Boss Lady Chapter 791-792

Chapter 791

Heero had gone to the trouble of barely refining the Sage’s Stone to the lowest grade of C.

Her niece had stayed her hand and it was straight A-rank.

So if she hadn’t stayed her hand, how high would the quality and grade have to be?

“The Sage’s Stones that can currently be refined are of the best quality capable of extending a person’s life by three hundred years.” Norton tsked, “Isn’t eighty years a handful for her? Of course it’s a handful.”

Sinai: “……”

She didn’t know much about this field of supernatural science.

Even the current technology of genetic modification could not surpa*s alchemy.

But again, because of the supernatural, alchemy had many limitations.

The Sage’s Stone wasn’t available to everyone either.

At this point, there was dead silence in the campaign arena.

Both the residents who were there and those watching the live broadcast were shocked to the point of being speechless.

[Crap, did she turn out to be an alchemist, Ying Zigui?

[Someone give me a hand, I can’t.]

[Who said at the beginning that Missy couldn’t do alchemy and might as well admit defeat early? Dare I ask if your face hurts?

The housekeeper was very happy: “First Lady, look, Eldest Miss is the strongest!”

Su Man, however, frowned: “I’m afraid it will attract a lot of attention, just in case ……”

Lu Yuan was also being watched because she was too outstanding.

She didn’t want to see her daughter following in Lu Yuan’s footsteps as well.

“Auntie mother can rest a*sured.” On the side, Fu Yunshen looked lazy, “This is not Yoyo’s true strength, moreover, it is impossible to keep it hidden.”

Su Wen was silent for a moment and sighed, “I know, but my heart has never been at ease.”

“Auntie, the sign I made for you was confiscated by Eldest Miss.” The housekeeper was a little aggrieved, “I made the sign for a whole day, I only wanted to show it to Eldest Miss, but she wouldn’t give it back to me.”

“Hmm?” Fu Yunshen was intrigued, “What kind of sign?”

Let his girl be so domineering and take it for herself.

The housekeeper could only show him the photos.

Fu Yunshen finished reading the words on the dozen or so support signs and raised his eyebrows, not slowing down: “There are two more competitions the day after tomorrow, two days’ time, you can make another one.”

The butler’s eyes lit up, “Yes, I’ll do it right away!”

“Well, don’t show it to her this time, just give it to me.” Fu Yunshen’s peach blossom eyes curved up, “Give her a surprise.”

The butler nodded in deep understanding.

He started to order the materials on the w internet.

He was going to paint a big one this time.

On the other hand, Heero’s expression changed completely.

She stared at the test results with dead eyes and completely lost control: “Impossible!”

This was the Sage’s Stone!

A substance that 90% of the alchemists couldn’t even refine, how could Ying Ziyi have the right?

A perfect quality Sage’s Stone, she had only seen it once in the hands of a Sage Magician’s surgery.

Heero’s teeth creaked, even as her body trembled.

Alchemy was the one match she was most certain of, but now, she had lost just like that?

Ying Zigui had crushed her.

For a long time, the alchemist also finally found his soul that had flown away to the sky.

He rubbed his eyes to make sure it was an “a” and couldn’t help but suck in a breath.

It was still a perfect quality Sage’s Stone.

A genius, a unique alchemical genius!

The alchemist’s attitude towards the girl was much more respectful, and he used a respectful language: “May I ask, Miss, from whom this alchemist comes?”

An alchemist who could refine the Sage’s Stone was a true master.

“Norton University.” Ying Ziji didn’t have any mental burden to push Norton out to block the sword, and spoke with her eyes open, “I studied at Norton University for a while, and everyone of the alchemists there can refine the Sage’s Stone.”

“I was one of the worst students, I’m sorry to say that I didn’t learn my craft well.”

Alchemist: “????”

Learn …… learn what?

Sinai turned his head, “Everyone can alchemy?”

Norton let out a slow breath and gave an exasperated laugh, “Yes, all can refine.”

The knife, he admitted.

Sinai complimented genuinely, “That’s impressive.”

Norton glanced at her, his tone still bland, “Naturally, without looking at who runs it, sit tight.”

“Norton University?” The alchemist had never heard of it, but took careful note of it, and couldn’t help but give a sigh of admiration, “Miss Ying’s alchemical talent is truly at the top of its game, if you’re interested in the future, come to the Biogenetic Institute and we can discuss it together.”

“There are some areas that I still need to ask Miss Ying for advice.”

The alchemist, who was only interested in alchemy, had already left Heero behind.

Ying did not refuse and nodded slightly, “You are welcome, sir.”

She was also pondering whether she should abduct these alchemists to Norton University as tutors by the way.

That way the Vice Chancellor wouldn’t bother her.

A very good idea.

The residents were also interested in Norton University.

[Anyone science Norton University?

[Oh oh, I know, the number one school in the seven continents and four oceans!

This school actually teaches alchemy? Is it too late to go out of town and register?

Heero’s face turned even whiter.

She had heard Sara mention Norton University specifically, saying that it was an institution run by the Magus Chariot.

Ying Zigui was actually a student of Norton University?

Then wouldn’t the vote of the Magi Chariot go to Ying Zidian?

Heero finally realised that she knew too little about Ying Zidian.

She looked up at the girl who had leaned back in her chair and started to close her eyes again, and her eyes grew cloudy.

[I can’t, Heero is laughing her a*s off. She said she wouldn’t be a mechanic anymore, but it turns out that alchemy is really a mechanic.

[Ying Shen: I’m just here to sleep and rest, I just came to compete by the way [smile]]

[What is this wave? This wave, ah, is a boomerang, specifically stabbing myself in the face.]

In just a few seconds, w the online election poll, Hilo’s support dropped by ten points instantly.

From 65%:35%, it became 55%:45%.

And it’s still dropping, seeing as it’s almost tied.

The residents don’t really know much about Heero and are only supporting her because of the sage behind her.

The referee wiped his sweat and reluctantly announced the result, “The second game of the competition, Miss Ying wins.”

The score jumped to 2:0.

It was just five games in total.

In Heero’s plan, the score would be 4:1.

Of course, the four points were her own.

Chills ran down Heero’s spine.

She had two “0’s” now, could she really win the remaining three games?

If she could do alchemy, she couldn’t do much worse.

When Heero looked up, she was met by the astonished eyes of the residents.

It was like a thorn in her back.

Unable to stay any longer, she pushed herself away from the table and left the campaign as fast as she could.

It was almost as if she was running away, her back in a mess.

Ying finished her second nap, she slowly stretched and stood up to go back to the living room.

The butler directed the servants to evacuate the residents present.

Some people tried to get a glimpse, but they were blocked by the housekeeper. They had to leave with regret.

In the living room.

Fu Yunshen got up and handed over a beautiful jewellery box: “A reward for our little friend, for all your hard work.”

Ying Zidian took it and suddenly said, “I heard your conversation with the housekeeper.”

Fu Yunshen slowly raised his eyes: “Hm?”

“You’d better put an end to your heart to hold up a support sign for me.” Ying Ziji propped his head up and raised his eyebrows, “Otherwise, you won’t have any children.”

Fu Yunshen looked puzzled, “……”

Missed the mark.

Ancient martial artist’s hearing, too good to be true.


Outside the field.

Norton set Sinai down, “I’m going to go to the Sage’s House, can I go back by myself?”

“I can, I told you I’m not a child.” Sinai put on her sun hat, “What are you doing at the House of Sages?”

“To watch the play.” Norton rubbed his chin, “To see the Queen angry as a turtle.”

Sinai: “……”

So the sages were all so out of touch, her filter was broken.

“Good girl.” Norton patted her head and smiled, “Eat on time and I’ll make a video for you to watch together so you can have fun too.”

He slipped her a few more pill bottles before leaving.

The campaign was broadcast live across the city and Sara was watching.

When she saw Ying’s score of 2-0, she crushed the armrest of her throne raw.

The anger in her chest rose to a peak upon Sara’s return.

Sara glanced at Hilo, who was kneeling on the floor, and coldly: “Stupid waste!”

Heero’s body trembled, “My Lady, My Lady Queen, I had no idea that she would ……”

“I don’t want to hear any reason.” Sara remained indifferent, “The last three games, I don’t care what means you use, no more mistakes.”

Shylo did not dare to argue, “Yes, my Queen.”

She left the Sage’s Court with a miserable white face, her fingers squeezed tight.

Yes, it would have to be by any means necessary.

Heero looked grim and took out her phone contact, “Scrap her legs and hands for me before the third campaign.”

Without her hands and legs, she wanted to see how Ying Zigui could still compete with medical skills and force.


Chapter 792

Once Ying Zigui has an accident, then she will not be able to play.

Moreover, the House of Sages is biased towards her side and will definitely not postpone the election of the Grand Master.

In that case, and with the votes given to her by the Magi, it would only be her who would win.

Heero had lived in the House of Magi since she was a child, and originally had no feelings for the Lehngar family.

Not to mention that Ying Zidian was only the daughter of Lu Yuan and Su Wen, even if it was her own elder brother Lu Yuan himself, she would be able to kill her if it interfered with her interests.

Of the three Magi, although Heero had the most contact with Sara, in reality, she had a better relationship with the Magi Tower.

The Sage Tower had a group of guards under its command that were far more powerful than even the four knightly orders.

She had the right to call on them once in an emergency.

Originally, she had planned to use it to suppress the entire Leingold family after ascending to the position of Grand Master.

Now Ying Ziji had forced her to make an early move.

Heero’s expression became even more gloomy.

“Yes, Miss Hilo.” On the other end of the phone, the head escort responded, “As you command.”

The call ended, and the escort then immediately reported the matter up to the Tower of the Magi.

After hearing this, the tower gave a laugh: “My student, he has learnt nothing else, but he has learnt to be ruthless and unrecognisable.”

The guard was respectful, “Lord Tower, so we?”

“Go and do what she wants, just let her have her fun.” Tower smiled faintly, “She will know after a while that in the World City, even the House of Magi, will only be a decoration.”

The head of the great House of Leingar?

An existence that could be crushed to death with any hand would not even enter his eyes.


Inside the House of Magi.

Sara began to watch the replay of today’s campaign.

This perfect quality A-grade Sage’s Stone had made her want to get rid of Ying Zigui herself.

It was because such a thing as prolonging the life span of human beings was not accessible to anyone other than sages and sage-appointed alchemists.

But Ying Zigey had easily created a Sage’s Stone that was even more perfect than the alchemists of the Biogenetic Institute.

This was something Sara could not tolerate.

But the words “Norton University” made her suppress the thought.

She could not afford to be at odds with Norton at this time.

If a second Holy War broke out in the future, the Sage Chariot would be their greatest fighting force against the Sage Demons.


A crisp sound fell, the sound of a camera.

Sara jerked her head up and saw the man at the entrance of the temple, holding the latest model of the w-net camera and snapping directly at her face.

A clear shot of all her expressions.

Sara changed her face, “Norton, what are you doing?”

“Nothing.” Norton looked lazy and continued to film, “I think your expressions are quite interesting at this time of day, it’s a bit of a shame not to take pictures and save them.”

Sara’s voice dropped cold, “Norton!”

Norton looked indifferent, “I’m not deaf, what’s your problem?”

“Do you know her?” Sara raised the picture in her hand, her gaze sharp, “This is a student at the university that opened just outside the city.”

“Is that so? If you hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have bothered to care about that.” Norton turned his head and smiled, “But now that you mention it, I’ll be sure to pick her when the final vote comes, I didn’t think my school had produced such a genius.”

“I for one am too lazy to run the school, do you think if I vote for her, she’ll run the school for me in the future?”

Sara barely managed to catch her breath.

Her fingers tightened once again and she spoke coldly, “You want to run the school, I can send someone to run it for you, and because of that, you want to vote?”

“That won’t do.” Norton blandly, “That’s it, remember, less annoying me.”

He turned straight away, leaving only a back to Sara.

Sara took a deep breath and pressed her temples to quell her anger.

It was only a chariot, there was no need to worry so much.

A few minutes later, the steward saluted outside the hall, “Lord Queen, the results of the Inquisitorial Court’s tests have come back.”

Sara immediately spoke, “Present it.”

She took the test results from the steward’s hand and frowned furiously, “Confirmation that it is s-23 poison?”

“Yes, My Queen.” The steward wiped his sweat, “The Inquisitorial Court compared all the poison types and finally confirmed that it was s-23.”

“I see.” Sara waved her hand, “You go down.”

The steward hurriedly excused himself.

Sara gripped her scepter and got up to go to the room where the magician was.

The magician was in his laboratory refining a new drug when a paper was flung towards him.

The potion bottle fell over in a heap and the magician was furious: “Sara, what are you doing?”

“And you’re asking me what I’m doing.” Sara looked at her coldly, “You poisoned the prisoner, why didn’t you give me the word in advance?”

“Poisoning a prisoner? That’s not possible!” The magician was astonished, “I’ve been refining medicine here for the past few days.”

Inwardly, he was also thinking about it.

Rather, a few days ago the sage star, Shaking Light, had come to him and asked for several new medicines.

Could it be that there was some new move?

“Look carefully, s-23 poison.” Sara pointed at the paper, “This is the poison you invented, who else could have made it but you?”

The magician took a look, “Impossible, absolutely impossible, when was s-23 a poison? Over twenty years ago, it was all eliminated long ago.”

“What’s more, apart from being highly toxic and capable of torturing people, s-23 isn’t insidious at all, so why would I use it?”

“Really not you?” Sara frowned, “Then who was it?”

The magician had a hard time saying that too, and he made a snap decision, “I’ll go to the tribunal myself!”


The Inquisition.

Old Lady Jade woke up a few times midway, but quickly pa*sed out from the pain again.

The Magisterium had not given an order, and the Inquisitor could not do anything.

The magician quickly came to Old Lady Yu’s face and started testing.

Then he took out the antidote for S-23 and fed it to with Old Lady Yu.

But as soon as this antidote was fed, although Old Lady Yu woke up instantly, she let out a heartbreaking, miserable scream and rolled on the ground in pain.

The magician’s face turned pale: “This can’t be!”

It was indeed the s-23 poison all right, how come the antidote didn’t work?

He had made the poison himself and he couldn’t even manage to cure it?

Suddenly, a thought came to his mind and the magician couldn’t help but shiver.

Sara became impatient, “What the hell is going on?”

“Sara, listen to me.” The magician gulped, “The nok forum that Xiu set up, has a ranking of poisoners, I went around the o-continent a few centuries ago, so I’m in second place.”

Sara laughed at that, “Are you kidding me?”

A magician whose special ability was medicine making, ranked second on the poisoner list?

“Yes, I only came in second.” The magician wiped the sweat from his head, “The poisoner ranked number one, I fought with TA once, and the method of poison TA made was unheard of to me. ”

“I suspect that ta is from another universe, just like the Divine Reckoner.”

The First Poisoner was so mysterious that no one knew the ta’s true nature.

For this reason, he had specifically asked Shaking Light to invade the ancient medical community and find someone to pretend to be the First Poison Master, using this to lure ta out.

But there was nothing substantial to report even now.

“Are you saying that it was most likely this First Poison Master who did this?” Sara frowned again, “Why?”

“Sara, Poisoners are eccentric in nature and harder to get along with than chariots.” The magician said, “They never need any reason for doing what they do.”

Sara mused, slowly, “Then find a way to find the TA, preferably by inviting him into the House of Sages.”

The magician gave a bitter laugh, “I’m afraid that’s not very easy to find.”

“Then you keep her alive for me.” Sara swept a casual glance at Old Lady Yu, “See what you can find out.”

The magician nodded.

He was eager to meet, too, the true face of this First Poisoner.


Two days later, in the evening.

Once again, the Leingold family hosted a family dinner.

The housekeeper also handed over the prepared sign to Fu Yunshen secretly.

Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes dropped and he slowly put it away.

He could not raise it on the stage, so he raised it for her in the bedroom.

Su Man sat down at the head of the table and smiled as she entertained, “Yao Yao’s friends, that’s family, don’t be polite, you can say whatever you want to eat.”

The butler nodded repeatedly, his face full of smiles.

Missy’s friends, they must be the best too!

Qin Lingyan raised her hand, “Is there any bubble noodles?”

“Yes, but bubble noodles?” Su Wen hesitated for a moment, but still responded, “Housekeeper, have the kitchen make a few more portions of bubble noodles and send them over.”

Qin Lingyu pressed her head.

She simply did not want to recognise this as her brother.

Suddenly, her ears twitched, catching some sound.

It was buzzing straight.

The sound was gradually getting louder, and even Su Man heard it.

She put down her chopsticks and was about to stand up, “Is something happening outside, I’ll go check.”

A hand pressed her shoulder.