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The Amazing Son-in-law Novel is a story that revolves around a door-to-door Son-in-law that everyone looks down on, but no one knows his true identity is the eldest young master of the top family. Thats an Amazing Son-in-law. Those who look down on him will eventually kneel in front of him and call him in fear!More Amazing Son-in-law

Status: Ongoing

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Chapter 3751-4000

Chapter 4001-4200

Chapter 4201-4700

Chapter 4701-5200

Chapter 5201-5700

Author: Ye Chen

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6 thoughts on “Amazing Son-in-law Ye Chen”

  1. Why Fei Ke Xin can get all the information effortlessly about ye chen’s circle of friends while the othes are caught and put in a dog farm of hong wu.??? When investigating something or someone??

    • Well, others use “normal” way to get the info (asking their connection to get the data). So the data will flow in expecting way.

      Fei Ke Xin often use hackers so if, as the story mentioned, they among the top of the world getting data without get caught should be not out of reach.

      • That’s right, what Fei Ke Xin did was indeed a brilliant and ingenious move. Even for a Ye Chen to have to be a bit late to notice someone was watching him

  2. Ye has already seen through Fei and concluded she isn’t an enemy nor of any threat in fact, she becomes like a trusted subordinate. So, even if Fei gets known to have gathered all his info, Ye was more amazed and admired Fei for her smartness as Ye likes smart people.

  3. I dont think Ye Chen’s current wife will end up with him after he discovers his identity. I hope he ends up with Gu Yi!


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