Boss Lady Chapter 811-812

Chapter 811

The excruciating pain of bones separating is no match for the shock the brain receives in this moment.

The First Poisoner.

The Divine Reckoner!

Two godly greats whose abilities were the opposite of each other, and they were one and the same?

Or such a young girl.

“Forget it, you can’t speak now.” Ying Zidian was still holding his jaw, and she closed it again with a snap.

She was indifferent from start to finish, without a trace of pity.

“You’re obviously …… not even twenty!” The magician’s face was white with pain, and he hissed, “How is that possible? Impossible! You must be at least a few hundred years old!”

He had fought the First Poisoner in the sixteenth century.

How could the First Poisoner be so young?

But these poisons proved that Ying Zigui was the First Poison Master.

“You sages are so special that you can keep reincarnating, and it’s not surprising that there are other supernatural things.” Ying Ziji fed the third pill down and looked the magician up and down, “Sages do have a strong capacity to endure.”

The magician, however, was not as calm as he appeared to be.

He only felt as if a million insects were biting his body, so painful that he could barely breathe.

This kind of pain was like nothing he had ever experienced before.

The magician only felt bone-deep despair and his nerves were crumbling: “My lord, my lord have mercy ……”

“What’s this pain?” Ying Ziji stabbed another golden needle into his head, faintly, “Not half as much as me and him, and not half as much as those you have harmed.”

Little by little, several seven-inch-long golden needles all disappeared into the magician’s acupuncture points.

These few golden needles instantly amplified the pain in the body by another hundred times.

The magician could not bear it at all and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

His muscles trembled and cold sweat dripped straight down his face.

He could feel that his life was pa*sing away.

A sage with absolute power could be killed?

“Ah…! Why!” The magician let out a hysterical roar, “Why is it that even though I have turned on the reverse position, I am still no match for you? Why? Why is this?!”

“I’m not willing! I don’t–”

But the voice cut off at that moment.

The magician exhaled his last breath, his eyes staring as his body fell heavily.

Death was not to be.

Fu Yunshen’s eyes narrowed abruptly, “Out of breath?”

It was common knowledge that a sage could not be killed.

Unless one hunted the reincarnation of a sage over and over again after the sage had fallen in response to a disaster.

“Yes, dead.” There was a slight confusion even for Ying Zigui as she mused, “It could be that the poison I have made is far more than he can bear.”

Her medical and poisoning skills were from her previous life, which she had learnt in the world of Spirit Cultivation.

Any kind of pharmaceutical and acupuncture methods did not exist here.

“It’s a good thing.” Fu Yun Shen leaned back in his chair and raised his hand lazily, “Finally killed the first sage, or girlfriend is better, I’ll rely on you from now on.”

“He just said the word ‘reverse position’.” Ying Ziyang looked up, “I have an inference.”

“I do too.” Fu Yunshen smiled, “Tell me.”

“The twenty-two Great Arcana of the Tarot represent the twenty-two Sages.” Ying Zigui slowly, “For each card, there are positive and negative aspects.”

“For example, the positive position of the Devil represents the Fall, but the inverse position represents the Upward Movement.”

“Then accordingly, the Sage also has positive and negative positions.” Fu Yun Shen’s peach blossom eyes deepened and he let out a light laugh, “Magicians turn on the inverse position so they can make poisons, towers and inverted hangers turn on the inverse position and have a new level of force.”

“Hmm.” Ying nodded, “I think it was this ‘reverse position’ power that also affected their natures.”

Both Xiu and Qin Lingyu had spoken.

A long, long time ago, every sage was running around, warding off all kinds of disasters and protecting the world.

I don’t know when some things changed.

“It seems that it was that lord who searched for a way on how to get the sages to open the reverse position.” Fu Yun Shen faintly, “Both the Tower and Day Speech are combat type sages, so naturally they cannot refuse to gain more strength, perhaps there is a deeper reason.”

“That’s what I thought too.” Ying Ziji pondered, “Do you think that Sara has turned on the reverse position?”

“She?” Fu Yunshen sounded lightly, “She’s just been at the pinnacle of power for so long that she’s deteriorated herself, no one is a saint.”

“I don’t care what happens to her.” Ying Zidian held his chin and raised his eyebrows, “Sir, your glory, you can’t lose it.”

Shining morning star, son of glory.

Fu Yunshen was stunned, for a long time, he smiled lazily, “Since my girlfriend has given her word, then it won’t be lost.”

He finished packing up the magician’s body, left the room and went downstairs.

In the living room, Shao Yun was pressed against the mahjong table by Jiang Yan and was playing tiles with Ling Mianxi hand in hand.

When he saw Fu Yunshen come down, he wiped his sweat and immediately stood up, “Xiao Qi, you ……”

“You’re going out of town, aren’t you?” Fu Yunshen picked up his coat and draped it over his shoulders, “Let’s go, give you a ride, but I’m going to Shanghai City first.”

Shaoyun froze, he swallowed back all the words he wanted to ask and followed the man in silence.

The journey to the city gates was unhindered.

Never once had leaving the city gone so smoothly, and Shao Yun was even in a bit of a trance.

He opened his hand and looked down at the engraving on his palm.

It was a name.

Fu Liu Ying.

He thought that if he had his memory wiped, he would inevitably forget everything with Fu Liu Ying.

But he couldn’t forget her.

If his memory was gone, he would still be able to remind him that this was the person he loved most.

On the way to Shanghai, Fu Yunshen didn’t say a word.

The plane soon arrived at its destination and Fu Yunshen went straight to the cemetery.

It was clear to Yu Shaoyun that this was the place where Old Master Fu and Old Lady Fu were buried.

Fu Yunshen bought some offerings and he turned around: “You shouldn’t go in, they won’t want to see you.”

Shaoyun gave a bitter smile, “I know.”

And all his life, he hadn’t been able to say an apology.

But what was the point of apologising.

The person had pa*sed away.

The cemetery is cleaned every day and there are two willow trees next to it.

It was December and the leaves were already slightly yellow.

“Grandpa, Grandma.” Fu Yunshen slowly knelt down, poured a gla*s of wine gently in front of the grave and smiled, “I’ve come to see you.”

There was no answer, only two smiling pictures.

“Rest a*sured, I have never failed your hopes, nor have I allowed hatred to overwhelm my eyes.” He said, “Vengeance, I am avenging, and the path I am taking.”

He held out the box with the magician’s ashes: “This is one of our enemies, killed by your grandson-in-law, as you wished, and I have abducted her.”

“The rest, one by one, I, Fu Yunshen, am true to my word.”

On the tombstone, Master Fu looked at him quietly, still full of smiles, as if to say –

Grandpa heard him.

Fu Yunshen knelt for a while longer before standing up.

He lifted his hand to catch a fallen leaf, and the ground beneath his feet was still the same ground on which Elder Fu and Fu Liuying had stood back then.

What he looked at was also the sky they had looked up to.

In this way, they told him that they had never left.

Fu Yunshen exited the cemetery and nodded to the man whose back was slumped, “Let’s go.”

Shaoyun returned to his senses, closing his fingers, his lips pursed, “Hm.”

The two of them came to the ancient martial world again.

Last time, Fu Liu Ying’s tomb had been moved to the back of the mountain adjacent to the Hall of Justice.

It was guarded by an escort team, and no one was allowed to step inside without Fu Yunshen’s permission.

It was still a wordless monument, and there were no photographs.

But Yu Shaoyun knew that the person sleeping inside was the magnificent Fu Liu Ying.

Time had pa*sed, and the red face had turned into dry bones.

Now the world has been separated from her forever.

Yu Shaoyun lifted his hand, trembled, caressed the cold tombstone and whispered, “Liu Ying, I have come to keep you company.”

Years later, a new generation of ancient martial artists grew up.

One can still see a man with grey hair sitting in front of an unmarked grave at the back of the Hall of Justice.

Day after day, watching the flowers blossom and the clouds roll in.


It was also today that the New Year’s Day ceremony was announced on the w internet.

The New Year’s Ceremony is the most important festival in the City of Worlds.

In addition to welcoming the New Year, thanksgiving is given to the Sages for the peaceful days they have brought.

As well as a crusade against the Sage Demons and the other three traitors.

But this year, there was an added element of executing two people who had violated the interests of the City of Worlds and the House of Sages.

[So early this year for the New Year’s Eve ceremony? I’m not the one to say it, but how can you call it New Year’s Day on December 1? You’re sick!

The strength of the Sage Queen’s faith is far from what it once was.

[Two more executions in front of the whole city? Who is it?

I don’t care if I get to meet the other Magi, but the Pope of the Morning Star is my faith!


Chapter 812

[I also met the Pope! The last time they ran for office, they were too fast to get a good look!

I heard from the grapevine that another reason for the New Year’s Eve ceremony being moved up this year is that the Pope is getting married!

What? What? What?

The internet was so hot with discussion that the servers were almost overloaded.

Xiu had to go to the Hacker Union and hire Qin Lingyan as his deputy at a high price.

Qin Lingyan was so busy that he almost vomited blood, and he pulled Xiu in, “Brother, good brother, let me recommend someone to you, he has better computer skills than me.”

“Who is it?” Xiu wondered, “You mean your grandfather? He’s too old to be tired.”

Qin Lingyu was breathless, “No, it’s Lao Fu, his computer skills are something that only Big Brother’s sister can beat in the seven continents and four oceans.”

He only wanted to eat bubble noodles, but did not dare to refuse the sage’s invitation.

How can we pull down a certain shameless man who shows him love every day?

Xiu spoke quietly, “I’d have to dare too.”

Qin Lingyan wondered, “What?”

“What kind of nerve would I have to kidnap devil to do something?” Xiu said righteously, “Goodbye, you do your job well, I’m going to go play mahjong.”

Qin Lingyan who came back to her senses, “?!!!”

Fu Yunshen just returned at this time, seeing Qin Lingyan lunging towards him, he side-stepped: “What are you doing?”

Qin Lingyan was grief-stricken: “We agreed that whoever became a sage would be a dog, and that good brothers would go together? Why did you secretly become a sage behind my back?!”

Or which one is the strongest in battle?

“Who is a good brother to you.” Fu Yunshen slowly broke his hand away, “I have a girlfriend, I don’t want to be with you.”

Qin Lingyan: “……”

“Brother Fu, come on come on come on.” In front of the mahjong table, Ling Mianxi said, “Ying is too good, we’ve lost everything, abduct her away abduct her away.”

“Abducted?” Fu Yunshen looked lazy, “Not only will I not abduct her, I will also win together with Yaoyao.”

“No more fighting.” Ying stood up and raised her eyebrows, “You guys go on playing.”

She looked sideways, “Are things done?”

“Done.” Fu Yunshen took her by the shoulders and sat on the sofa together, “I told grandpa today that you were very good and that you took revenge for him.”

After a pause, he smiled, “Did you say that grandpa could see that?”

“Yes.” Ying Zigui whispered, “They can see.”

Both the Sage Justice and the Sage Power would see.

“The magician has been reincarnated.” Ying Ziji paused, “I’m really curious about the Magi and how they are able to keep reincarnating.”

“I’m quite curious too, but we don’t learn from them.” Fu Yun Shen faded, “Just make it so he can’t enter the Sage Academy in the future.”

Without the special ability, a sage magician was no different from a wasted person.

He hugged her and smiled lightly, “We, can’t be the same as them.”

A dragon slayer, can never be an evil dragon.

“Hm.” Ying nodded, “When my powers are restored, I will find his reincarnation, and if I do anything harmful again, send it to ibi to be imprisoned until death.”

Fu Yunshen just smiled, “All at your service.”

His eyes were so gentle, as if they contained deep emotions.

The sorrow and joy that had spanned an unknown number of years all blended into his light amber eyes.

“Don’t discharge.” Ying Zidian avoided it slightly and took out his computer, “Make a plan of action.”


Two days later, the Magician’s disappearance finally drew the attention and vigilance of the other Magi of the House of Magi.

As usual, the magician did not leave the lab much.

He was always tinkering with drugs all day long and often didn’t come out for a month.

But there had never been a case where he was not there even when he went to look for him.

Sara was so agitated that the tips of her fingers turned white as she gripped her scepter: “Where did the magician go? Is it possible that he has gone out of town on a trip without saying anything?”

It was a time of crisis, and the magician had left the House of Magi.

The priestess sat in front of the astrolabe with a serious expression.

After a few minutes she shook her head, “I’m sorry, Sara, the astrolabe shows a blank, it’s impossible to tell where he is.”

Neither of them had forgotten the life and death aspect of it.

After all, who could have killed the Sage?

“Blank?” Sara frowned, “Why would it be blank? Haven’t you noticed that you can’t predict anything lately?”

The priestess hesitated for a moment, but spoke anyway, “Sara, the power of the astrolabe is slowly waning, and it has been used for dozens of centuries in the end.”

Saying this, she gave a bitter laugh, “To be honest, the astrolabe will most likely break in a few days and be completely unusable.”

After the death of the Wheel of Fortune, such a set of astrolabe was still left to guard the Sage’s House, and its ability was indeed strong.

“So-” Sara still swallowed back the word useless.

She knew how heavy the status of the Wheel of Destiny was in the hearts of the other Sages.

It was already a dead man anyway.

There was no point in counting anything.

“The devil is bound to show up on New Year’s Day.” Sara stood up, “Forget about the magician for now, devil is the top priority!”

The priestess nodded.

Sara got up and went to see Old Lady Yu.

The magician had not been able to undo Ying’s poison, and at best had saved Old Lady Yu’s life.

She was already shaped like dried up wood, skin and bones.

“Tomorrow, it’s the New Year’s ceremony, know what you’re going to do, right?” Sara stood tall, “Have you remembered all the things you were taught to do?”

“Mistress, Your Majesty, that grandson of mine he ……” Old Lady Jade raised her hand trembling, “He knows the Sage too! I ……”

“Worried about what?” Sara grew disgusted for a few moments, “So what if I know him? It’s not like he’s a sage, besides, he can’t even do it to you in front of the whole city?”

Old Lady Yu kowtowed curtly, “Yes, yes, Lord Queen said yes, I will definitely do this for Lord Queen, so that he can’t even lift his head up in front of the billion residents!”

“Good to know.” Sara blandly, “And, have you heard of the Sage Demon?”

Old Lady Jade shivered, “He …… he he?”

Of course she had heard of it.

The Sage Demon, the fallen Sage.

“The sage demon may also return, but this matter will be none of your business.” Sara turned around, “Remember to do your part.”


Early the next morning.

All the one billion inhabitants of the City of Worlds came to the square in front of the Sage’s House, and the line went all the way to the centre of the city.

Ten thousand people were celebrating with joy.

“Wow, the Lord Queen and the Lord Pope are present together, it’s a rare occasion!”

“His Holiness the Pope is quite handsome again, worthy of my dream man.”

“Shining Morning Star! Shining Morning Star!”

The shouts from below, one above the other.

Louis Theseus sat up high, smiling and waving towards the crowd below.

Sara also knew that her prestige had fallen quite a bit recently and had to be regained in time.

She stepped forward, “There are two things I would like to announce before the New Year’s ceremony, and after the ruling of the House of Magi, two people are here to be judged.”

“The first, is the youngest master of the Jade Family, Fu Yun Shen.” Sara shook the lawsuit in her hand, her eyebrows coldly hostile, “To use poison openly in the City of Worlds, with evil intentions, endangering the residents, is a crime of great disrespect!”

At the same time, two knights brought Old Lady Yu up.

The residents were stunned to see Old Lady Jade looking like a ghost.

“This is too cruel, isn’t it?”

“Isn’t something like poison forbidden?”

“D*mn it!” Jiang Yan rolled up his sleeves, “How dare you make up my Fu dad like that! I’ll kill him!”

Xize’s face was expressionless, “Your Fu dad is devil.”

He was sad.

Everyone around him had become a sage, and he was weak and pathetic and helpless.

“Next, a second person.” Sara pulled out a second suit, her brow light, “The current head of the great house of Leingel, Ying Zigui.”

“First, she-”

However, Sara failed to say a single thing that Ying Zigui wasn’t.


A thunderclap fell out of thin air and shook everyone’s ears.

The red paper in Sara’s hand crumbled in an instant, turning into dust bit by bit.


The crowd was in an uproar at the sudden change of events.

Old Lady Yu was so close that she was startled and let out a scream.

On her hands and knees, she began to back away, terrified.

No, she wasn’t going to go up against a sage demon, she was being forced to!

A strife between sages, don’t involve her!

Sara’s expression changed and she looked up sharply.

Everyone looked over too.

The man with the sturdy stance stepped down from the sky, each step as if he were stepping on a substantial pedestal.

He stepped on light in the sky, yet he was more dazzling than the sun.

The four directions of heaven and earth, the ten thousand hectares of mountains and rivers, all set the scene for him.

At this moment, no one dared to look directly at his glory.

Fu Yunshen wrapped his arms around him and smiled as he stood tall: “Gentlemen, it has been a long time.”

The sixteenth of the twenty-two Magi, the Magi Demon.

The true shining morning star, the son of glory –