Boss Lady Chapter 789-790

Chapter 789

Fu Yunshen was sent to the imperial capital by Master Fu at the age of five and lived in the ancient martial arts world for nearly ten years.

He entered the Hall of Justice and made friends with Nie Yi and others.

Ling Mianxi was still young at the time, not long after she was born and still in her crawling stage.

Later, it was because of Nie Yi that she got to know Fu Yunshen.

She also learnt that Master Fu was suffering from a severe poison, a poison that even the ancient doctors could not do anything about.

If the poison came from the hands of a sage magician, then it was no wonder.

Ling Mianxi and Nie Yi had both watched how Fu Yunshen was torn between life and death time and time again.

She had absolutely no half-hearted feelings for Old Lady Yu.

Old Lady Yu, however, could no longer speak.

At the sight of Ling Mianxi, Yu Xuesheng, Qin Lingyu and Xiu’s faces, it was as if a sledgehammer had come down hard on her head, and her eyes went gold for a moment.

More than that, she was horrified.

Old Lady Yu’s teeth were chattering and her words were out of tune, “Sage, Sage ……”

This was the unique pressure of a sage!

She had met the Sage Empress at an audience not long ago, so naturally she couldn’t have been clearer.

There were actually four sages here!

Old Lady Yu’s brain buzzed.

What had she just said?

She had allowed Fu Yunshen and Heero to join in marriage so that she could reach the Magi.

Now, it sounded like a complete joke.

Four Magi had come to see her, just to give Fu Yunshen a boost?

It was only then that Old Lady Yu realised that Fu Yunshen’s power and background were far beyond her imagination.

She crawled to Fu Yunshen on her hands and knees like a madwoman and began to kowtow, begging and pleading, “Yunshen, Xiaoqi, grandma was wrong, grandma was really wrong.”

Fu Yunshen let out a low laugh: “I said, don’t climb up the ladder.”

“Yun Shen, it’s all grandma’s fault, you should have said something to grandma earlier.” Old Lady Yu replaced her smile with a pleasing one, “Yun Shen, who are these sages? Introduce them to grandma as well.”

With four sages, the Jade Family would be the number one power in the World City, untouchable.

Thinking of this, Old Lady Yu’s body trembled from over-excitement.

“This way, my grandfather has held out for over twenty years, as long as you can hold out for two minutes, I will call you a grandmother.” Fu Yun Shen faintly, “It’s not too much, right?”

Old Lady Yu’s face changed, she was just about to open her mouth to refuse when she was already forced to swallow that pill.

Not to mention two minutes, just two seconds later, she was already in pain, her eyes blackened and she started rolling on the ground.

Fu Yunshen stood up and tilted his head slightly.

Even now, he could not imagine how much pain Master Fu had endured for so many years.

The power of love was too powerful.

Powerful enough to crush everything.

No one bothered to pity Old Lady Yu.

Xiu even turned around directly and struck up a conversation with Yu Xuesheng: “Look, does this granny grey of mine look better than her hair?”

Yu Xuesheng examined it for a moment and smiled lightly, “You can try the orange colour.”

“You think orange is bright too don’t you?” Hugh thought deeply, “I’ll go and buy a hair dye next week.”

A minute hadn’t even pa*sed before Old Lady Yu had completely pa*sed out.

Qin Lingyu took out her phone, “I’ll ask the feast retard to delete the surveillance.”

Knowing one’s enemy and knowing oneself, one could win a hundred battles.

Before finding all the enemies, it was also necessary to hide oneself.

“Delete what surveillance, I’m here, I can still let you guys be found out?” Hugh was disgusted, “Not too much to underestimate my absolute concealment.”

A few people then wandered openly through the court of judgement, with the Knights around them treating them as nothing.

Qin Lingyu knew the error of her ways, “Sorry, I’ve never been on a mission with you, I don’t know much about your abilities.”

“That too.” Xiu sighed, “It’s really fate.”

The magnet that was Ying Zidian had brought the Sages, who had never had much interaction, closer together.

“I’ll go first.” Fu Yunshen turned around, lazily, “Go back to accompany your fiancĂ©e, she is young and needs more coaxing.”

Xiu: “???”


His ears must have been listening in the wrong way.

“I say, why do you all listen to him so much?” Hugh wondered a little, “If I hadn’t been unable to beat him, I would have ignored him, but you-”

Sage Sun, the special ability was Guardian.

Defensive power that was number one.

Even nuclear bombs were able to resist, much more powerful than ancient martial artists.

Yu Xue Sheng smiled, “We’ll see after a while.”

Xiu stroked his hair.

What was so mysterious and hidden from him.


At two in the morning, the Sage Courtyard.

The steward came to report in panic: “It’s not good, Lord Queen, Old Lady Yu has gone into a heavy coma!”

Sara smiled and frowned, “What’s going on?”

She was going to simply silence her, but she wouldn’t allow anyone else to do it for her.

“It’s unclear at the moment, and there’s no sign of anyone coming in.” The steward knelt on the ground, his voice terrified, “The Inquisitorial Court has already started to investigate, and has initially concluded that it was poisoned, but the exact poison is still inconclusive.”

“Foolish.” Sara coldly, “Send it to the Biogenetic Institute to investigate, find out as soon as possible.”

She would like to see who dared to cross her and do it.

The steward wiped his sweat and was about to retreat.

He was stopped again by Sara: “Is the campaign for the head of the Leingold family ready?”

“It is ready.” The steward stopped and respectfully took out a document, “This is the campaign process.”

Sara scanned it, “A month is too long, compress the process and finish the competition in a week.”

There were some people that she really didn’t want to see a second time.

The steward hurriedly responded, “Yes, my Queen.”

Sara pressed her head and waved her hand impatiently, “All right, go down.”


A few days later.

End of October.

The campaign for the presidency of the great House of Leingel officially began.

The campaign process was put on the w-net the day before.

Two days of one race, the first day being mechanical engineering.

It was a city-wide broadcast.

It was the first time since the establishment of the w-network that the show was this big, apart from the New Year’s Eve ceremony at the end of every year.

The time hadn’t even arrived yet and the live stream was already overflowing.

[Here for Miss Hilo.]


[It’s okay to see Miss Shilo even if you can’t see the Sage Lords.

Originally there were other members of the first family in the running, but then after seeing Hilo’s strength and power, they all chose to withdraw.

It was also a two-man showdown campaign.

Ying Zidian stepped in at the right time, and in her arms she was still holding the box of snacks that Su Wen had given her.

How could it be that she didn’t look like she had come to compete.

Heero glanced at it gently, more than a little unconcerned.

“Welcome everyone to the current race for the position of Grand Master of the Leingold family.” The referee was sent by the House of Sages, “Today’s competition is mechanical engineering, I will now announce the notes and-”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted.

“In the first match, I concede.” Heero raised his hand and smiled graciously, “I know nothing about mechanical engineering, and Ziggy is number one in the engineering school’s test this year.”

“There’s no need for me to show off my skills, so I’ll just admit defeat.”

This one was originally her gift to Ying Zidian.

It was also the only one that Ying Zidian could win.

The referee had obviously been informed of the match by the House of Magi and didn’t even ask for Ying Zidian’s opinion, so he decided straight away, “First round, Miss Ying wins.”

The score on the big screen also jumped to 1:0.

The first round was over without a match, and the residents were inevitably a bit regretful.

[Miss Hilo is so atmospheric, she conceded defeat straight away without any pretense, worthy of being the disciple of the three sage masters].

[Mechanics is Ying’s strength, then alchemy, healing and force are Miss Hilo’s strengths, why don’t you be a bit more generous and just admit defeat, otherwise you’ll lose the face of the Lehngar family and Lady Su Wen]

[That’s right, when you compare the two of them, they’re as good as each other.

Heero turned his head and smiled slightly: “D**key, what do you think?”

Ying Zidian seemed to have not yet woken up.

Hearing this, she lifted her foggy phoenix eyes and yawned, perfunctorily: “Whatever you want.”

Heero’s eyes sank.

How could she be Ying Zigui’s aunt?

A junior, yet she was so disrespectful to her elders.

In the next campaign, she would show Ying Zidian what it meant to have people outside the sky.

In the crowd, Norton lifted his chin: “Is this your twin sister?”

Sinai sat on Norton’s shoulder, her small body huddled tightly, and sniffed, “A different egg.”

“No wonder.” Norton wrapped his arms around him, “Not the usual ugly look.”

Sinai: “……”

She suspected she’d been connoted too.

Sinai reached out and went to grab Norton’s disguised hair.

Only to be cut off midway.

Norton snapped her small wrist and warned, “Don’t move my hair.”

“Oh.” Sinai drew her hand back, “I’m afraid I can’t sit still, is your hair a natural colour?”

Norton looked paused and faded, “No, watch the game.”

On the big screen, there was a jump.

Second set –



Chapter 790

The word alchemy is not new to the inhabitants of the City of Worlds.

But it is not something that you will ever come across in everyday life.

After all, alchemy is not the same as biogenetic engineering or aerospace engineering, in order to practise alchemy, one must first have a talent for alchemy.

Without alchemical talent, one cannot even recognise the alchemical language, let alone learn alchemy.

Back then, after the death of the last great head and first lady of the Lehngar family, the House of Sages originally just wanted to pick a random person to train.

At first, it was Sinai who was picked.

In the end, they discovered that Heero had a talent for alchemy and immediately chose to give up Sinai and take Heero with them.

Over the years, Heero also became a successful alchemist.

[After living for so long, will the child finally get to see real alchemy!

[Just a quick tip, alchemy is not something you just learn, it requires talent, understand?

If she had a talent for alchemy, she’d be in the Biogenetic Institute, why would she stay in the Engineering Institute?

There are two sages standing behind the Biogenetic Institute, but anyone with eyesight would know which one to choose.

“There is definitely no problem with Yao Yao’s medical skills.” Su Wen wrinkled his brows slightly, “But this alchemy ……”

Ying Ziji’s healing skills are not comparable even to that of a sage magician.

The housekeeper spoke straightforwardly, “Don’t worry, Eldest Madam, Eldest Miss is definitely good at everything!”

Su Wen: “……”

She spoke politely, “When there’s time, I’ll have Yoyo give you a look at your illness.”

She had recently noticed that something was wrong with the housekeeper.

The butler’s heart was very stuffed.

The support signs he had made had all been snatched up by Missy and hadn’t been handed to her aunt.

As the saying goes, you have to overwhelm the other person from the momentum first.

“Ziggy, I don’t think you’ve ever been exposed to alchemy.” Heero smiled, “You probably don’t know what alchemy is yet, let me show you.”

She said, holding up a stone from the materials box, “This stone, for example, I can make it turn into gold using alchemy.”

Heero shook another vial of potion, which contained a green potion.

She placed a few drops of the potion onto the stone.


There were curls of smoke rising and the stone vibrated.

In full view of the crowd, and in a matter of seconds, the stone turned into gold.

The elemental detector next to it also proved this to be the case.

Alchemy broke with the usual chemical principles.

[Turning stone into gold, that’s awesome, isn’t it? It’s really alchemy!

[Uh, maybe in the force one Ying could compete, I heard she could take down the students of the Biogenetic Academy, but how can we compete in this alchemy?

Heero smiled again: “See? We’ll just compete in this, it’s basic.”

But without alchemical talent, you can’t even make a potion.

She watched how Ying Ziji made a fool of herself.

“Well, turning stone into gold is indeed the foundation of alchemy.” Ying Zidian slowly raised her eyes, “It’s not challenging, change it.”

“Not challenging?” Heero finally sank his face and gave a cold laugh, “Are you kidding?”

[I’m not saying that Ying Zidian is a bit too arrogant, does she think she can do everything?

[Those from outside the city are narrow-minded, let’s be forgiving.]

“Yes.” Ying Zidian’s eyebrows were light as she also took out a bottle of potion and slowly poured it onto the stone, “Not much of a challenge.”


Again, a white mist drifted by, and after the mist dispersed, there was a great flash of golden light.

On the table, another gold piece came out.


The scene was suddenly very quiet.

All the pop-ups in the live stream were gone.

It wasn’t until thirty seconds had pa*sed that someone finally came back to their senses.


[Ying Shen, a mechanical genius who reveres science, actually understands supernatural science too? ……]

[Sorry brothers, I hit my face, I take back my earlier words.

This was beyond everyone’s expectation.

The housekeeper could be proud: “You see, Eldest Madam, I told you, Eldest Miss definitely knows everything.”

Su Wen nodded, agreeing, “Now you’re still quite normal.”

Heero’s expression changed dramatically and she jerked to her feet.

She looked at the gold in front of her, a million times incredulous.

How could Ying Ziji, who was from China, still know alchemy?

Even if alchemy had spread to the seven continents and four oceans centuries ago, that was the o continent it had spread to.

The alchemy world, moreover, was never open to the public.

Most importantly, apart from alchemy, there was no second technique that could directly turn stone into gold.

Heero’s face burned with pain as he remembered his earlier words.

Her fingers were clenched.

Ying Zidian actually knew alchemy!

“Not bad, it’s not very challenging.” Heero slowly exhaled a foul breath and sneered, “Since it’s not much of a challenge, then we’ll start refining the Sage’s Stone now.”

“In front of everyone, let’s see who refines the Sage’s Stone with a higher quality!”

Turning stones into gold was indeed the most basic of alchemy techniques, and even an apprentice alchemist would know it.

But the Sage’s Stone was not something that anyone could refine.

A bottle of potion was just a potion, and it might as well be one that Ying Ziji had purchased from the internet.

But if it was done on the spot, everything would be exposed.

Sinai’s expression changed: “The Sage’s Stone ……”

Of course she had heard of the Sage’s Stone.

The Sage’s Stone was, in simple terms, the so-called “Elixir of Immortality”.

Of course, there is no such thing as absolute immortality, and the Sage’s Stone can only extend the life span of humans.

The Sage’s Stone is an absolutely pure element, free of impurities, but it looks no different from a blood-red gemstone.

It was originally invented by magicians, hence the name “Sage”.

The Sage’s Stone is definitely one of the best in alchemical medicine.

There were only a handful of alchemists in the World City who could make it.

Hilo had actually reached the level of being able to refine the Sage’s Stone?

“What are you worried about?” Norton noticed Sinai’s unease, “Your niece is a pervert, not sure?”

“I’m well aware.” Sinai sighed, “It’s not like it conflicts with me worrying about her.”

“Kid, it’s better to worry about yourself first.”

“I’m twenty-six!”

“Oh, I know that, but you’re only five foot two now.”


Sinai looked at her small hands and choked on her words.

And just as she sulked, a large hand rubbed her hair, moving gently.

Norton faded: “Don’t worry, she’s a good learner and after three years of alchemy, she’ll be able to make the Sage’s Stone.”

“Oh.” Sinai nodded, “So who did you learn alchemy from?”

Norton wrapped his arms around him, “Do I need to learn alchemy from anyone? Sorry, self-taught.”

Sinai: “……”

Not only was she a bully, she was also narcissistic.

Shylo’s offer to compete in the refining of the Sage’s Stone was also beyond the judge’s expectations.

But before coming, Sara had given the order to abide by everything Heero had proposed.

The referee could only look to the girl, “What does Onii-chan mean?”

“The Sage’s Stone.” Ying Ziji’s fingers tapped on the table as if to muse, “Good.”

She still had that detached look, as if everything was not on her mind.

It was this that Heero hated the most.

It reminded her of the old days of competition with Sinai.

Every time it was a punch to the cotton, a wasted effort.

The referee nodded and gestured for the guards to hand up all the prepared alchemical materials.

At the same time, an alchemist from the Biogenetic Institute was also invited to take care of the final results testing.

Ying Ziji looked at the several boxes of alchemical herbs and pondered.

It was quite good to have so many materials for white whoring.

It saved her a large sum of money.

The table was also filled with various potion bottles as well as equipment such as smelting.

To prevent an explosion on the way to refining the Sage’s Stone, another specialist had put on a protective shield.

Ying Ziji’s eyes were cold and calm as he pulled out the alchemical ingredients with great precision and began the first step of grinding them into powder.

Heero moved quickly too.

In no time at all, both of them had vials of various colours of potions in front of them.

I can’t understand what they’re doing, even for a chemistry student, supernatural is supernatural.

[Missy has some skills, do you think she’s more professional than Miss Shilo?

I’m going to vote for Missy!

Do you know anything about alchemy? If you don’t know, don’t talk nonsense. Miss Hilo’s alchemy was taught by the magician himself, how could she lose?

An hour later, Ying Ziyi put down the last potion bottle.

Inside the gla*s cover, a blood-red transparent stone had fully coalesced into shape.

The Sage’s Stone!

After this was done, the girl leaned back in her chair and pressed her hat down to cover half of her face.

Closing her eyes, she began to sleep.

The crowd: “……??”

Su Wen was however worried: “Did you not sleep well last night, you’re tired like this.”

“Definitely not, Eldest Miss is calling this a psychological tactic.” The butler shook his fist, “She’s telling her opponent that you’re a rookie!”

“I’m done so I can sleep, and you’re still going on, what a rookie!”

Sooooo: “……”

She saw that the butler was still off.

Another two hours pa*sed before Heero’s side finished the last step.

She shook the beaker with the Sage’s Stone in it, “Mr. Lemay, it’s ready for testing.”

The alchemist took it, “Yes, Miss Hilo.”

He placed the Sage’s Stone that Heero had refined into the testing apparatus.

Soon, the results popped up and were projected onto the big screen.

Quality: Good

Extendable life: 40 years

Rating: c

A rating of c proves that the Sage’s Stone has been successfully refined.

Of course, the S-ranked Sage’s Stone was only capable of being refined by the Chief Alchemist under his command, apart from the magicians.

Heero was indeed quite talented to be able to refine the Sage’s Stone.

[Miss Hilo is awesome!

[But I see that Missy’s Sage’s Stone is of a better colour than hers.] [But I see that Missy’s Sage’s Stone is of a better colour than hers.]

[Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s of high quality, do you understand?

“Missy, Miss Hilo has finished her test.” The head judge politely reminded the girl, “You can submit it if you’re done too.”

“Hm?” Ying yawned and straightened up, her sleepy eyes hazy and her voice adding a bit of huskiness, “I just fell asleep, test it.”

Heero’s expression instantly shattered and twisted a little.

The big boss had fallen asleep in the middle of a campaign?

Did she have any regard for her?

Heero glanced coldly at the Sage’s Stone the girl had handed over.

The colour was quite real.

I wonder if it’s a fancy one.

The alchemist put the second Sage’s Stone into the testing instrument and looked up at the instrument’s screen.

The next second, his body suddenly jerked spasmodically as if he had been struck by lightning.

His face also turned from calm to stunned, and his whole body cracked open, standing in place without looking back, his gaze dull as if he had seen a ghost.

[Crap, you guys, look at Mr. LeMay’s expression, can’t it be ……]

[This can’t be right? This is alchemy!!!]

[Brothers, I have a bold guess.]]

Heero’s heart also had a few bad feelings and his heart was in his throat, “Mr. LeMay?”


Absolutely impossible!

How could the Sage’s Stone be made in such a short time?

She had studied alchemy for twenty years.

The alchemist glanced at Heero with some difficulty, but there was nothing he could do.

This was a public competition.

The Sage Queen had originally prepared such a process in order to prevent Ying from cheating.

There was no way to save Heero’s face before all eyes were on him.

As a result, this time, she had lifted a stone to smash her own feet.

The alchemist could only show the test results in front of the eyes of the crowd.

The results of the evaluation appeared on the big screen.

The crowd all looked up to see.

Norton just took a glance, twitched his eyebrows and curled his lips, “Tch, it’s her nature, she really did stay her hand.”

“Stayed her hand? How much is that?” Sinai was also a little nervous and immediately looked over.

Quality: perfect

Extendable life: 80 years

Rating: a!

An a-grade Sage’s Stone!

Sinai: “……???”

You call that staying your hand?!