Boss Lady Chapter 773-774

Chapter 773

With the level of technology in World City, there is absolutely no possibility of a W Network account being stolen.

Especially for advanced accounts, if anomalies are detected, facial, pupil and fingerprint identification are required.

Ying Zidian hid the word “founding account” and set it as a level A account.

The set account level is visible to everyone.

That’s why many people guessed that Sy was a senior instructor of the engineering school.

The moment the girl’s flawless face was aimed at the camera, the pop-ups instantly disappeared into thin air.

The netizens who squeezed in first were obviously greatly shocked and froze in their tracks.


There was a full thirty seconds of silence before the first exclamation point finally floated past.


[My heart almost exploded, who can look at Missy’s face up close and remain calm?

The first time I saw it, it was a good thing that it was a good time.

The young master has already said that she is Missy, but you don’t believe him.

[Yes, it’s only right that people take their new inventions, why should you lemons and sour chickens object?

[I, Ying Shen, am Sy. The institute has posted an announcement too! Go and read it!

Apparently, the Institute of Engineering was also aware of the furore on the internet and posted the results of the September review on the official website.

This month, only one person was promoted to S grade researcher, Ying Zidian.

There were two Grade A’s and twelve Grade B’s.

Underneath the review results, there was a special line attached.

[The review is completely impartial and there is no fraud whatsoever, so please ask future whistleblowers to check it out before reporting it].

This time, the sharp-eyed netizens found the blind spot.

„ÄźReporting to the jury can only be done by the Engineering Academy’s own people, right?

[Who reported it?

[Who else could it be, it must be that Bi’er. Missy’s promotion to S-rank researcher is the biggest threat to whom, no need to say, right?

Ying Ziji leaned back in her chair and was about to turn off the live broadcast when footsteps sounded and stopped behind her.

The faint emerald sunken fragrance fell with it.

“Live again?” Fu Yunshen saw the screen, “No one is allowed to see it.”

Because he was standing, the camera only caught him at his chest.

Even his black silk shirt could not hide his perfect figure.

You can see his strong, lean waist and long, slender arms.

His voice was also very nice.

She had never been able to resist him using such a soft and seductive tone to coax her.

Ying Ziji rubbed her ears, “Well, the clarification is done, you can turn it off.”

“Good boy.” Fu Yunshen stroked her head and bent down slightly, still not revealing his face.

At the same time, he glanced at the pop-up screen.

The man’s appearance had obviously caused a shock once again.

[Crap! Ying Shen has a dog!

[Who is it? The revenge for taking his wife is unbreakable!

[Gentlemen, Ying Shen is my husband, so draw your swords.

Fu Yunshen looked lazy and pressed the close button.

You can’t even watch it if you want to.

After the live broadcast was turned off, Fu Yunshen tilted his head, his eyebrows lazy: “Fiancee, I’m jealous.”

“Hmm.” Ying stood up and coaxed him too, “Let me give you a hug.”

The girl’s skin was warm and sticky, and her waist was incredibly soft.

It was as light as candyfloss.

Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes dropped and he smiled lightly.

After so many years, he could still hold her like this.

“Yoyo.” A few minutes later, Su Wen’s voice came from outside, “The rice is ready, come down, it’s a family dinner today, eat more.”

The dining room on the ground floor.

At the dining table, apart from Su Man, there was also Wang Yue and Shao Ying.

The other family members had the good sense not to come down.

The housekeeper as well as a few simulated robots waited by the side.

Shao Ying was concerned, “Cousin, did things settle down?”

“It’s settled.” Ying Ziji nodded and smiled lightly, “Thank you for your help.”

Shao Ying shook her head, “Not much of a favor.”

“Brother.” Fu Yunshen raised his eyes and took out a box, “Knowing that you like machinery, I bought you a small device.”

Shao Ying took a glance at it and recognised it.

It was an auction item from the Loran auction house a few days ago.

The reserve price was as high as 300 million and it was finally sold for the sum of 870 million and was bought by a mysterious buyer.

Neither the Lehngar family nor the Jade family would let their first family members waste funds recklessly, and the amount was fixed every month.

If more funds were needed, they could only earn them on their own.

Shao Ying also had his own savings, but it was only eight figures after all these years.

Even though he had left the Jade family, he had to admire his elder brother for being a true pride of the sky.

Having started with nothing, he was still able to stand at the top.

No one had ever done better than him.

Shao Ying glanced at the girl before accepting it, “Thank you, big brother.”

“Don’t call it big brother.” Fu Yun Shen lifted his eyes and smiled, “Call it brother-in-law.”

Shao Ying: “……”

He didn’t even want to call it big brother.

Ying Ziji sticks her head in thought, “Sir, do you like to molest my brothers a lot.”

She knew that Fu Yunshen had bought a total of two, and the remaining one was to be taken back to Wen Huilan.

“Molesting?” Fu Yunshen paused, lazy, “That’s an inaccurate word, I’ve only ever molested one of you, they’re just teasing, kids.”

“Oh, you teased me too when we first met.” Ying picked up his chopsticks, “You see I have no power or influence-”

Fu Yunshen was defeated and completely conceded: “I admit defeat.”

The more the housekeeper looked at Fu Yunshen, the better he saw him.

If Missy liked it, it must be the best.

The butler had already fallen into the mode of a brain-damaged fan.

He happily brought over two cups of tea: “Aunt, please.”

Fu Yun Shen hooked his lips, “Get on the path.”

Shao Ying: “……”

Their family was all compelled by this man.

A meal was quickly finished.

Shao Ying accompanied Wang Yue out, and only the three members of the family were left at the dinner table.

“Mom, I’ve decided to go out of town again.” Ying Zigui looked up, “Now that there is no evidence to confirm that Dad is gone, then he must be there.”

Su Wen snapped and her body trembled.

Even though she had told her this to herself again and again, she had almost tacitly a*sumed that Lu Yuan was gone.

How else could there have been no trace of him for twenty years?

Su asked with a lump in her throat, “Good, it’s just that you’re too tired.”

“Mum, you’ll stay with your little aunt for a while while I’m away.” Ying Zidian spoke up, “I’ve contacted a good person, if he bullies you, you can tell me too.”

Su Wen was amused, “Alright, mum knows, I won’t bother you youngsters, I’ll go up first.”

She bowed her head, wiped the tears from her eyes and went upstairs.

Ying Ziji looked at Lu Yuan’s photo in silence, her eyelashes trembling slightly.

“Don’t feel bad, you’ll find it.” Fu Yunshen patted her head, “Your little apprentice is back.”

As soon as Ying Ziyi turned around, she saw Fifth Moon creeping in with a bag in her arms.

Even though she was wrapped up tightly, she still couldn’t hide the bit of golden light that emerged.

Ying Ziji: “……”

She saw that Xizhe was going to be cheated out of her gold.

Fifth Moon tucked the gold away and approached her with a straight face, “Master, I miss my grandfather, when can I leave the city?”

Although the technology and wealth of the City of Worlds was far from what the seven continents and four oceans could compare to, it could never compare to one’s home.

“I’ll go out in a few days.” Ying Ziji took out a card, “A permanent pa*s for you to come in when you want.”

Fifth Moon’s eyes lit up, “Yes, yes.”

When she went back, she would scare the hell out of her siblings with the gold.

“And this.” Ying took out a keychain, “This is a set of armour my teacher gave me, take it back to old Mr Chuan.”

Fifth Moon took it too, but her expression was a few shades darker.

She knew that her grandfather’s life span was coming to an end and there were not many days left.

This was due to the after-effects of changing the cause and effect, and there was no way to extend it with any medicine.

Those in their line of work had always had short lives.

“Eldest Miss, we have found out.” Over here, the secretary hurried down from the study on the first floor, “It was Miss Bi’er who did it.”

Although the w-net protected users’ information, the administrator could see everything from the back office.

Some of the tampering Bi’er had done at the Institute, neither Su Wen nor Ying Ziyi had counted it for the sake of the surname Leingale.

There was one and two, not three and four again.

Ying Zidian raised his eyes: “Put it out.”

The secretary nods.

He only served Lu Yuan and Su Wen.

Even if he were to run for the position of head of the family, it wouldn’t fall to the second house’s faction.

What the hell was Bi’er?

The secretary guessed that their eldest lady was afraid that she had direct contact with the sages, otherwise, how else could she still appoint the administrator of the w-net directly?

Hilo that couldn’t be compared either.

The secretary didn’t go soft and sent out all the evidence.

And topped a direct hit with the admin account



Chapter 774

At the same time, the ss-ranked account of the Lehngar family has also spoken up.

Unlike in the past, this time the account had an additional admin logo at the end of its id.

[@Ryengar family: In response to this malicious report, this family will not condone it!

The full list of evidence is listed below.

It includes screenshots of the allegedly fraudulent evidence that Biel released without checking it out, and insulting Ying Zidian and leading the rhythm online.

This time, Bi’er had used thirteen accounts, all of which were visible at the moment.

It would not have been easy to find out all of them in such a short period of time if Ying Zidian had not given the Leingold family the position of administrator.

The secretary was now quite sure that their Missy must have a great relationship with the Sages.

Although Heero was a student of the three Sages, he was still subordinate to them.

But their eldest lady, where she would go around proclaiming it like Heero did.

The secretary shook her head and proceeded to start blocking numbers.

The online opinion instantly turned.

[Everyone please call me a prophet, it’s really Biel!

What colour is Biel? What colour is green? What colour is green tea? It’s also green.

The first time she used her background to belittle people, but now that her status has changed, she’s jealous and can’t stand it, so she’s trying to ruin them.

She’s just a tool to help Ying Shen get rid of his vest, doesn’t she understand her status?

Don’t guess who Ying Shen is, she might even know the Sage.

The research institute.

As soon as Bi’er came out of the laboratory, she found a number of trainees gathered outside.

When the trainees heard the commotion, they all turned their heads back.

There was pity in their eyes, gloating, and more than anything, disgust.

Bi’er took a few steps and finally sensed that something was wrong, her fingers squeezed tight: “What are you all looking at me for?”

Could it be that her report on Ying Zidian had been made public by the Institute?

Even if that was the case, Ying Zidian still couldn’t escape the charge of impersonation

“I say, you should stop calling yourself Miss Bi’er and change your name to Sister Tea.” A trainee spoke sarcastically, “Framing people behind their backs, you have the ability to use your abilities to compete with Senior Sister Ying.”

Sure enough.

Bi’er’s fingers loosened and she spoke indifferently, “She did something wrong, why can’t I report it? The Engineering Academy has always been fair, does face value mean justice?”

What bothered her most was that both boys and girls were after Ying Zidian, wasn’t it because of that face?

Even the Sage Pope ……

“Yes, yes, yes.” Ye Siqing smiled, meaningfully, “Thanks to your report, you let us know that Ying God is the Sy Great God.”

These words were like a thunderbolt falling in Bi’er’s ears, blowing her mind blank.

Bi’er was shocked: “What did you say?!”

Ye Siqing wrapped his arms around him, “Just take a look, won’t you know?”

Bi’er immediately took out her mobile phone and accessed the w-net

The video of Ying Ziji showing her face had already spread all over the internet, with as many as 200,000 retweets.

It accounted for the majority of the total population of the City of Worlds, and was among the top three retweets on the w-net.

Bi’er couldn’t believe it.

Ying Zidian was sy?

Wasn’t sy a female tutor from the engineering school?!

Ye Siqing didn’t even bother to call her and spoke directly, “The chief judge has asked you to make a trip.”

Bi’s body trembled again, cold sweat already soaking through her back.

She stiffened her body and took heavy steps to the meeting room where the judging panel was located.

Upon entering, she found that Mo Feng was also there.

Mo Feng looked at her with an extremely cold gaze, even with a hint of spite.

“Miss Biel, the Institute will not care about your Leingold family’s infighting.” The Chief Judge raised his head, “But when it comes to the trainees of the Engineering Institute as well as their reputation, there is no way we can sit back and do nothing.”

Bea took a deep breath, “Then how come you didn’t care when I was scolded by Ying’s admirers at the beginning?”

Just that double standard?

The chief judge hadn’t heard of this incident, or the a*sistant next to him recounted it.

He laughed outright and slapped the table heavily: “Have you forgotten that you were the one who drove people away with malice in the first place, and you can blame others for your own failure?”

Bea’s body shivered.

“And you!” The chief judge was cold, “How old are you? You’re over forty, and you still don’t have some discernment.”

“What kind of mentor is that, I think how about you go to the back kitchen as a cook to practise dumping?”

Mo Feng opened his mouth, but couldn’t say a word.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have the ability to distinguish, he just didn’t want to admit his failure.

Nor did he want to admit that Ying Zigui was really good.

It was as if this was the only way to comfort himself that his choice was not wrong.

But now, he didn’t even have the chance to choose.

Mo Feng also watches sy’s live streams and has always treated sy as a peer, just because sy’s learning is not weaker than his.

How could he still have the face to take Ying as his disciple?

“It’s fine to compete, but it’s wrong to lose your nature.” The chief judge waved his hand indifferently, “Go out first, the punishment against you will be posted online by the Engineering Academy in a moment.”

Bea left in a daze, her face pale.

The chief judge was not low in the Engineering Academy, and was on the same level as Dean Norman.

I feared that what awaited her was expulsion from the Engineering Academy.

After the two were banished from the conference room, Dean Norman slowly paced out from the inner room and bared his teeth with a smile, “Old chap, it’s rare to see you so angry, yes, very much so, I really think highly of you.”

“f*ck off!” The chief judge was not amused, “You miserable b*****d!”

“Ugh ugh, okay, it’s not like you won’t get it.” Dean Norman pulled out a tiny keychain, “Here, a newly made battle armour that will get you around the solar system.”

The Chief Judge was shocked, “Norman, you’re not out of your mind are you?”

“I shucks.” Dean Norman was furious, “You think too much, if you weren’t taking it out on my apprentice, who would have given it to you for nothing, do you deserve it?”

He would be nice to whoever was nice to his apprentice.

Chief judge: “……”


The Leingold family.

Naturally, Su Man had seen those comments online and was so angry that his heart hurt.

Especially Biel’s malicious slander.

But indeed, that was how it was with the big families.

The hardships Lu Yuan had gone through to ascend to the position of the head of the family at such a young age were only known to him.

Even biological brothers can turn against each other when faced with absolute power and wealth.

But Su Wen could not bear the thought of Ying Zidian being bullied like this.

Even if her daughter was strong enough to be on her own, she was still a child in front of her.

Su Wen said coldly: “Bring her back to me!”

The butler saluted, respectfully, “Yes, First Lady.”

He led a team of guards and tied Biel back directly from the Institute.

There was not the slightest hint of weakness.

Bi’er looked at the Second Madam who was kneeling on the ground, her lips quivered, “Mom ……”

The second madam hated her iron: “You are simply stupid!”

She had clearly told Bi’er to endure, to hold back.

Surprisingly, she was still so eager.

The second madam immediately thought of what the root cause was.

As soon as Heero had returned, Bea had become increasingly anxious and fidgety.

It was obvious that she had been secretly provoked and abetted by Heero, and couldn’t wait to drag Ying Zigui into trouble.

As expected of someone from the House of Magi, she was also so calculating.

The Second Lady almost had a heart attack.

A good hand has been played to pieces.

Su Wen indifferently: “Kneel down.”

The housekeeper stepped forward and pushed Bi’er down with a slap.

“I have not come into contact with you, but thought that you are not badly gifted, a distinguished member of the first line, and a niece of Ah Yuan.” Su asked, “That’s why I didn’t take it personally the last time you made a move against Yao Yao out of jealousy.”

Her eyes were cold, “How dare you do it again, do you think I’m just a poseur?”

Bi’er was so overwhelmed by Su Wen’s aura that her body trembled.

She also finally realised why the Second Madam kept telling her that Su Wen was not something to be messed with.

“Housekeeper.” Su Man reached out and smiled coldly, “Bring the family tree and remove the name!”

“No!” Bea’s expression changed instantly as she jerked her head up, “You have no right to delist me! You only married into the family! Why should you?!”

Next week, the election for the position of head of the family would begin.

According to the Sage House, it will be an all-network broadcast.

An open election, an open vote.

The votes of all the residents of the City of Worlds will account for 30% of the results.

This is still something that has never been done before.

So the residents were excited.

Bea gritted her teeth, “My name has been reported as well, how can you remove me from the House of Sages with the consent of the House of Sages!”

How dare the Leingold family, as strong as they were, mess with the House of Magi?

However, to Bea’s surprise, Su Man remained calm.

She waved her hand and told the two guards to take the Second Lady down.

Only Bi’er was left alone in the hall.

“Miss Bi’er, I’m afraid there are some things you don’t know, so you always think you’re great.” Without even needing Su asked, the secretary smiled faintly, “Do you know the position of administrator of the family account, who gave it to you?”