smiled, “I couldn’t really tell at the time.”

“I’m going out.”

“What are you going to do?” Fu Yunshen raised his eyes, “You’re leaving again after a short break?”

Ying Zidian put on his hat: “To take the heat out of you.”

Fu Yunshen was stunned for a moment, then smiled: “Yes, I’ll follow Miss Ying’s orders.”

This way.

In the house’s electronic cell.

Sara was confined to the wall, chained with a special chain.

The door is thrown open at that moment.

Sara saw the person she least expected to see.

All her mistakes this year had been caused by Ying Zigui.

“You didn’t know, did you?” Sara swallowed the fishy sweetness in her throat and suddenly sneered, “You don’t know about the Wheel of Fortune that came before you, that’s what everyone believes in.”

“She’s not like you, she’s weak and footloose, but everyone loves her, including your fiancĂ©.”

She deliberately bit off the last three words.

Sara sneered, “You’re just a stand-in, do you understand?”

“So you can see that, it seems you like him?” Ying Ziji spared no anger, “I see.”

Sara was poked and annoyed, “Yes, I like him, what’s wrong? I’m just telling you, no matter how hard you try, you can’t match the Wheel of Fortune from before!”

“I did have a weak body before, I couldn’t even walk for too long.” Ying Zigui bent down, “But someone will help me.”

“He would carry me down the mountain, he would ma*sage my legs, and he would show me the sights.”

Sara’s eyes widened abruptly, “You …… you!”

Suddenly, she let out a harsh scream that tore her heart out, “Ah-!!!”

Sara had been fed a few pills earlier.

At this moment, the anger was so great that her eyes did not bear up and she was blinded all at once.

There were even tears of blood left behind.

Ying Zidian squeezed her throat and her voice was cold: “To say you like him, are you worthy?”


Chapter 824

Every word was heartbreaking.

Sara felt nothing but her heart eat away like an ant as she screamed, “I don’t believe you! How can you be her?!”

“She’s obviously dead! Dead!”

She hated the Wheel of Fortune, indeed because she had been concerned at every meeting of the Magi that devil would keep looking at the Wheel of Fortune.

The fondness was simply unconcealed.

She also liked devil, so she would follow his every move all the more.

When Sara found out that devil liked the Wheel of Fortune, who was so weak that she couldn’t walk very far, she felt nothing but humiliation.

When she found out that the Wheel of Fortune was dead, she didn’t feel any sadness, only happiness.

But now?

Sara could not believe it, she only felt the pain of pins and needles in her heart.

“All you like is power.” Ying Zidian’s fingers gradually tightened, his eyes cold, “He is strong, has high fighting power and has supreme glory, so you like him.”

“It was never him you liked, but those vain fame.”

Sara’s body trembled terribly and she hissed, “You’re nonsense! Nonsense!”

“So-” Ying Ziji’s fingers closed again, “you are not worthy.”

Sara spat out a mouthful of blood, her breath was like a gasp.

But there was still one breath left.

Ying Ziji pondered, “It seems the magician was just an accident, not many sages can be beaten to the point of direct reincarnation.”

Sara’s body went cold.

The Magician, was killed by Ying Zidian?

She wanted to say something, but her body was already locked in electronic shackles once again and she could not move.

Ying Zidian returned to the living room.

Fu Yunshen was still sitting on the sofa, reading the newspaper.

Nowadays, technology is very advanced, but he still prefers such paper products.

“Why do you look so upset after being angry?” Fu Yunshen looked up and pulled her over with a smile, “Who has upset our Miss Ying?”

“No one.” Ying Ziji yawned, “I’ll count the whereabouts of the God of Death.”

Hearing the title of God of Death, Fu Yunshen’s expression paused and his voice trailed off, “Okay.”

In a dozen seconds, the result came out.

The answer to the trigram was…


Fu Yunshen’s eyes narrowed abruptly, “He’s dead?”

“Not necessarily.” Ying shook his head, “The God of Death controls death, his special ability is different from Xiu’s absolute concealment, it is possible to change the trigrams.”

“He himself represents ‘death’, just because it’s death doesn’t mean he’s really dead.”

The God of Death and the Sage’s Judgement, which represents ‘resurrection’, are just the opposite.

Ying Ziji propped up his head, “I’ve never had any contact with other Magi before, what kind of person is Death.”

“He?” Fu Yunshen was silent for a moment, faintly, “Should be considered a very righteous person, kind of one of the few brothers I used to have.”

“Didn’t ask me why before the Holy War, and sided with me.”

But even if he was a former brother, he would never allow Death to do something harmful.

Otherwise, it would only be an enemy.

Fu Yunshen looked up, “What about the World and Judgement?”

“The original Four Sages, they were very special.” Ying Ziji pondered a little, “I was counting Grandpa Fool and Sister Temperance, but I could only know that they had completely fallen, and I didn’t know anything else about the process.”

“So you can only count that the World and Judgement have not fallen completely.”

“That means they are still alive.” Fu Yun Shen straightened up, “Strange, originally they should have been the first to return to the Sage House.”

The original Four Sages were also more capable than the other Sages.

The ability to sense disasters was also greater.

“True enough.” Ying Zigui nodded slowly, “This traitor, who is also invisible to me, is among these three.”

Fu Yunshen tilted his head slightly and closed his eyes, “Then it will be a tough battle indeed.”

The initial four Magi aside, the Magus Death was also very strong.

“Hmm.” Ying Zidian tilted his head sideways, “Tonight, we will be able to find out who this traitor is.”


There was silence in the electronic cell.

Sara slumped to the floor, long gone from her former noble and graceful appearance.

After an unknown amount of time, she once again heard footsteps.

She tried to see who it was, but her eyes were blind and she could not yet recover through her self-healing powers.

“How weak, Sara Victoria.” There was a faint voice falling from above her head, “As a leader with the same manipulative powers, you are nothing before the Emperor.”

It was difficult for Sara to even speak and she could not see anything.

All she felt at the moment was creepiness.

The scent of death was overwhelming, leaving her barely able to breathe.

Sara struggled to spit out the words, “What do you …… want? Who are you? Did Ying Zidian send you to kill me?!”

“Ying Zidian? She is quite powerful.” The man smiled faintly, “I have to admit, even I was fooled by her, I can’t believe I actually let her go to another universe to grow in strength and was saved by devil.”

“But that’s nothing, she thinks that’s going to stop me?”

Sara didn’t understand at all, all she felt was fear: “Other universes? What are you talking about? What the hell are you doing?!”

“Not doing anything.” The man bent down, his voice was faint, “Just here to help you open the inverse position.”

“Reverse position?” Sara was exposed to the word for the first time, “You think you’re playing Tarot ……!!!”

Her voice suddenly cut off and was replaced by an even harsher scream.

However, it was clear that there was a lot of surveillance around this electronic cell, as well as a number of guards guarding it, but nothing was found.

No one knew how this man had got in.

The man looked down at Sara, who was rolling on the ground from the pain, and smiled slightly: “Feel this powerful force?”

“Once the reverse position is opened, you can surpa*s the Emperor in power, happy?”

Sara tried to speak, but she only felt her internal organs tumbling, and the pain was simply unbearable.

She couldn’t take it for a moment and simply pa*sed out.

The man frowned, “What a waste.”

But then, the frown relaxed again and faintly: “Still, one more is always a little better.”

The appearance of the Sage Demon and the Sage Wheel of Destiny was indeed unexpected.

However, it still caused little impact.

The future that had been set would not be changed.

The man raised his hand and slowly lifted Sara off the opposite side: “From today onwards, you can only serve me, and your life, too, belongs to me.”

“No disobedience, no resistance.”

“Or else, death.”


The underground headquarters.

There was the sound of footsteps, a light, mellow, atmospheric gait.

Shaking Light was preparing medicine for Ta and Dianyan, and immediately stood up at the sound, quite surprised: “You’ve come back?”

Pagoda and Dianyan heard it too and both got excited too: “My lord!”

“Hmm.” The man flicked his lapel, “Something came up, so I came back early.”

Shaking Guang glanced at the sara the man was carrying and frowned, “Why have you brought her back? She is of no use to us at all.”

“It’s just another sword blocker.” The man casually threw Sara on the ground, “But it’s true that she’s going to be even more useless than I thought, she can’t even stand the pain on the way to opening the reverse position, and she’ll die first when the time comes.”

Shaking Light gave a slight grunt, “In that case, open the reverse positions of the Pope and the Priestess as well.”

“As you can see, devil is too strong a fighter, the Tower and Day Speech are no match for him even with their inversions turned on.”

The man smiled, “I know, but it’s not the right time yet, we need to find a time.”

Shaking Light nodded her head.

She knew that the opening of the reverse position also required certain restrictions.


The tower had awakened.

But because of his injuries, he was still lying in bed, unable to even move.

“I am back, and the plan is ready to begin.” The man sat down, “Until then, you and Dayan recuperate.”

“When you have regained your mobility, I will help you to improve your strength again, you don’t have to worry about devil.”

“Him, I’ll kill.”

The tower breathed a slight sigh of relief, but tried to struggle again, “But my lord, the wheel of fortune ……”

They weren’t afraid of anyone.

Even the demons.

It was too hard, too difficult to kill the Sage.

Even they kept hunting down the reincarnation of the Sage’s power and the Sage’s justice, killing it nine times in a row before they killed it completely.

The emperor just killed one less life and let him come back successfully.


“The Wheel of Fortune?” The man smiled faintly, “Don’t worry, if the Wheel of Destiny could be counted, she wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble of having to open a cosmic channel to send devil to grow in strength, it’s just a pity ……”

If the one going to the other universe was really a sage demon, it would really be something to be afraid of.

The man: “You only need to do what I tell you.”

“Yes, our master.” The tower knelt down respectfully, “Lord Death.”

The thirteenth of the twenty-two sages, Sage Death.