Boss Lady Chapter 737-738

Chapter 737

Twenty years ago, Su Man was famous in the City of the World.

Twenty years later, she was no less famous.

Several trainees instantly recognised her.

“Lady Su Man!”

“Isn’t this Madam Su Man? Why is Lady Su Wen here at the Institute so early?”

These few shouts also startled the other still-sleeping

Ying Ziji was equally startled.

What’s the hurry?

It was only half past five in the morning.

She had come at this time, and Su Man had stepped on the spot.

This proves that Su Wen has been waiting at the institute.

Ying Zidian said, “Auntie, what happened yesterday…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the next moment, she was hugged by Su Wen in her arms.

A sound that contained years of motherly love and the celebration of having lost and found: “Tan Tan, my child ……”

The six words were like shocking waves, hitting Ying Zigui’s eardrums one after another.

With a deep sense of trembling, her heart was pounding like never before.

Even as calm and composed as Ying Zidian was, she froze.

What did Su Wen call her?

Tan Tan?

Wasn’t that ……

In an instant, all the thoughts strung together in a thread, and at last

“With a snap, the phone fell from Ying Zidian’s hand.

Her body also tensed up, her fingers trembling slightly.

This was the first time such a reaction had ever occurred in a girl.

Although the few trainees around didn’t hear what Su Wen said, they were all stunned by this action of Su Wen’s.

What was senior sister Ying’s relationship with Madam Su Wen?

Su Wen hugged her and let go after ten seconds or so.

This magnificent woman’s face was covered in tears, yet she was still beautiful.

Su Wen grasped the girl’s hand, her voice was soft and cautiously tentative: “Tan Tan, would you like to go to your dormitory first?”

Ying Ziji had not yet returned to her senses and subconsciously answered, “Yes.”

She turned her head sideways and touched her shoulder, which was already wet.

It was drop after drop of hot tears from the woman.

Ying Ziji’s fingertips burned, and she was already being pulled by Su Wen into the villa.

The villa was a six-person dormitory, but she was currently the only one living in it.

Dean Norman had even given her a special makeover.

When the two went up, Ye Siqing and a few cadets failed to react and were still confused at the spot.

A few minutes later, the other cadets came panting down from the other dormitory buildings.

But there was not even a limousine in sight.

“Where’s Madam Su Wen? Why haven’t we seen it?”

“Ugh! I’ve decided, I’ll get up at five from now on, maybe I can get Madam Su Man to see my diligence and hire me into the Lehngar family specially!”

“Forget it, it’s not as easy to see Lady Su Wen as it is to see Miss Biel, it’s better to get on good terms with Miss Biel to be able to hook up with the Lehngel family in the future.”

A top family like the Leingel family

Compared to that, it was rather harder to enter the Jade Family, which depended on pure force value after all.

The corners of Ye Siqing’s mouth twitched.

And enter the Leingel family?

These people, what kind of whimsical dreams were they having.


The villa.

“Yao Yao, it’s a bit sudden.” Su Wen then barely calmed down his excitement and handed over the paternity certificate, his gaze gentle, “I didn’t expect that I would still be able to meet with you.”

Ying Zidian’s hand paused before she took it over.

She looked at the paternity report, and her gaze moved straight down to the column on the results.

A capitalized biological mother and daughter.

Ying Zidian’s hand trembled again.

Su Wen, was her real mother.

Not the Ying family, not Zhong Manhua.

Ying Zidian had never liked to remember the past, but some of the words were so heartbreaking that she couldn’t get them out of her mind.

Those ten years when she hadn’t regained her memory or her strength were hers too.

All the pain, all the insults, she was the one who had to bear them.

— Can’t even play the piano, what kind of a celebrity is she?

–It’s your honour to give your aunt a blood transfusion, otherwise, what would the Ying family be doing raising you?

–Be good, or your mother and I will send you back to the countryside.

One sentence after another, deep in the heart, like a shadow.

It still hurts every time she thinks back on it.

She had always wondered why her parents were people who valued only profit and face.

It turned out not to be.

Ying Zidian looked up in a daze and met the same pair of eyes as hers.

These eyes were not as utilitarian as Ying Zhending’s, or as mean as Zhong Manhua’s, but only as gentle as water.

Su Wen raised her hand and caressed her cheek: “My Yoyo has grown up, but I wasn’t able to be by your side.”

Who could have known how much of a shock she had received after reading the information about the Ying family.

If there hadn’t been that shocking change in the Leingold family, Ying Ziyi wouldn’t have been stranded in O Chau, let alone in the Ying family.

Her daughter would have grown up smoothly and healthily.

How could she have suffered so much.

“I’m sorry ……” Su Wen hugged the girl tightly, tears falling again, “Mum is sorry for leaving you behind so young, and for being bullied by so many people, and for suffering so much. ”

Ying’s body shook again as she whispered, “…… Mum?”

This title had always been unfamiliar to her and had never been uttered before.

But now, she could feel this warmth.

Su Wen’s eyes widened in some disbelief,: “Yao Yao, can you …… call me mama again?”

“Mama.” Ying Ziji’s eyelashes dropped and she raised her arms to hug the woman, repeating again, “Mama, I’m back.”

No wonder, her hands had been trembling when she was saving Su Man.

The operation wasn’t difficult, but it was the hardest one she had ever done, afraid she might drop a wrong stitch.

It was a connection from the bloodline.

Su Man couldn’t hold back any longer and choked out a sob, “Yes, yes, you came back, and you saved mum, you’re really good.”

This was her daughter.

Not a cold grave, standing nicely in front of her eyes.

Eyes like hers, eyebrows like Lu Yuan.

She should have spotted it long ago.

Su Wen held the girl’s wrist, her eyes full of heartache: “Does it still hurt?”

Ying Ziji was stunned, “You know.”

After a pause, she smiled faintly, “It stopped hurting a long time ago.”

“How can it not hurt.” Su Wen’s eyes were red again, “How could it not hurt when you had so much blood drawn.”

She wasn’t sure how Ying Zidian had gotten to the Ying family.

But it was clear that because of the genetic lock, the Ying family had always treated Ying Zidian as their own daughter.

But it was surprising that they could do such a thing.

It was hard to imagine how much her daughter had suffered in a year’s time.

Su Wen stroked the girl’s head, “You’ve come back, mum won’t let you suffer again.”

Ying Ziji smiled silently, “I believe that.”

The time was peaceful and the atmosphere was quiet.

Su Wen was still holding her, and this time it was tears of joy that fell: “My yao yao ……”

“Mom, when the Ying family took me back, they did a paternity test.” Ying Ziji looked up and wrinkled her brow slightly, “It must have matched for them to take me back.”

Her and Su Man’s test was successful, what about the Ying family’s side?

“It’s the genetic lock.” Su Wen’s voice was slow as she told what Qing Lang had said on the letter, “Your father brought you the genetic lock.”

Ying Ziji fell silent, and after a long while, she whispered, “So that’s what happened.”

After she died in the original spirit cultivation world, she was reborn on this side of the Earth.

She had only regained her memory and some of her power in the winter of 2020, and it turned out that it wasn’t because her consciousness was asleep, but because the genetic lock was there.

Ying Ziji looked at her arm.

The pinholes on it were long gone.

The years were long and time wasted.

She had lived so long that she had never had any blood relatives.

In any case, in this life, Su Wen was her mother.

Speaking of the Ying family, Su Man thought of the crucial question, “Yao Yao, change your surname?”

Ying shook her head slightly, “My Ying is not the Ying family’s Ying, and the name was given by my father and friends.”

“Tanshin-Laingel is also my name, whatever you call me mum.”

Su Wen knew that the dad she was referring to was her adoptive father, Wen Fengmian.

“Then don’t change it.” Su Man didn’t ask much and smiled, “It doesn’t matter what the surname is anyway, it’s good that you’re there.”

Not asking for anything else, it’s good that you’re there.

Ying Ziji lowered her head, her eyelashes trembling slightly.

She had never spoken to Fu Yunshen.

He was also her light.

Willing to pull her through when she was deep in that swamp of the Ying family.

“Yaoyao, don’t cry, don’t cry.” Su Wen panicked, “If you have any grievances, can you tell mama everything?”

Ying Ziji tilted her head slightly and she laughed lightly, “I’m not aggrieved, I’m just happy.”

Because the “heart” she had lost had taken away her emotions, her memories and her most fundamental strength, she had never shown her emotions.

Only twice did she remember Lorelei.

The last time she cried was when she parted from her best friend in the spirit world.

Only at that time she had fallen below the abyss and her best friend did not see it.

“It’s good to be happy, it’s good to be happy.” Su Man felt even more guilty inside, “You must be tired after not coming back all night yesterday, take a nap first, just let mum watch you.”

The phone dinged at that moment.

[Shao Ying]: Big sister, have you seen your aunt? I stopped her yesterday and didn’t let her go out, I took my escort out and couldn’t find you, are you alright?

[It’s fine, don’t worry.

“Shao Ying is right.” Ying Ziyang raised her eyes, her gaze grave, “Mum, you really shouldn’t come out at times like that.”

Lu Yuan was still unaccounted for, and Su Man couldn’t afford to have any more accidents.

But Su Man’s heart was even harder to bear.

How much pain and hardship must one go through before one can grow up so fast.

But Ying Zigui didn’t have to go through that originally.

The phone rang again.

[Fu Yunshen]: Yoyo, I have some unfinished business, see you tonight.


After answering the message, Ying Zidian lay down on the bed: “I’ll take a nap.”

“You have a good rest.” Su Wen sat on the side and smiled, “It won’t be bitter anymore.”

Ying Zidian slowly closes her eyes.

This time she slept peacefully.

Su Wen also thought of Fu Yunshen and couldn’t help but feel a little headache.

She had just brought her daughter back and she hadn’t even warmed her up yet, but she had to get married off in the blink of an eye.

Su Wen sighed.

I’ll just pack up and wait to be a witness to the wedding.


The Leingold family.

The housekeeper had been directing the servants in the kitchen garden all morning, with a smile on his face that he couldn’t hide.

No one had expected that the first lady, who had been judged to have died young, would be back in the City of Worlds after twenty years, and the miracle doctor who had saved the first lady.

The sense of connection between mother and daughter was truly magical.

The butler had never been so refreshed and felt years younger.

He went upstairs with his hands behind his back.

This is the largest bedroom, originally left for Ying Zidian, which has not been used for years.

It is now being redecorated.

A maid was standing on the balcony, hanging pink curtains up to the window.

The housekeeper walked over and stepped onto the balcony too, then slapped the servant on the head: “You b*****d, Miss doesn’t like pink, what are you doing decorating all the rooms in pink?”

Servant: “……”

“Hurry up and change the colour.” The butler said, “Change the purple and blue ones, got it?”

He finished and went back to the courtyard.

“Here here, can’t you see the gra*s is growing too high? What if you trip over Missy?”

“And here, pick all these apples, and what if one falls and hits Missy?”

The gardeners: “……”

Really think they are all fools.


Outside the manor, a brake fell.

The car door opened and Bea got out, a slight frown on her brow.

Every time she came back, someone would come to pick her up.

How come there wasn’t a single maid this time?

Bea opened the door with her pupil pattern and walked in.

That’s when she realised that everyone was busy and didn’t have time for her.

The housekeeper hadn’t seen her either, still in command, and that was a joy.

“What’s going on?” Bea took off her sungla*ses and frowned even more, “When did the house get so busy?”

Such an uproar, even if it was a feast for the great heads of the Jade Family, was still too enthusiastic and generous.

Could it be that someone was coming from the House of Magi?

Without turning around, the housekeeper cheerfully responded, “Ah, this, it’s Eldest Miss who has returned.”


Chapter 738

The butler entered the Leingold family just in the year when Lu Yuan succeeded as head of the family.

Although he could not follow Lu Yuan around at all times like Qing Lang, he also deeply admired him.

Now that Lu Yuan and Su Wen’s own daughter had returned, he was happier than anyone else.

“I am back.” Bi’er lifted her chin, “Why haven’t I seen you guys so excited before?”

Or did they know that her experiment would soon be successful and she was about to be promoted to S rank researcher?

“Huh?” The butler was a little confused, “Miss Bea, of course I know you’re back, didn’t you ask me what I was preparing?”

“Right.” Bea got a little impatient, “What are you preparing?”

“Missy is back, it’s a happy occasion.” The butler’s expression fell again, “Alas, I wonder where exactly the Grand Master is now, if he knew, he would be very happy.”

The evidence that up until now had not been able to conclusively conclude Lu Yuan’s death was that the security chip in his body had been destroyed, unable to transmit back his body’s data profile.

A glimmer of hope, but more despair.

The Great Leader!

Bea’s mind buzzed for a moment.

The Missy that the butler was talking about was Lu Yuan and Su Man’s child?

How was that possible?

She had clearly heard her mother, the Second Lady, say that Tanxin had died at birth.

If Tanxin had come back, then who was it that was buried in the graveyard!

“Steward, such jokes should not be made.” Bea restrained herself from the shocking waves inside her, “Do you know that this joke is not funny at all, and it is offensive!”

“The First Lady had her paternity test done yesterday, and it is indeed the First Lady, and Young Master Shao Ying knows it.” The butler’s expression instantly sank, cold and indifferent, “Miss Bi’er, congratulations, you will have a sister from now on.”

These words directly sealed Bi’er’s death sentence.

Her head buzzed even harder.

The corner of Bi’er’s mouth tugged, revealing a not-so-good smile.

Still sister?

She was older than Tanxin anyhow, and just because of the ranking issue, she was instead being pushed down in seniority?

Bea squeezed the bag in her hand and went upstairs, lost in thought.

As if she had known she would be like this, the Second Mistress was already sitting in the bedroom, waiting.

She looked up and looked at Bi’er: “You know about Missy?”

“Mum, that’s just impossible, how does a dead person come back to life?!” Bi’er threw her bag away with an unusual amount of anger, “I just can’t accept it!”

One Yu Shao Ying was enough, and now another one popped up?

Jade Shao Ying wasn’t much of a threat to her, after all, the Jade family didn’t raise full-blooded members in the same way as the Leingold family.

But Missy was from the eldest family and the first in line of succession.

“How many times have I said, don’t be so hasty in your work.” The Second Lady floated her tea and blew on it lightly, “So what if you’ve come back, you’ve been in exile for so long, who knows what you’ve grown into.”

Bea sniffed and instantly calmed down, “Not bad.”

The Lehngar family, where is it that ordinary people can enter?

If you enter, you have to see if you can withstand the pressure.

Bea pursed her lips, “Mum, have you seen her yet?”

“Not yet.” The Second Lady put down her teacup, “From what the First Lady said there are a few more things to take care of, and on the first of September there will be an official banquet to announce it to the whole city.”

Bea lowered her head, her nails pinching at her dress.

She would not let this First Lady steal her thunder.


This side of the Institute.

Ying Ziji slept until four in the afternoon.

She opened her eyes and felt all the exhaustion from the past two months of entering the World City dissipate.

“Awake.” Su Wen smiled and stroked her head, “Mum made you soup for lunch and some snacks, come and eat.”

“Mm.” Ying Ziji stretched slowly, walked over and picked up the chopsticks, “Thank you mum.”

Su Wen looked at the girl, her brow and eyes lit up, “Is it delicious?”

“Very tasty.” Ying Ziji took a bite of the snack, “It just still feels a bit unreal.”

Su Wen’s heart sank, “There will be a long time afterwards, it won’t be unreal.”

She placed a round pocket watch in her hand, solemnly, “Yao Yao, this was left to you by your father, pa*sed down from generation to generation in the direct line of the Leingel family, and now I am handing it over to you.”

“Whether your father has …… it or not you must also take good care of this watch.”

The pocket watch was silver and hadn’t rusted after all these years.

Inside was a picture of Lu Yuan when he was young.

The man was riding on a horse with a strong spirit and a strong presence.

Ying Ziji’s eyes sank slightly.

Her adoptive father, who could raise her and Wen Huilan in spite of his own body.

Her biological father, who would fight to the death to get the genetic lock out first.

She had two good fathers.

Where exactly was Lu Yuan, she couldn’t figure out even after she recovered her strength.

Lu Yuan was too close to her.

Ying tapped on the table and pondered.

She needed to contact Fifth Moon.

“I’ve also given your little aunt the word.” Su Man was silent for a moment, looked away and sighed lowly, “I also caused her to look for you for ten years, and she was dosed with alchemical drugs.”

Ying Zidian closed her eyes slightly and smiled lightly without a sound.

Her aunt was Sinai, not Ying Luwei, who only wanted her blood.

That was her family.

She wasn’t alone anymore either.

It was also at this point that a video call came in.

Sinai’s 3d projection slowly appeared in mid-air.

Su Wen froze and smiled, “I was just talking to Yoyo about you, and here you are.”

“Sister-in-law, don’t blame yourself, it’s all what I should have done.” Sinai saw at a glance what was going on inside Su Wen’s mind, “There’s nothing wrong with returning to your old age, you can still play, how nice.”

Ying Zidian raised his head, his voice sparse and cold, “Aunt.”

Xina’s little body tensed slightly: “Ying, don’t call me that, I’m not used to it yet.”

Ying Zidian raised his eyebrows, not slowing down: “Got it, little aunt.”

Sinai: “……”

The call ended, and she banged her head on the table in a lifeless manner.

She was completely devoid of any authority in front of her niece.

Norton heard the noise and came down from upstairs, sleepy-eyed: “What for?”

Sinai was expressionless, not really wanting to talk to him, and simply said, “I’m going out.”

She was going to meet her dear niece.

“Going out?” Norton’s eyes narrowed slightly and he waved towards her, not asking, “Come here.”

Sinai put her phone down, a little reluctantly, but walked over on her little legs, “What for.”

Then a shadow descended before her eyes.

Norton placed a sunhat over her head, his voice faint, “Put it on, it’s sunny out.”

“Aren’t you an alchemist?” Sinai tilted her small head and muttered, “Should be able to make that permanent sun protection, right?”

“Oh, just thought I’d dress you up a bit.”


Norton said this, but turned and took a bottle of ointment from a nearby shelf.

He bent down and raised his hand to the young girl’s face and began to apply it, with a rare gentleness of motion.

The two men were close together.

Sinai could clearly see his long, fluttering eyelashes, and the black studs in his ears.

Especially the warmth of his fingertips, which were clearly cold, but gave her a very hot feeling.

Sinai’s face suddenly burst red again uncontrollably.

“What’s with the blushing?” Norton looked up and glanced at her, “Tsk, no b**bs, no waist.”

He stood up, wrapped his arms around her and looked at her condescendingly, “Don’t worry, I’m not lolicon enough to look at you.”

Sinai: “……”

When is she going to change back, she’s had enough of this.

“Get out.” Norton looked her up and down for a moment, “Be back by eight or don’t blame me for going out to find you myself.”

He leaned down again, his face slowly approaching, smiling, “You know what happens when I go out to find you myself.”

Sinai finally moved out of his little skateboard and muffled, “Got it.”


In less than a day’s time, all the members of the family in this house plus the servants had all learned of the return of their true Missy.

All of them had different thoughts.

Mo Qian, as Lu Yuan’s third brother, had just returned from the office when he was informed.

He lit up a cigarette with a trembling hand and took a deep breath.

It was amazing that someone who had died could still come back.

I really didn’t know what kind of fate it was.

The cigarette burned his hand at this point, and Mo Qian suddenly jolted awake with a jolt.

He was completely swept away.

No matter who this grand lady really was, the blood type was bound to be golden blood.

The golden blood born in the City of Worlds ……

Mo Qian couldn’t even put out his cigarette and immediately headed outside with hurried steps.

The doctors were all killed by unknown people in the first place, and the third lady was also dead.

He was the only one who knew about the matter of the eldest lady being golden-blooded.

In order to prevent the Sages from blaming him, this news must be reported to the House of Sages as soon as possible!