Boss Lady Chapter 751-752

Chapter 751

It was very flamboyant, like a fire.

“Just in time, all here.” Xiu took off his sungla*ses and looked at Ying and Fu Yunshen, “It’s been a while too, I just found a new bar yesterday, let’s go for a drink?”

After saying that, he stroked a handful of his hair, smugly, “How about it, my new hair colour is good, right?”

Ying Zidian looked up and raised his eyebrows, “It quite matches your temperament.”

“That’s right, I’ll show it off to Norton when I get back some day.” Xiu opened the car door, “Get in.”

Fifth Moon was torn for a moment, “Can I get in too?”

“Go on, little apprentice.” Fu Yunshen pulled Ying Zidian, hooked his lips and gave a lazy laugh, “Don’t disturb the couple like another child.”

Fifth Moon decisively chose the pa*senger side, patting her chest and promising, “I definitely won’t be a light bulb.”

After she sat on it, she looked at the luxurious sports car with a twinkle in her eye.

“Who’s this little girl?” Hsiu pointed at Fifth Moon and was happy, “Pawing two gold pieces, going to smash people after robbing a bank?”

When Fifth Moon heard this, she immediately clutched the gold, “Nonsense, this is the payment I got for telling fortunes.”

When he heard this, he amended his expression, “Fortune-telling?”

“My surname is Fifth Moon, and I am eighteen this year.” Fifth Moon was proud, “The most powerful godly man in the imperial capital, they all call me Fifth Master.”

Xiu: “……”

What kind of middle-aged girl is this.

“My disciple.” Ying Ziyue said, “Very talented in trigonometry, when you can’t find me, look for her.”

“Awesome.” Xiu really got serious now, “Don’t say it, I’ve really had some need for divination recently.”

For some reason, he always had an uneasy premonition lately.

It was as if something big was about to come.

It was impossible to describe this uneasiness.

The last time Xiu had this feeling was back in 2012.

Generally speaking, before a major disaster, the Magi would have a sense of it.

But he had asked Norton about it, and Norton had no response.

He wondered if he was being too sensitive.

“Yes, no problem.” Fifth Moon was quick to say, “But pay.”

This was her master’s friend, so she wouldn’t cheat.

“Fine.” Xiu also agreed, “After the calculation, I’ll give you this car, how about that?”

Fifth Moon counted on her fingers and turned her head silently, “Master, are all the stupid big spenders in this city so much?”

Ying Ziji: “……”

What a bunch of people she’s met.

Lime Ruo saw the four people talking and laughing, but ignoring her.

The anger and resentment in her heart grew even greater, and she looked at Xiu with a cold swipe of her eyes, “Don’t you even say sorry for almost bumping into someone?”

A red head of hair, where was the killer non-mainstream dirtbag from.

“Ooooh, sorry sorry sorry.” Xiu wrote an electronic cheque and was still polite, “It’s for you, your shoes sell for a thousand and a half, ten times the price should be enough.”

Lime Ruo’s face turned green, “You’re humiliating me with money?”

“No, no, no, you misunderstood me.” Hugh was surprised, but remained patient, “It’s really just compensation.”

With that said, he pressed the autopilot button and the sports car immediately took off.

It whipped Lemonade’s face in a tailspin and left in the dust.

In the car.

Ying Ziji raised her hand to test the man’s forehead: “Nightmare again?”

“Yes.” Fu Yun Shen was faint, “I’ve been a bit tired lately, and after a small break earlier, I got nightmares.”

His eyes were sideways and his light amber pupils had a gentle hue to them, “Luckily you called and got me up.”

“Just now Cesar gave me the word that he was dreaming too.” Ying Ziji opened the bag, “Mum wakes up dreaming a lot too, I just prepared a new tranquilliser yesterday, take some.”

Fu Yunshen looked at the small jade bottle in his hand, closed his eyes and smiled.

He had bet several lifetimes of luck to meet such a person.


This side.

Inside the Loran auction house.

Cesar counted the money he had lost today and his heart ached.

How could he have fallen for a godly man if not for the fact that this godly man had black hair and black eyes like his boss, which easily endeared him to him.

“Sir, the woman you told us to arrest got into a sports car and ran away.” The deacon returned, wiping his sweat, “Eyeballing that car was a new product that the W Network launched only yesterday, selling for twelve billion.”

Cesar rubbed his chin, “That godly man wouldn’t have stolen someone’s car, would he?”

The deacon was confused, “No…… not so much?”

“Why not?” Cesar grunted, “Look at her wealthy face, she was bought with two pieces of gold, and she still has money to buy a car?”

The deacon hastily bowed his head, “Then sir, we search the whole city for her?”

“It’s okay, no need to get so worked up, I’ve got her in mind anyway.” Cesar smiled, “One meter five and a half, this sub, I’ll punch one.”

“Next time I see her, lock her up for me.”

Deacon: “……”

Gold, that’s the bottom line for Mr. Laurent.

No one could touch it.

He saw that their mister was never going to get a girlfriend in his life.


On the other hand, Lime Ruo returned home with a face of dust.

Ling Yu came down the stairs and was wondering, “Didn’t you and Old Lady Yu go to the hotel entrance to find Mr. Fu? No dinner date?”

“Don’t mention it.” Lime Ruo washed her face and recounted what had happened earlier, “Met a redheaded killjoy in a sports car, a dirtbag, and I don’t know what’s so arrogant about it.”

Ling Yu let out a sigh of relief and snickered, “If it wasn’t for the fact that Lord Hermit’s hair is mist blue, I would have thought you had met Lord Hermit.”

“Brother, where are you going with this?” Lemonade listened and laughed, “Where would a Sage hang out with them?”

Even the Knight Commander and the administrator of the w-net, and the Sage were still in a relationship between subordinate and superior.

It was true that the Jade family and the Leingold family were the top families in the World City.

But all power and status were also given by the House of Sages.

It was the House of Magi that was the sole master of the City of Worlds.

“So, he already has someone, or is it the first lady of the Leingale family?” Ling Yu mused, “It seems there is no use going step by step, obviously they were already together before they entered the World City, give up.”

“Brother, you help me block the Leingale family’s account for fifteen days.” Lime Ru pursed her lips, “I can’t swallow this.”

The ss-ranked account could be blocked even in front of the administrator, just like that.

“It’s fine.” Ling Yu thought about it, “But these days are not my duty, wait for the weekend, brother will definitely give you out this mouthful of anger.”

Although it was said that w-net was founded by the Sage Hermit, but the online matters, Xiu really didn’t have that spare time to manage.

It was all the administrators who were responsible for running the site.

It was just a matter of temporarily banning the account, and when the time came, it would be fine to say that the operation was wrong.

“Brother, didn’t you say that Lord Hermit had three other good friends?” Lime Ruo was curious. “Who are they all?”

“Of course they’re all Sages.” Ling Yu narrowed his eyes, “But I’ve never met one either, where do we live as long as a Sage?”

“The administrators have changed over the centuries, so only the original generation of administrators should know.”

Lemonade nodded and smiled, “Apart from the four of them, it’s just the admin account that’s the highest ranking.”

The ss-ranked account of the Leingold family was nothing.


Two days later, the Institute.

Tomorrow is the first of September, the day of the audience with the Magi.

Dean Norman called her in again in advance to prevent Ying Zidian from blowing up the Sage Institute.

Ying Zidian listened patiently and looked up: “Teacher, have you ever heard of Heero?”

“Hilo?” Dean Norman froze, unsure, “Is that your aunt’s twin sister?”

“It’s her.”

“Oh oh, I’ve heard little Sinai mention that.” Dean Norman said, “They were both identical twins, one went to the Institute as a child and the other went to the House of Magi.”

“It was because of Heero that little Sinai almost blew up the Sage’s House when she went to her audience with the Sage.”

Dean Norman continued, “Heero was competitive and wanted to be the best at everything.”

“But as you know, all human bodies have limits, and no amount of force can really surpa*s high-tech heat weapons.”

Ying Ziyi pondered, “So, she lost a fight with my aunt?”

“That’s right.” Dean Norman nodded, “Little Sinai used a laser cannon, and Heero is only 16, so how could she fight?”

“I see.” Ying yawned, “I’ll definitely try not to blow up the Sage House.”

Dean Norman: “……”

He was even more uneasy.

Ying Ziji exited the Dean’s office and returned to the laboratory.

But she saw at the entrance, dozens of trainees from the Biogenetic Academy standing.

She raised her eyes, “Senior Sister Ye.”

“Senior sister Ying.” Ye Siqing sighed with relief when she saw her, “You’ve come back.”

Ying Ziji swept up, “They?”

“Senior Sister Ying may not be aware that before the annual audience with the Magi, the Genetic Academy and the Engineering Academy both have a competition.” A senior cadet spoke up, “Whoever wins will be able to bring more resources to the faculty.”

The Sage Academy had originally been secretly suppressing the Engineering Academy.

The previous few competitions had been won by the Genetic Academy.

If they lost again this time, the resources of the engineering faculty trainees would be cut and their technology would even come to a halt.

This kind of thing, the tutors also had the will to do nothing.

Standing at the forefront of the Biogenetic Academy was Lan En, the first inductee of this term.

It was also the subject of the Sage Magician’s focus.

“It’s fine.” Ying Ziji moved his wrist and looked up, “Come on, what’s the competition?


Chapter 752

Several senior trainees of the Biogenetic Academy subconsciously took a step back when they saw the girl’s stance.

Lan En smiled faintly, “Of course it’s a competition of fighting, force is the symbol of everything.”

Hearing this, Ying Ziyi turned her head, “Was this how they used to compete?”

Ye Siqing hesitated, “Yes, they fought physically, we relied on high technology.”

Ying Zidian nodded slightly, “I understand.”

If the Engineering Academy could not beat the Genetic Academy using high technology, in the eyes of the Sage Academy, it would prove that there was no need for the Engineering Academy to carry on any further.

“Six people from each side.” The tutor in charge of the competition said, “On the Engineering Academy’s side, only b-rank and weapons below b-rank will be allowed to be used.”

“On the Genetic Academy’s side, only genetic modifiers of b-rank as well as those below b-rank will be allowed to be used.”

Laser-type weapons were cla*s A weapons, and cla*s B weapons were gunfire.

Although they were also extremely lethal, they were ultimately solid and could be dodged as long as they were fast enough.

And if it was a b-rank genetic modifier, the strength was comparable to that of an ancient martial arts master.

At this level of combat power, dealing with bullets could not be said to be easy, but it was definitely not difficult either.

This was not supposed to be a fair fight.

“But the Engineering Academy can choose an invention from the Genetic Academy.” The mentor added, “Likewise, the Gene Academy can also the Engineering Academy’s invention, and when both sides are ready, they will officially go into battle, no casualties will be allowed.”

On either side, were tools that had already been prepared.

“Let’s go with this one.” Rann pointed to the five machine systems, “It’s equivalent to five more people.”

The other Genetic Academy trainees agreed.

“Let’s choose-” Biel had just opened her mouth when she was interrupted by the people around her.

“Senior sister Ying, what do you think would be a good choice?”

“Yes, Senior Sister Ying, you are rich in learning, you choose.”

Bi’er took a deep breath, tears welling up in her eyes.

A bunch of villainous people who tend to be influential!

When the time came for the main family to change its head, there was no telling how this group of people would step on Ying Zidian again.

She endured.

Ying Zidian squatted down and picked up the white bottle on the last shelf: “Dissolving liquid, I think.”

Hearing this word, the people of the Biogenetic Institute all changed their faces slightly.

Dissolving liquid, if it dripped onto a person’s body, it was no different from corpse-melting water.

Bi’er snorted at the word, “Dissolving liquid? You really know how to choose? Are you able to drip onto someone else?”

Without being able to touch it, the dissolving liquid was a waste product.

“Need you talk?” Ye Siqing glanced coldly at Bi’er, “You want to take the field?”

Bi’er’s face sank, “I’m not going on the field.”

Don’t even think about asking her to help Ying Zidian.

Besides, the Genetic Academy had chosen a robot, which was equivalent to having to face eleven opponents.

She wasn’t going to make things difficult for herself.

“Shame on you.” Ye Siqing stopped paying attention to Bi’er, “Senior Sister Ying, I’ll go on the field with you.”

“Senior Sister Ying, I’ll go too.”

“And me!”

The cadets all scrambled to be the first.

“Lan En, they’re sending so many people to their deaths.” A male cadet scorned, “Although they can’t cause serious casualties, they can still have minor injuries, and when the time comes, move a little to make them incurable for the rest of their lives.”

Lan En’s expression, however, was somewhat grave: “It’s better to be careful.”

Before, Ying Ziyi was just a commoner, now she had become the eldest lady of the Lehngar family.

They were not sure how many cards were at stake.

Ying Zidian took out five transmitters and handed them to Ye Siqing and the other five trainees, “Aim at the machine and press the green button.”

“Good.” Ye Siqing took it.

“You guys just deal with the five machines.” Ying Ziji looked up, quickly judging the situation, and faintly, “That Lan En, leave it to me.”

“Then there are five others?”

“Someone will deal with them.”

Ye Siqing: “???”

Who else?

Ying Ziji tied a high ponytail, revealing her white neck, “Let’s do it quickly.”

“Lan En, just give you a hard time.” The male cadet laughed, “We’ll come over to help you after this two-on-one fight.”

Rann refused, “No need.”

He was a genetic modifier, what was it if he couldn’t even beat a girl?

“Both sides are ready?” The mentor glanced at the time, “Now begin!”


The five machine systems were the first to move out, attacking towards Ye Siqing and the others at a swift speed.

The five trainees didn’t move either, just waiting for the machine systems to take the advantage first.

“Ying students, hello again.” Lan En greeted kindly, “You’re a girl, I’ll show mercy.”

Ying raised his eyes, his voice sparse, “Nonsense.”

The next second, the girl moved.

She didn’t use any tricks, she went straight to attack Lan En’s lifeline.

Lan En was startled and quickly dodged.

Bi’er just wanted to laugh as she watched.

Ying Ziyi wouldn’t really choose to fight a genetic modifier physically, would she?

Ye Siqing kept Ying Ziji’s words in mind and decisively pressed the green button.

At that instant, the transmitter sent out a signal and began to hack into the five machine systems.

The trainees of the Genetic Institute saw this scene and were confused: “What are they doing? Why aren’t they moving?”

Thinking they were like them, with the help of the machines?

One second, two seconds, and suddenly –




The five machine systems surrounding Ye Siqing and the others all instantly collapsed.

After a few “buzzes”, the lights on the five machines flickered madly and then attacked the students of the Gene Academy.

When their “companions” suddenly turned against them, the students of the Gene Academy were caught off guard and were hit squarely.

They were all pinned to the ground and hammered.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

One after another.

Ye Siqing and a few other trainees were also a little confused.

They stared blankly at the tiny transmitter in their hands, unable to come back to their senses for a while.

This, it was over?

It was also at this time that Ying Ziji’s hand crossed in front of Lan En’s neck.

Just one inch further, and his throat would be crushed.

Cold sweat ran down Lan En’s forehead and he didn’t dare to move.

Next to him was the dissolving fluid, and if he moved, he would be dissolved.

“This is the genetic modification of the Biogenetic Institute.” Ying withdrew his hand and slowly straightened up, “Didn’t see how strong it was.”


There was silence all around.

All the trainees of the Biogenetic Academy had changed their faces, embarra*sed.

They had originally come over to give the Engineering Academy a piece of their mind, but instead they were pressed and hammered in an explosive manner.

“You cheated!” A cadet who was still being attacked by the machine system hissed, “You tampered with the machine!”

Why else would the machine be attacking them?

“That’s not cheating.” Ye Siqing shook the transmitter in his hand, “It’s just a few small programs, you guys don’t really don’t understand science and technology, do you?”

“Not even setting a pa*sword, not waiting to be invaded?”

The trainees couldn’t speak, their noses were bruised and they were yelling in anger.

The mentor immediately announced, “The Engineering School wins! Will get double the resources.”

“Senior sister Ying!” Ye Siqing cheered, “Senior sister Ying, you’re just too good.”

“They’ve been lightly defeated.” Ying Ziji explained, “If they had followed the machine system at the beginning, they wouldn’t have won so easily.”

Observing people’s hearts on the battlefield was sometimes more important than strength.

“Aiyaaah, you’re the best anyway.” Ye Siqing was happy for her, “When you have your audience with the Sage tomorrow, the Sage will definitely give you a reward.”

Bi’er also didn’t expect the battle to end so smoothly.

She looked at the cadets surrounding the girl, pursed her lips and left in a bit of a mess.

The competition between the two academies was naturally watched by Dean Norman.

Immediately after the competition, he went to the secret laboratory to look for Ying Zigui.

But he was worried: “Disciple, will you be watched by someone with an ulterior motive?”

“Don’t worry, teacher.” Ying Ziji unscrewed a bottle of juice and raised an eyebrow, “I collected my strength and didn’t use my internal energy.”

The reason she chose the dissolving liquid was to block the retreat of the Biogenetic Academy trainees, forcing them to only respond to the fight.

Dean Norman rubbed his hands together, “Disciple, when will I be able to reach your level?”

I heard that an ancient martial artist at the peak of internal energy, that could fly several hundred metres.

Ying Zigui calculated, “Another two or three hundred years of practice?”

Dean Norman: “……”

He might as well go into the ground.


On the other side.

In the office, the dean of the genetic institute looked deep in his eyes: “Have you looked carefully?”

“Dean, this Ying is from China and uses all of China’s kung fu techniques.” The a*sistant smiled, “There are quite a few records about the Chinese country in the World City, they have been a great kung fu country since ancient times.”

“But definitely not to that magical point of Ancient Martial Arts, all that can be said is that she is very good at practical combat.”

If Ying Ziji knew ancient martial arts, she could have blown the machine to pieces with one punch.

Would there be any need to use high technology to attack the machine’s systems?

The dean of the Genetic Institute breathed a slight sigh of relief, “So it seems to me.”

Lan En’s fighting strength was much stronger than Ying Zigui’s.

But because he didn’t dare to touch the dissolving liquid and had many restrictions, that was why Ying Zigui

The Dean of the Genetic Institute laughed.

He was really worried too much.

He had heard on the internet that the Leingold family had brought Ying Zigui back from an obscure family in China, a family that would not have anything to do with ancient martial arts.

The Dean of the Genetic Institute turned off the projection.

In that case, there was no need to report it to the Sage House.


Early the next morning.

The Sage House sent the Knights to pick up the people.

Lan En and another cadet from the Biogenetic Academy turned away in awe-like fashion when they saw Ying Ziyi.

All the way to the Sage Academy, Biel’s heart was still so apprehensive that she didn’t dare to look around.

Until someone called out to her.

Bi’er looked up, “Six …… aunts.”

“I heard that the Genetic Academy and the Engineering Academy had a competition, and Ying Ziyi won with a few trainees.” Heero looked at Bi’er condescendingly, “You also want an audience with the Magi, why didn’t you participate?”

Bi’er tightened her fingers, “It wasn’t my turn at all.”

She was waiting to see Ying Ziji make a fool of herself, but the battle was over in three or two blows.

The Biogenetic Institute was completely defeated.

“So.” Heero wrapped his arms around him and smiled faintly, “Both are also direct descendants of the Leingold family, how come you’re so rubbish?”

Bea burst into a frenzy and jerked her head up, trembling with anger, “You-”

“Emotions are so easily stirred, no wonder you can’t make it.” Heero shrugged, “Even if I hadn’t come back, the position of head of the family would never have fallen into your hands.”

Bea sneered, “What does it matter to you, do you think you’ll be able to get the position of Grand Master?”

“Me?” Heero smiled again, “You wouldn’t be unaware that at the end of the day, the Sage Lords will still need to judge, would you?”

Bea’s expression changed again.

“Alright, no more talking to you.” Heero lifted his chin, “The others are gone, why don’t you follow them?”

Hearing this, Bi’er had no time to spend with Heero, so she immediately took the lift up.

Ying Ziyi had already reached the upper floor first, and she slightly bowed her head.

[Fu Yunshen]: I’m here.

[I know.].

The two of them never needed to say anything more than a few words to know all the other’s thoughts.

The place to meet the Magi was not on the top floor, but on the fourth floor.

Here was a vast hall.

The House of the Magi is a very old building, dating back to B.C.

No inhabitant knows why the Sage’s House is a floating building and does not yet use any powered mechanical devices.

Hugh says that it is also the special ability of a sage.

Just like the City of Worlds was originally on Earth, but had been difficult to discover, not only because of the difference in spatial dimensions, but also because Xiu had hidden the City of Worlds with this ability of absolute concealment.

Bi’er hurried inside and saw that no one was yet on the throne.

“Greetings, Lord Queen.”

In came four people, three of whom were on their knees.

The girl was the only one still standing, as if admiring the frescoes on the hall.

“Ying Zigui, don’t you kneel down!” Bi’er’s face went white, “This is the House of Magi!”

Do you really think this is still the Leingold family?

If the House of Magi were to blame, the Leingold family would go down with them.

Rann also changed his face, “Ying!”

Behind her back, the knight’s eyes were stern: “Why don’t you kneel and bow down when you see the Queen?

He lifted his leg and kicked it directly towards the girl’s leg.