Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5229

That night, after Xiao Churan went home, Ye Chen told her about a trip he was going to make with Richard Chen tomorrow.

As in the eyes of ordinary people, Richard Chen was the owner of Buckingham Palace, so Xiao Churan thought that Ye Chen was going to help Richard Chen with his feng shui.

Although she was a little distressed that Ye Chen had to go out to see feng shui just after returning to China, she did not stop Ye Chen as he claimed to have made an appointment with Richard Chen.

Early the next morning, Ye Chen flew to Gui Province in the southwest of China with Richard Chen.

As Ye Chen had concluded from the old lady’s name that her family background was not simple, he made a special phone call to Wan Bajun after the plane took off.

When the call was answered, Wan Bajun respectfully asked, “Mr. Ye, what are your orders?”

Ye Chen spoke, “Broken Jun, I need you to tell me in detail about the state and performance of that old lady after we rescued those victims in Mexico that day.”

Wan Bajun said, “Back to Mr. Ye, after the bus drove away from the scene that day, it went to the US-Mexico border overnight, where we hit the border control, and these people only woke up one after another after the bus drove into the US.”

Saying that, Wan Bros. added: “Those who woke up at that time did not remember what had happened that night and found themselves in the bus, they were all rather nervous, so our generals explained to them that in our words, we are an international charity organisation, and unlike other charities, we are not good at donating money and goods, but at fighting violence with violence, we are in After getting hold of the evidence of the Crazy Juarez crime syndicate, we launched a surprise attack on their lair before rescuing these victims who were controlled by the Crazy Juarez crime syndicate.”

Ye Chen asked him, “Did these victims believe it?”

Wan Bajun said, “This, I can’t guarantee 100%, but the vast majority of them believe it, after all, we did rescue them too, only some of them are a bit less understanding about their lack of memory, our generals falsely claimed that when we attacked Crazy Juarez, we used tear gas containing anesthetic in order to avoid accidental injuries during the engagement as much as possible, this tear gas has a side effect of causing memory loss.”

Ye Chen praised, “That’s a good argument, and it has good persuasive power for those who don’t understand.”

“Right.” Wan Xiaojun said, “These victims can basically accept this argument, but the old lady you focused on, she is acting rather strangely.”

Ye Chen asked, “What’s strange about it?”

Wan Bajun said, “Before we gave these explanations, everyone was very nervous about the memory loss, but the old lady didn’t seem to be worried at all and was calm all the time.”

When Ye Chen heard this, he couldn’t help but frown.

He couldn’t help but think: “When the old lady woke up on the bus at that time, not only had she lost her memory, she had also lost her ancestral bracelet, it was impossible not to be nervous and panicked under such circumstances, but she was the only one who was calm from start to finish, could it be that there was a problem when I hid her memory?”

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s brows tightened.

Ever since he had mastered Aura, he had never failed in using Aura to hide other people’s memories and hypnotise them.

He didn’t quite believe that this old lady was immune to his own aura, but listening to Wan Bajun’s description, there did seem to be something not quite normal.

It seemed that the only way to come to a conclusion on these questions was to wait until after meeting the old lady.

So, Ye Chen asked again, “Broken Jun, on that day after arriving in America, how did you settle these people down?”