Boss Lady Chapter 801-802

Chapter 801

Although she has been looking after Lu Yuan at the Leingold family these days, she has also been in touch with Dean Norman.

This morning, Dean Norman was excited to show her a few new inventions.

And Dean Norman had new ideas for the epic project of a space carrier.

How could Dean Norman, a research fanatic, not be in his office during the working day?

The academician who had spoken out pursed his lips and his voice was difficult: “Miss Ying, the dean he ……”

“Senior sister Ying!” An anxious voice rang out, “Senior sister Ying, why are you here at the institute? Didn’t I tell you not to come?”

Ye Siqing and a few trainees came running from the direction of the lab, their heads covered in sweat.

Ying Ziyi turned her head, her phoenix eyes without temperature, “What happened, Senior Sister Ye, you tell me.”

Ye Siqing hesitated for a moment, but still spoke, “Just an hour ago, the Sage Academy sent someone to invite Dean Norman away.”

Saying it was an invitation was actually no different from tying up.

Who could disobey when the House of Magi sent someone?

“Ye Siqing!” One of the academicians blurted out, “Who told you to say that!”

Of course they were aware of Ying Zidian’s temperament.

They all knew how much she respected Dean Norman.

If she knew that something had happened to Dean Norman, even if the other party was strong, she would definitely fight it.

Ye Siqing pursed her lips, “Even if I don’t say anything, Senior Sister Ying will know sooner or later.”

“Sage Academy.” Ying Ziji nodded slowly and smiled faintly, “Very well.”

It had gotten to the point of directly tying people up under Guangtai Nianhua Ri.

It seems that, indeed, they are already impatient.

Ying Ziji faintly: “Which sage?”

Ye Siqing’s face was still a little pale, and he couldn’t figure out the girl’s attitude: “It’s the one who followed the Biogenetic Institute, it should, should be Lord Magician.”

“Magician.” Ying Ziji looked indifferent, “I know.”

She didn’t linger any longer, she turned around and walked straight out.

“Miss Ying!” An old academician was in a hurry and tried to stop her, “Miss Ying, Norman has said that it’s okay for him to be upset, but not for you!”

This was an order from the House of Magi itself.

Even if Ying Ziji became the head of the Lehngar family now, there was no way she could confront the House of Magi.

The House of Magi had no say in the World City and its position was completely unshakeable.

Both the top families and the Institute are finally at the disposal of the House of Magi.

Even though they all knew that after Dean Norman was taken away, 99% of them would disappear from the world completely, just like the former Dean of the Engineering Institute.

They were loyal to science, to the inhabitants, but not to the House of Magi.

Science and research, it was going to bleed, and they did it willingly.

“Nothing can happen to anyone.” Ying Zigui called as he walked outside, his voice cold, “Cheng Yuan, take five hundred Ancient Martial Arts clerics and protect the Engineering Academy.”

“One more academician kidnapped by the Sage Academy, and all your ancient martial arts secrets will be confiscated.”

On the other end of the phone, Cheng Yuan, who was chatting with his butler, heard these words and instantly gave a jolt, “Yes, Master! Absolutely not, I give you my word!”

The ancient martial arts secrets were his lifeblood.

Let him sell Cheng Jin even if he wanted to.

And with those words, it caused several deans to freeze.

Ancient what?

“You said that the teacher said that nothing could happen to me.” Ying Ziji faded, “It seems that the Sage Academy has made some kind of deal with him.”

At this, the faces of several academicians changed.

“I was right.” Ying Ziyi nodded slightly, “A few seniors need not worry, I will bring the teacher out.”

She had specifically given Dean Norman the medicine to defend himself and was able to ensure that he would not be in danger in a short period of time.

When the old academician was about to say something else, the girl was only left with a back

Outside the Institute, Fu Yunshen was waiting by the car.

When he saw Ying Zidian come out, he immediately noticed the low air pressure emanating from her body.

It was cold.

The last time such a situation had arisen was when Jiang Yan had an accident.

If it had only happened to her, she would never have shown any emotion.

Fu Yunshen took her hand: “Did something happen?”

“Yes.” Ying Zidian got into the car, “Go to the Sage’s House and save someone.”

Fu Yunshen also guessed instantly, his eyes sinking: “Go.”


Meanwhile, the Sage’s House.

The sage who sent someone to “invite” Dean Norman was indeed a magician.

But he didn’t want to get rid of Dean Norman so early.

This was the Tower’s proposal.

“What do you want me to kidnap Norman for at this hour?” The magician was still a little disgruntled, “The campaign for the great head of the Leingold family has just ended, and quite a few people are watching me, so aren’t you just exposing me?”

“Of course not.” The Tower was casual, “Just relying on him to draw some people out, to make it easier for me and Daybreak to do it.”

The magician nodded and frowned, “You’re not talking about Ying Zigui, are you?”

He would only refine pills, and it was Shaking Light and the others who were responsible for all the action.

“Yes, it’s her, and that young master of the Jade family.” Tower flicked the lapels of his coat, “Besides, the return of the lord is coming.”

The magician perked up at once, “His lordship is coming back?!”

“Right.” Tower shrugged his shoulders, “Until his lordship returns, we’ll get rid of any stumbling blocks we can for him, so we don’t let him worry about that little thing.”

“Yes, no problem!” The magician agreed in one breath, “What other medicines do you need, I’ll make them now.”

“Well, you make the medicine, and as for this Dean of Engineering, leave it to Sara.” Tower stood up, “She certainly doesn’t want to let go of the person who made her lose face either, we still need to save our strength.”

The magician responded in quick succession.

Tower smiled faintly and then left the Sage’s Hall.

In the other hall.

Sara sat on her throne, still holding the sceptre in her hand and in full bloom.

Dean Norman was pinned to a chair by two knights and could not move.

But he still had a laid-back look on his face, not fazed in any way.

“Norman, is it?” Sara’s fingers tapped on the throne, “You’ve been invited here, you know what it’s because of, right?”

“Bah, I don’t know.” Dean Norman spat, “All I know is that you are a bunch of narrow-minded frogs at the bottom of the well!”

Over the years, the House of Magi had deliberately delayed the development of technology and killed countless research scholars.

Dean Norman had long predicted that this day would also befall him.

He was also grateful at the same time.

Fortunately, he had already sent all the encrypted files to Ying Zigui.

At least the research could still continue.

As long as the heritage was still there, the path would never be cut off.

He believed that in ten or a hundred years’ time, all the blueprints could be realised.

“Good, have a backbone.” Sara smiled instead of being angry and raised her hand lightly, “Since you have such a backbone, just remove his hand first.”

Researchers, without hands, how can they research?

“Come on, come on, unload it.” Dean Norman crossed his neck, “Master is right here.”

Sara sneered, “Rather as arrogant as your apprentice.”

She leaned back on her throne and smiled scornfully, “But I am as good as my word, you change your apprentice and I will not lay a hand on her again.”

Dean Norman paled slightly, but remained undaunted.

Sara waved her hand again, “Do it.”

Two knights immediately stepped forward and snapped Dean Norman’s wrists, about to break them.

However, they didn’t have time to do it again.


Strong internal energy came from the back and exploded again in an instant.

“Boom boom!”

The two knights let out an incoming scream and both fell to the ground and pa*sed out.

Dean Norman opened his eyes and couldn’t help but be confused.

How was he alright?

Sara’s face suddenly changed and she snapped, “Who?!”

Who was trespa*sing in her domain again.


A cool, faint voice fell.

As soon as Sara looked up, without even seeing the person, there was a blackness before her eyes.

A slap was slapped directly at her face.

Ying Zidian didn’t hold back in the slightest.

This slap carried internal energy and was extremely strong.

Sara was caught off guard again, and she flew backwards.


Like a cannonball, it smashed heavily against the wall.

The wall was as strong as the Sage’s House, but even the wall had cracks in it.

Dean Norman closed his eyes and opened them again to make sure he had opened them the right way when he got a good look at the person who had done it.

His mouth opened into an o-shape: “Wow, disciple, you’re really good at that.”

Ying Zidian: “……”

Of the several Magi, the one she was most wary of was the Magi Star Shaking Light.

If Shaking Light controlled and compelled Dean Norman, things would be bad

But sure enough, she really shouldn’t worry too much about Dean Norman’s mental state.

The old man was a happy-go-lucky man, and could still be bitterly happy.

Sara ached all over.

She struggled to lift her head and looked in a trance for a few seconds.

It was only this time that the figure in front of her finally reunited with the girl who had accompanied Ling Mianxi that night.

Her pupils contracted violently, “It’s you!”


Chapter 802

The ancient martial artist who had pinned her against the wall could be Ying Zidian!

Ever since Ying Zidian had made her debut at the Engineering Academy, Sara had sent someone to retrieve all her information.

Including her history of growing up in China.

After the Leingold family had taken her back, Sara conducted a second investigation.

However, there was still no trace of Ying Zidian having such a high level of ancient martial arts training.

The House of Sages could not trace who had created something so magical as the ancient martial arts, but it was also certain that it was difficult to improve one’s martial arts training.

At a young age and with too little time to cultivate, even a genius would not be able to have too high an ancient martial arts cultivation.

This has always been the theorem of the ancient martial arts world.

Until the two perverts, Ying Zigui and Fu Yunshen, appeared.

Sara couldn’t believe that this person could be Ying Zigui no matter what!

How could she even want Heero to waste Ying Zidian?

At this moment, Sara felt as if she was a joke.

“It’s me.” Ying Zidian helped Dean Norman up, “Are you satisfied?”

Sara still couldn’t believe it, “How is it possible ……”

She had actually looked away and put such a huge hidden danger around.

It should have been gotten rid of in time!

Ying Zigui also stopped paying attention to Sara and looked down to give Dean Norman another careful look, “Teacher, is everything alright?”

“Ahem, no, nothing.” Dean Norman was also a bit alarmed, “Disciple, I’m really fine, the Sage Academy just invited me here, there’s really nothing wrong.”

He didn’t want to put Ying Ziyi against the House of Magi because of him.

The House of Magi, there was not just one Magi.

“As a research scholar, lying is not a good habit.” Ying Ziyi yawned, “Let’s go, I’ll send you out first.”

Dean Norman opened his mouth, only to be stopped by a look from the girl.

He could only nod obediently.

Thanks to the speed of the Sage’s healing, Sara had recovered from her injuries by this time.

Her eyes were cold and stern: “Go? Who told you to leave?”

Even if Ying Zidian was a profound ancient martial artist, he could not defy the authority of the Sage Academy!

Ying Zidian raised her hand.


An elbow strike instantly hit Sara’s abdomen.

Even the bones were slightly cracked.

Sara fell to the ground again, her face pale.

This time, she coughed out blood.

Ying Ziji stuck one hand in his pocket and coldly: “Who told you to get up?”

Dean Norman: “……”

f*ck, he had been stupid.

The high and mighty Queen of Sages was no match for his disciple.

Ying Ziji grabbed Dean Norman’s shoulders, exerted his inner strength, and took him straight down from the Sage Courtyard in a swoop, landing on the ground.

Dean Norman had never flown so high before, and his legs were still a little shaky.

“Sir.” Ying opened the car door, his eyes sharp, “Let’s go to the city gates, find someone to meet us and take my teacher to Professor Helvin’s experimental base.”

The City of Worlds was completely unsafe.

“Hmm.” Fu Yunshen pressed a few buttons, “Sit tight.”

[Drip drip drip-]

An alarm sounded.

[Defense system ready!

[Attack system ready!

The car quickly took to the air and flew off in the direction of the city entrance.

And this scene was caught by the Sage Tower and the Sage Inverted Man standing on high ground.

“Two people in shape-shifters, just right, saves us from having to do it separately.” The tower smiled slightly, “It seems that Shaking Light was right in deducing that this Ying Zigui is indeed that ancient martial artist.”

To be able to save Dean Norman from Sara easily, the ancient martial arts cultivation was over three hundred years.

The tower gave a tsk.

He had thought that Fu Yunshen and Ying Zidian were never going to come out of the Lehngar family’s estate for the rest of their lives.

Tower snapped his fingers, “Go, Dianyan, let the action begin, but don’t hurt the rest of the World City.”

Dayan nodded and followed behind him.

The moment that snap of the finger fell!


The inky sky tumbled as the clouds converged once more, coalescing a blue and purple lightning bolt that hovered openly in the sky.

Disaster struck at this moment.


A bolt of lightning fell, directly splitting the latest version of’s combat sports car.

Ten seconds before the bolt of lightning fell, Ying had already had a premonition and jumped out of the car with Dean Norman together with Fu Yunshen.

But the next second –

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Two more bolts of lightning swept in.

This time it was directed at Dean Norman.

Ying Zigui looked slightly astonished and raised her hand suddenly, blocking Dean Norman’s front.


There was a crackling sound, a piercing sound, and the sound of skin being burned.

But there was no skin splitting as expected.

Nor was there any pain.

Ying Ziji’s eyes changed.

The man’s slender, upright body bent down slightly, taking the lightning bolt in its raw form.

And his skin split open in an instant!

There was blood slowly flowing down Fu Yunshen’s elbow, shocking to the eyes.

However, this was not even the full force of the Magi Tower’s strike.

It was just a lightning bolt that he had created at will.

Fu Yunshen slowly raised his head and clenched his fingers, his eyelashes moving slightly.

With his current strength, he would still be at a disadvantage when he went up against a pure combat type Magus.

After all, an ancient martial artist could not compete with a sage who had a long life span.

“The tower is coming.” Ying Zidian looked up abruptly, “No, there’s another one.”

“Hmm, the upside-down hangman.” Fu Yunshen responded faintly, as if he could not feel the pain in his arm, “He and the Tower are in cahoots.”

The Inverted Hanged Man, was also a combat type sage.

In order to get rid of them, two combat-type sages had come directly.

A treatment not even other sages had.

“Yoyo, you go first.” Fu Yunshen, “I’ll hold them off.”

Ying Ziji’s voice sank, “No, you can’t block them.”

Combat Sages were too terrifying, their explosive power was comparable to a nuclear bomb.

Even an ancient martial artist of Xie Huanran’s level could be blown to pieces in an instant.

“Yes, I can’t block it.” Fu Yun Shen smiled, “For you, I can block.”

The wild wind hunted, Dean Norman couldn’t withstand it and had fainted.

“Yoyo, it’s coming for you and me.” Fu Yunshen’s peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly, “One is one if you can get away.”

Just as the two were inching their way through this

“Swish, swish, swish!”