Boss Lady Chapter 759-760

Chapter 759

The man’s peach blossom eyes are smiling.

But the eyes were cool as blades.

“That’s right!” The fifth young master was even fiercer, “You still want to touch my sister-in-law, silly thing, you’re tired of living!”

After saying that, he whispered, “Big brother, give some strength and marry your sister-in-law back early, so that you will be my sister-in-law forever.”

The message Shao Ying had sent him yesterday had infuriated him, but he was too aggrieved to retort.

Fu Yunshen ignored the fifth young master.

With a “click”, the laser gun was loaded and placed directly against Ling Yu’s forehead.

Ling Yu’s body trembled.

Fu Yunshen laughed: “Ling Yu, right? I warned your sibling sister, not you, but I didn’t expect you to be more daring.”

Ling Yu’s mind buzzed, still unable to react to how he had been discovered.

The disguise props the two youths had given him had indeed failed to even recognise the Leingold family’s facial recognition system, instead identifying him as another powerful man.

He had only just entered a few minutes ago, how had Fu Yunshen caught him with such precision?

Ling Yu’s face showed fear: “You …… how did you know that?!”

“You didn’t know where you were when my big brother was playing disguise.” The fifth young master spat, “Big brother, what should we do, just kill it?”

Fu Yun Shen tossed the pill in his hand, his lips curled up, “How about a taste for yourself?”

Ling Yu cried out in fear, “No, I-!”

His jaw was removed and a pill was just forcefully poured down.

Ling Yu was horrified and tried hard to spit it out, but his throat was choked to death and he could only barely breathe.

Fu Yun Shen faintly: “Don’t try to vomit.”

He held out his other hand, “Bring the instruments and connect him.”

“Oh oh.” The fifth young master hurried forward and attached the prepared instrument to Ling Yu’s body.

The instrument began to work with a single “drop” sound.

This was a special instrument that Norton had researched, specialising in surveying alchemical drugs.

It could also detect what damage the alchemical drugs would do to the human body.

A minute later, Fu Yunshen spoke, “Look at the test results. ”

The fifth young master clutched his computer and looked confused: “Brother, I can’t read it.”

He was a martial artist, how could he understand such things?


Fu Yunshen took it and checked it for himself.

The fifth young master came to the side, “What effect is this medicine?”

“Something is attacking his nerve cells, and his intelligence will drop drastically.” Fu Yun Shen’s peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly, “After the weakening of the nervous system, the immune system follows.”

“It won’t kill him, but he’ll be sick and weak for the rest of his life.”

The fifth young master’s body chilled as he listened.

Fu Yun’s deep smile narrowed and his voice was cold, “D*mn.”

Such medicine only reminded him of the first time he saw Ying Zigui.

The girl’s face was pale and her veins were clearly visible.

There were needle holes all over her right arm.

It was shocking to the eyes.

It was too painful.

Now Ling Yu was even more panicked: “No! Those two people gave me the word that this is just an alchemical drug that can make people obey!”

Fu Yunshen’s eyes sank: “Two what?”

“Just, just people in western clothes, very normal people.” Ling Yu was going crazy, his body kept trembling, “I swear, I don’t even know them!”

It was over, how could he marry a wife and enter higher circles if he remained sick and weak for the rest of his life?

This time, things got worse instead.

“Want to be famous, fine, I’ll help you.” Fu Yunshen patted Ling Yu’s face with his gun and laughed lowly, “I’ll take you to meet your boss later, okay?”

Ling Yu only felt chills all over his body, he opened his mouth and the moment he opened it, he was begging for mercy, “Sir Fu, let me go, I’ve already been drugged by you, I’m all wasted.”

“Please, let me go.”

Fu Yunshen put away his gun, “Take him with you.”

The fifth young master lifted Ling Yu up with a flourish, “Big brother, who’s his boss? It can’t be the Hidden One, can it?”

Fu Yunshen didn’t say anything, and walked straight ahead.


At the same time, a web-wide announcement appeared on the W network.

The Internet penetration rate in World City was 100 percent and the residents all had accounts on

This all-network notice was not only topped on the hot list, but also sent to everyone’s private message box.

[Notice of the removal of the position of Administrator 006.]

Below was all of Ling Yu’s information.

Even the family members were dug up clean.

[Offending a sage, amazing, the first person, must give this dude a shout out.]

[Isn’t this Lime Ruo the marriage partner that old woman from the Jade family wanted to choose for Duke Fu? Now that Ling Yu is not an administrator, the old woman is going crazy.

[Ling Yu, I know him. He went to talk to Missy today and got thrown out.

[Tsk, brother wants to hit on Missy, sister wants to marry the young master, two toads.

But anyone who is in the World City will not fail to pay attention to the W Network.

Especially since this matter of Ling Yu was still an all-network notification.

The two youths were originally waiting in a coffee shop outside the Leingold family, only to wait for this message.

“Success is not enough.” The youth snorted, “But it’s a good thing too, his performance proves that the Hidden One’s men are wasted, then he himself is even less of a threat.”

The special abilities of the twenty-two Magi varied, with some strong and some weak.

The Hidden One’s special abilities were indeed a step behind the other sages.

Another youth agreed: “The Hidden One is indeed the best sage to kill.”

“The lord has not returned yet, we definitely cannot start a second holy war at this time.” The youth spoke, “What we have to do is to get rid of these little ants for your lordship.”

As for the other Magi, it was natural for His Lordship to deal with them personally when he returned.

The other youth nodded, “We’re thinking of other ways to get at the Leingold family.”

“Wait, another piece of information has just been gathered.” The youth wrinkled his eyebrows and looked at the transmitter, “That genetic experiment back then, there were failures that not only survived unharmed, but are still in the World City.”

The other youth was surprised, “What level?”

He probed over and took a look

There were two photos, a man and a woman.

Name: Qin Lingyan

Experiment number: d03

Status: Surviving

Name: Qin Ling Yu.

Experiment no. d04

Status: Surviving

Remarks: d03 and d04 are identical twins.

Although the human genetic experiment was forcibly suspended by Xiu and several other Sages more than twenty years ago, some super genetic embryos did remain.

The experiments were graded into a number of levels, up to S-rank and down to E-rank.

At the end of the experiment, all the experimental bodies below the a-rank were destroyed.

How did a d-ranked experimental body, which was still just a baby back then, escape from the World City?

No matter what, it had to be destroyed.

“Hacker Alliance.” The youth glanced at his watch and nodded, “Make a plan and prepare for the next operation.”

The League of Hackers, much easier to deal with than the Lehngar family.


In a private bar in the central district.

Hugh unscrewed a bottle of red wine and leaned against the bar.

He pulled out a photograph and stared in awe at the girl on it.

In the bottom right corner was a signature.

–Little Destiny.

Although the sage would look different every time he fell and then reincarnated.

But his sister had fallen completely and couldn’t even come back.

Hugh took a sip of wine and looked forlorn.

The door was pushed open at that moment, and there were footsteps.

“Yo, what brings you here?” Hsiu turned his head, “Isn’t today Missy’s party? You wouldn’t be here drinking with me, a loner, would you?”

“There’s something.” Fu Yunshen slowly walked in, “There’s someone who wants to meet you.”

Xiu wondered, “Who?”

“Your administrator, the rest is for you.” With a loose hand, Fu Yun Shen threw Ling Yu in front of Xiu, “Colluding with the forces I spoke to you about, and moreover trying to get at your old friend.”

Xiu’s expression changed instantly, “That black skull symbol?”

He had learned from Ying Zigui that both Fu Liu Ying’s death and Lu Yuan’s unknown whereabouts were inextricably linked to this symbol.

Even the owner behind this symbol was a sage.

A very strong sage, with the power to make even magicians who were also sages subservient.

When Hugh heard about it, his first thought was that it was a sage demon.

But if there was no absolute proof, there was no benefit in making a blind move other than causing a second holy war, resulting in huge casualties, shaking the plates of the seven continents and four oceans, and scattering living beings.

But to make a move against Ying Zigui, this was definitely touching the bottom line.

Xiu had no impression of Ling Yu.

Of the administrators of this generation, he had only met 004 and 007.

Xiu’s expression instantly went cold: “Wake him up.”

Beside each Sage, there were two personal Dead Servants.

If the Sage is there, the Deadman is there.

When a Sage fell, the Dead Servant would die with him.

The two Dead Servants stepped forward and woke Ling Yu up with extremely rough means.

Ling Yu’s body jolted and he looked up warily, catching a glimpse of Xiu’s newly dyed hair.

It was red like fire.


Chapter 760

But the face was familiar to him to the core.

The Sage Hermit, Hugh Kensild!

Ling Yu’s brain buzzed for a moment, as if a million bees were swirling in his ears.

He suddenly recalled that a few days ago Lemon Ruo had given him a complaint about a red-haired killer who parked indiscriminately.

He’d even joked that if the hair colour had been changed to mist blue, he’d have thought it was the Hermit himself.

Ling Yu stared at the ma*s of red hair, his spirit crushed in a flash.

Was it really the Hidden One?!

How could a Sage, who had been sealed as a god by the City of Worlds, be friends with two fleshly mortals, Ying Ziji and Fu Yunshen, and talk and laugh with them?

This was completely beyond Ling Yu’s perception.

The life span of the twenty-two sages was too long.

The hurried decades of ordinary people were just a drop in the ocean to them.

“Lord Hidden One!” Ling Yu’s fear was so great that his teeth chattered and he frantically kowtowed, “Lord Hermit, spare my life, spare my life!”

Xiu looked Ling Yu up and down, “Which one are you?”

He was really having no effect on Ling Yu.

“0, 006, I’m 006!” ling Yu’s speech was out of tune and his body trembled even more, “Lord Hermit, I’m the one responsible for maintaining the w-net and nok forums every Saturday!”

“006 ah.” Xiu nodded slightly, “What do those two people look like and do they have this symbol on them?”

Fu Yunshen picked up the silver wine long spoon to make a drink and looked up lazily, “Don’t ask, he doesn’t know them.”

Xiu wrinkled his eyebrows, “That’s true too.”

Hidden that deep, not something Ling Yu was qualified to touch.

“Lord Hermit, I didn’t do anything.” Ling Yu panicked, “I really don’t know the potency of that medicine, and besides, I was somehow sealed and removed from my position by Lord Divine Reckoner!”

“Oh.” Hearing this, Xiu gave a cold laugh, “Then do you know that the grand lady you tried to do it to, is the Lord Divine Reckoner you are talking about?”

“She only removed you from your post, you, and you’re still moving towards her?”

These words were like a thunderclap exploding in Ling Yu’s ears, blowing his mind blank.

Ling Yu’s pupils contracted violently, and his face was filled with disbelief: “Hidden, Lord Hidden, what are you, what are you talking about?”

Ying Zidian, a divine calculator?

But divine calculators also had extremely long lifespans, how could they be a girl who had not yet reached the age of twenty?

Ling Yu’s thoughts were completely confused, but the timeline and the cause and effect became clear in an instant.

No wonder after he had blocked the account of the Leingal family, the Divine Reckoner in turn blocked his admin account.

The next thing he knew, his admin account was unblocked again because he had saved Ying Zidian’s picture.

If Ying Zidian was the God Reckoner, it would all make sense.

But the age doesn’t match at all!

If he had known that Ying Zidian was a Divine Reckoner, he wouldn’t have dared to think anything about it if he’d had a hundred guts.

This was a person of the level of an old ancestor.

Xiu forced down his anger and kicked him straight up, “Even I have to respect her, what are you?”

Back then, Ying Zigui had helped him a lot.

Predicting disasters in time, giving him and Power and Justice enough time to save the citizens of the world.

It also saved their lives a few times.

After all, a sage is not an immortal god, and he is doing battle with nature, he will also get hurt and sick.

Xiu had always respected Ying Zigui.

Ling Yu broke down completely: “I, I don’t know …… I don’t know!”

He slumped to the ground, cold sweat already wetting his clothes.

From the moment he moved his first harmful thought, there was no going back.

Xiu got up and coldly instructed the two dead guards next to him, “Lock him up.”

The two dead guards responded and dragged Ling Yu down.

They let him howl hysterically and did not give him any chance to struggle.

With absolute concealment in place, no one would find where Ling Yu was.

It was as if he had disappeared from this world.

The bar was empty, only Fu Yunshen and Xiu were left.

Xiu exhaled slowly, his anger still lingering: “What rubbish.”

Fu Yunshen mixed a gla*s of wine and pushed it over, faintly: “You can’t control everyone.”

“Luckily I only have seven administrators, so it’s easy to tidy up.” Xiu sighed as he took a look at the man’s handsome features and joked, “Brother Fu, I was wondering if you would also be a sage.”

Fu Yun Shen lifted his eyes, “Hm?”

“When you smile, I get so stressed.” Xiu took a sip of his C*cktail to suppress it, “Only the chariot makes me feel the same way.”

But Fu Yunshen had been in the Sage’s House a few times and hadn’t regained any of his memories or powers.

Xiu then ruled that out.

Fu Yunshen didn’t respond.

He looked down, and with a sweep of his gaze, he saw the photo on the bar.

His hand paused and Fu Yun Shen’s eyelashes lowered, “Little Destiny?”

“It’s the Wheel of Fortune, she’s young.” Xiu smiled, “That’s why the other sages who are close to her call her that, her seal is a four-letter word, her full name is more troublesome.”

At the mention of this, Hugh was instantly interested, “I’ll show you a collection of my sister’s paintings.”

He left like the wind and returned quickly, clutching a thick book of paintings in his hands.

Inside were all the portraits of the Wheel of Fortune.

Hugh was a little despondent: “When she left, the camera hadn’t even been invented yet.”

The only way to leave it behind was with paintings.

Later, he specially organized them into photos for preservation.

Fu Yunshen smiled lightly, “Little Destiny.”

His hand rubbed the photo, his expression faint.

“Let’s go.” Half a minute later, he stood up, “There’s still the banquet.”

“Go go go.” Hugh waved his hand, “I won’t be there to be a lightning rod.”

He watched the man leave, draining his gla*s of C*cktail and glancing at the gla*s.

It was quite tasty.

Next time he asked for advice on how it was made.

Hugh put the gla*s down and put away the picture book.

On the other side of the bar was a blank.

Hugh: “……”

Where’s the picture of his baby sister?!


The Reingold family’s banquet continued.

The fifth young master waited left and right, and finally waited for Fu Yunshen to return.

He immediately pulled the man over, winded, and pointed to a long line not far away, “Big brother, it’s not good, those people are all those who want to marry their sister-in-law, how many football teams are you up against here.”

Fu Yunshen swept a faint glance, no sense of crisis, unhurried: “I know a guy, he’s quite similar to you except he can’t fight.”

“Can’t fight?” The fifth young master wondered, “Then how is that similar?”

“Both are second-rate idiots.”


The fifth young master was aggrieved.

When Ying Zidian came back like this, indeed quite a few big families had come to ask for marriage.

Whether it was her looks or her abilities, Ying Zidian wasn’t bad.

Not to mention, she could also be the next head of the big family of the Leingold family.

Su Wen was surrounded by dozens of powerful people, but was not in the least bit confused.

She had the servants serve tea and instructed these people to sit down.

Someone didn’t hold back and spoke up, “First Lady, just give the word, even if it’s to join the family, that’s still possible.”

“Yes, yes, or set a campaign, we can also compete.”

Choruses of agreement were heard.

“As for me, I’ve only had my daughter back for a short while, and I won’t be thinking about marriage or anything else anytime soon.” Su Wen smiled, “Now that technology is advanced and there are more medical treatments, the average age of death is over a hundred years old, there is no rush for this time.”

The noble gentry looked at each other with blank faces.

The fifth young master lowered his voice: “Big brother, it’s still your mother-in-law who is great, how many love rivals has this trick taken out for you.”

Fu Yunshen glanced at him and went straight upstairs.

In the bedroom.

Ying Ziji was lying on her bed, watching a drama.

When she heard a voice, she turned sideways, “Back?”

“Mm.” Fu Yunshen sat down next to her, a very low voice, “Little Destiny ……”

Ying did not hear her, “What did you say?”

“I mean -” Fu Yunshen smiled, his eyes gentle, “Even if you reincarnate again, I will still be able to recognize you.”

Ying raised her eyebrows: “I don’t have a birthmark either, how can I recognise you?”

Fu Yunshen was lazy: “I can recognise you in any way.”

Ying Zidian’s eyes narrowed slightly: “You’re not right.”

Fu Yunshen didn’t say anything else and lifted his long arm: “Take a nap. ”

“It’s only eight o’clock.”

“I’m sleepy.”

Ying Zidian closed the computer and lay down: “Then I’ll give you a cuddle.”

“That’s good.” Fu Yunshen stroked her head and turned off the light.

The two of them shared their clothes and slept.


A few days later.

The research institute.

The new round of experiments was over and it was time to hand in the lab report.

Mo Feng, who had been suspended for two weeks, came.

“Teacher, you’re here.” Bi’er was delighted and went forward, “Take a look at the results of my experiments this time.”

Without Mo Feng’s guidance, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to successfully promote to S-rank researcher this time.

Mo Feng only gave a slight nod towards Bi’er, and instead crossed over to her and walked towards Ying Zigui on the other side.

Bi’er’s body tensed up.

“Cla*smate Ying.” Mo Feng spoke, “I sincerely apologise to you for what happened before.”

After a pause, he asked, “You haven’t had a tutor since you were admitted, have you?”