Boss Lady Chapter 803-804

Chapter 803

Lightning was once again raining down so wildly that even the land trembled.

In the distance, the sea came storming in, leaping ten feet high in a single bound.

Catastrophe, earthquake!

Disaster, a tsunami!

Disaster, tornadoes!

They all came rushing in.

The Tower of the Magi was at this time finally revealing his rightful strength.

And he hadn’t even really done it yet.

Another bolt of lightning struck down.


This time the hand bone broke straight off.

Fu Yunshen looked indifferent, without any change, and with a movement of his hand, he connected the bone and proceeded to walk forward.

Ying Ziji was protected by him in his arms.

He leaned on his fleshly body, raw, to carve out an absolutely safe path for the girl.

Even though his body was already dripping with blood.

Drop by drop, he was dripping down.

Ying Ziyi was still holding Dean Norman.

Her sense of smell was always sensitive and she smelt the strong smell of blood.

“Stop!” Her expression changed and her voice went cold and stern for the first time, “You’re carrying the teacher, replace me, you won’t last.”

Fu Yunshen bowed his head and raised his hand to rub her head, his voice gentle, “We’ll be there soon, I’ll hold them off.”

This scene, again, was clearly seen by the tower.

“The power of ancient martial arts, it’s incredible.” Tower was amazed, “With this force value, he’s far surpa*sing those auxiliary-type sages, connecting with so many lightning bolts of mine, and he still hasn’t died.”

The force value of an auxiliary type sage was not high, however, this not high was only in comparison to a combat type sage.

But it was definitely far more than that of a flesh mortal.

But the Ancient Martial Arts, however, had raised flesh mortals to the same level as sages.

The person who created the ancient martial arts was really a genius.

Day said indifferently, “That’s all.”

“Good, that’s all.” The tower gently glanced at the girl and smiled, “Let him send her out, it’s more fun to make people despair step by step.”

“Tower, don’t attack him.” Dayspring suddenly spoke, “Just attack Norman, as long as they have someone they want to protect, they have a weakness.”

Tower raised his hand and snapped his fingers, “Good idea.”

Also at that moment, the lightning in the sky suddenly stopped.

The earth began to crumble and roar.

Under Tower’s control, the mud tumbled and came tumbling straight towards Dean Norman and Ying Zigui.

And the city gates were close at hand.

Fu Yunshen’s eyes were slightly cold as he caught the bone once more and pushed a palm against the girl’s back.

Instantly, she was pushed outside the city gates.

Ying Ziyi turned back sharply: “Fu Yunshen!”

Fifty metres separated them, but it was as if they were separated by the distance between life and death.

The man was still standing straight, handsome as a god.

“Didn’t you ask me what I said to your father?” Fu Yunshen turned his head and smiled very softly, “I gave him that I swore on my life that you would live and I would live.”

“Before I die, I will not let you be hurt for a single minute.”

Ying Ziji’s expression changed slightly and she knew instantly what he was going to do.

She once again linked her name and snapped coldly: “Fu, Yun, Shen! I won’t allow it!”

Ying Zidian dropped Dean Norman and her inner strength stormed up.

But she had just moved ten metres out and before she could get past, Fu Yunshen had already raised his hand and smiled: “This is my promise. Yoyo.”

His internal energy exploded out, right at the entrance of the city.


This city gate was instantly closed, permanently separating the City of Worlds from the seven continents and four oceans.

“Hmph, think there’s only one door to the City of Worlds?” The Tower saw this and shrugged, “Fine, let your little mistress go first, when we’ve finished with you, Daybreak and I will finish her off.”

He raised his hand, pausing the storm’s attack.

Dropping down from the air again, he came in front of the man.

Fu Yun Shen was leaning against a tree, his collarbone sinking all over with his rapid breathing.

It was clear that he had been seriously injured.

His fingers trembled slightly as he took out a medicine and put it in his mouth.

But the speed of recovery from the injury was far from the speed of the wound addition.

“Impressive, really impressive.” The pagoda looked at him condescendingly and clapped its hands, “Resisting to this extent with mortal flesh, I admire you.”

“Even Justice would not be able to resist for so long if Dianyin and I struck together.”

Fu Yunshen turned his head slightly sideways, and surprisingly smiled, “Justice is dead?”

“Of course it’s dead.” Tower didn’t mind saying a few more words now, he seemed to be seriously remembering and frowned, “Oh, what was the name of his last reincarnation again?”

“Sorry, it’s been so long ago I’ve forgotten, but like you, it was a Chinese.”

A sage’s power is constantly weakened in the midst of reincarnation.

The last reincarnation was killed, proving that there is no more of this Sage in this world.

Tower smiled, “Really, when I met him I couldn’t believe this was the Justice who had fought alongside the force.”

“As weak as an ordinary man.”

With those words, he suddenly raised his hand and landed an attack on Fu Yun Shen’s abdomen.


Fu Yunshen slowly spat out a mouthful of blood and raised his hand to wipe it away, but his expression did not change.

The tower looked at him from above: “It’s a pity that you are not even the reincarnation of a sage.”

Fu Yunshen did not say anything.

He closed his eyes and slowly gathered his internal energy once more.

Ancient martial artists, there were ways to die together.

“Still holding strong?” The tower smiled and sighed, “I admit, you are an admirable opponent, but it does come to an end.”

He raised his hand and once again dropped a blade, piercing the man’s shoulder blade.

Blood gurgled out.

Pain swept through his body like a black tide, almost disorienting.

At this moment, the broken, disconnected images practiced into a clear line.

Like a movie, they replayed in the mind.

In front of his eyes were chaotic figures, and in his ears were noisy voices.

Fu Yunshen lifted his head, and the faint light in his peach blossom eyes shone brightly.

The years are long and time is wasted.

The long river of history flows on and on, and everyone is just pa*sing through in a hurry.

But he is different.

He had seen the changes of the sea and the earth, and had seen the warmth of human feelings in the world.

And at last he remembered the name he had started with.

No, not a name.

It was just a title.

The sixteenth of the twenty-two sages, the devil of the sages.



Chapter 804

The Sage Demon is the first guardian of the Earth.

He is also affectionately and reverently known to the citizens of the world as the “Shining Star, the Son of Glory”.

He was always there when disaster struck, breaking through the darkness and standing in the way of all.

Like the first light from a star before dawn, he shines brightly.

No one could match it.

However, all this glory and honour was completely crushed in the midst of a holy war.

The title of “Morning Star of Light” was transferred to Louis Theseus, the Pope of the Magi.

But he did not care about any of this.

He could give up the title of demon, or the title of Shining Star.

As long as, in exchange, he could keep her alive.

For them to see each other again, years later.

Even if it was just to look at her from afar, it would be fine.

Fu Yunshen tilted his head slightly and laughed lightly, as if it was the greatest treasure, and slowly recited the name he had started with, “Little Destiny.”

He remembered.

Not only the days he spent with the Wheel of Destiny as a Sage Demon, but also the things he had experienced in each of his reincarnations, he remembered them all.

And now, once again, he was back in this land.

Then this moment, in the name of the demon –

Return, return!

The dark sky, at this moment, was once again swirling with storm clouds.


The wind was instantly gusty, slapping fiercely against the gla*s.

Even the floating building, the Sage’s House, which had been stable and immobile for dozens of centuries, unexpectedly swayed slightly.

Sara still fell to the ground, her face pale.

The last blow that Ying Ziji had given her had not caused her any flesh wounds or internal injuries.

But it was the one that made her body feel like it was falling apart in pain.

The healing power of a sage could not eliminate these pains.

She had been humiliated like this by a flesh mortal, and she could not bear such humiliation.

Sara’s nails pinched into her palm, almost seeping blood.

“Sara!” Just then, the priestess came walking quickly, looking anxious, “devil is back! He’s really back!”

Sara’s face changed dramatically, “What? How did he come back? Has he been in the House of Magi?”

“No, the floor he belongs to has never been stepped into.” The priestess’ voice was urgent, “Sara, we all know his fall was different from other sages, for him to regain his memory and power, he must have done it through other means as well.”

A flash of delight swept across Sara’s eyes, but it pa*sed in an instant and returned to coldness.

She did not want the other Magi to see that she had feelings for the Magi demon.

It would be a tarnishment to her reputation, too.

After all, she hadn’t expected that the Sage Demon, who had once shone so brightly, would degrade herself, start a holy war and become a betrayer stapled to the pillar of shame?

Holding onto the wall, Sara struggled to her feet and spoke coldly, “Tell the Chariot and the Moon and Sun that they are ready for battle.”

Before the priestess could speak, another series of hurried footsteps sounded.

It was the Sage Pope.

For the first time Louie looked a little woebegone: “He’s back?!”

“Yes, back.” Sara turned her head with a mocking expression, “You said the title ‘Shining Morning Star’, can you still continue to use it?”

The inhabitants of the City of Worlds now referred to the Sage Pope as the “Shining Morning Star”.

No one remembers the Sage Demon.

But it was clear to them that it was a stealer.

Louis’ complexion changed and he suddenly sneered, “I will show him that this title of ‘Shining Morning Star’ is something he does not deserve!”

At least, the stigma of the Holy War, the Sage Devil, could not be washed away in any way.


Meanwhile, the Leingold family.

Norton’s expression also saw the change in the weather, and his eyes changed slightly.

As a fellow fighting sage, he had sensed it when the tower and the inverted hanged man struck.

But before that, she had “ordered” him several times to stay with the Leingold family and make sure that no harm would come to her family.

She was always like that, never thinking of herself.

Having spoken to Fu Yunshen several times, Norton had a vague suspicion of something, but had never been able to be sure.

And now, he could be sure.

Qin Lingyu was surprised: “Xue Sheng, has he recovered!”

“Yes, he has recovered.” Yu Xue Sheng smiled lightly, “Because I was guessing at that time, whether Yun Shen had to use external strong stimulation to recover.”

“Strong stimulation?” Qin Lingyu was stunned, “What kind of stimulation?”

Yu Xuesheng was silent for a moment and slowly: “His bottom line.”

Ying Zidian.

In this way they were also able to conclude that Ying Zidian, inevitably, was the Wheel of Destiny.

Even if they were still unclear as to what price Fu Yunshen had paid to bring Ying Zigui back.

Qin Lingyu thought back to the days when the Sage Demon and the Sage Wheel of Destiny were still around, when they had worked together.

How could she not see any crossover between these two sages.

So, how did they get together?

“Let’s go.” Qin Lingyu swept a quick glance at the darkening sky, “With the chariot guarding this place, we are able to rest a*sured.”

Yu Xuesheng nodded his head.

The two of them headed quickly in the direction of the city gates.

In front of the closed city gates.

Fu Yun Shen shook his hand and slowly stood up, “It’s …… been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

Memory and power were restored at this moment, the sage power repaired the large and small wounds on his body, and the blood stopped flowing.

Although the pain had not subsided, this level of pain was nothing to him.

There was no greater pain he had ever endured than the loss of her.

So nothing hurt him.

Early on, when the sky changed, Tower noticed something was wrong.

As if he thought of something incredible, his god cracked in an instant and he was about to withdraw.

But it was already too late.

Fu Yunshen raised his eyes, swept his gaze over and smiled.

He clenched his palm into a fist and slammed it down on the tower’s head.


There was an explosive sound.

The Sage Tower, which controlled the disaster, was actually smashed directly onto the ground with a single fist.

The punch was so powerful that the ground instantly sunk into a deep pit.

“Click, click, click, click–”

Dozens of bones cracked in response, and the extreme pain caused the tower to fail to get up at all, its mind buzzing.

This was the fighting power of a sage demon!

“And you, Day Talk.” Fu Yun Shen turned around and faintly stroked his lapel, “I really didn’t expect you, who could sacrifice for the citizens of the world, to be on this side as well.”

In the Tarot cards, the card of the Inverted Hanged Man represents “sacrifice”.

In the past, there were many disasters of all sizes, and he and Dianyan went on many missions together.

It was indeed beyond his expectation that Dayan would choose the Black Skull as well.


Dianyin’s pupils contracted violently.

After they had followed that lord, their strength had been rising over the years and had long since surpa*sed the other Magi.

It was because they had opened the “reverse position” with the help of that lord.

So when he and the two of them joined forces, even Sage Leelouch would not be able to resist them.

If there was a sage in the world who could stand up to them, there would be only one among the twenty-two.

A sage, a demon!

Day’s words, which did not change colour even when the tarzan collapsed in front of them, changed their expression in an instant and blurted out, “devil!”

After the Holy War, they had almost forgotten about the existence of sage demons.

Of course, the sage demon was the first in combat power and was originally the best person for them to work with.

But the demon had fallen in the Holy War and had never been seen again since.

Nor had they found his reincarnation.

It was logical to a*sume that the demon would not return.

And the astrolabe used to observe the workings of all things was, to put it bluntly, just the last bit of power left behind by the Wheel of Fortune, and not accurate.

“You, stay here.” Fu Yunshen smiled, “Of course, you can also try to run a little.”

No matter what kind of friendship Dianyan had with him before, as long as they tried to hurt Ying Zigui, he would not let go.

Dianyan couldn’t leave even if he wanted to, his body was confined and he couldn’t move at all.

The situation was turned around in an instant!

“Get up.” Fu Yunshen looked at the tower that had fallen to the ground and spoke indifferently.

He raised his hand, forcefully grabbed the tower out of the deep pit and struck again.


With another punch, the tower was once again knocked away.

The bones kept cracking and healing, hurting so much that he couldn’t even bear it.

“What’s this pain?” Fu Yunshen walked in slowly, still with those two words, “Get up!”

A layer of cold sweat broke out on Ta’s forehead, and his face was as white as paper.

This was the first time he and the Sage Demon had fought, yet he was suppressed to the point where he couldn’t lift his head.

They had boosted their strength, but they still couldn’t defeat the Sage Demon?

The tower gritted its teeth and summoned the lightning storm once again.

Fu Yun Shen stood beneath the black sky, allowing these lightning bolts to strike wildly at his body.

This time, not even a small spark was stirred up, let alone a wound.

Fu Yun Shen squeezed the tower’s throat and smiled: “What did you say, just now?”

“You said, who are you going to kill?”