Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5227

Through Xiao Churan and Ma Lan, she had found out all the information about Ye Chen’s double identity, which indeed made Lin Wan’er’s heart extraordinarily excited.

She felt that this time, when she came to Jinling, there seemed to be help from heaven in the underworld, making it all go extremely smoothly.

However, she had no intention of approaching this mother and daughter duo, let alone Ye Chen.

She felt that she was going to stick to her plan from yesterday and never initiate contact with Ye Chen until after school started and she became friends with Claudia.

At this time, Ye Chen did not know that the little girl he had accidentally saved in Northern Europe had already checked out all the information about his two layers of identity.

At this time, Chen Zekai called him and said respectfully over the phone, “Young master, I have confirmed everything with Hall Master Wan, the old lady you are looking for just returned to her rural hometown in Shu Nan with her son some time ago, I have got the exact address, when do you plan to go there?”

Ye Chen said without thinking, “As soon as possible, before Su Shoudao’s wedding.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added: “You arrange for a plane to leave tomorrow morning, and you accompany me.”

Chen Zekai immediately agreed: “Yes young master, I will arrange the plane now, as well as the vehicle upon arrival, because the old lady lives in the mountains, we have to fly to Zunhuai in your province first, then drive from Zunhuai to Shu Nan, after the plane lands, there is still almost four hours drive.”

“Good.” Ye Chen answered and instructed, “You should arrange for someone to go to Shudu today and buy a small second-hand villa that is closer to a tertiary hospital and more popular, then near the villa, buy another frontage house that is suitable for opening a small supermarket.”

The Phoenix Bone Vine given to Ye Chen by the old lady was priceless to Ye Chen, not only did it help him refine twenty reshaping pills, but the rest of it would be of great use in the future.

Therefore, Ye Chen was also quite grateful to the old lady.

Even though he had saved her and her son’s lives in Mexico, Ye Chen still felt that he still owed the old lady a favour.

He went to see the old lady this time, not only to honour his promise of that day, but also to give the old man, and her son, a peaceful rest of his life.

Shudu was the provincial capital of Sichuan and the best developed city in Sichuan. The old man lived in the mountains, not only in poor conditions, but in the future, as he grew older, he was bound to have many inconveniences.

Therefore, Ye Chen planned to first ask Chen Zekai to arrange for someone to buy a nice, cozy little villa in Shudu and a storefront house. Fun House

Although the old man’s son was not very capable, he had even travelled thousands of miles to Mexico with the intention of working as a seaman in order to give the old man a good life before. Although he was cheated, it could prove that he was indeed willing to suffer and work hard.

If he wanted to do something, he could just open a small supermarket in front of his home in the future.

Nowadays, although opening a small supermarket does not earn much, but it is better because the process is simple and the threshold is low, and if the storefront is his own, then basically he can make a steady profit without any loss.

Hearing this, Chen Zekai said without thinking, “Okay young master, then I will arrange for someone to go there first now, so that we can get it done before we meet the old lady tomorrow.”

Ye Chen gave a hmph, remembering something, he spoke, “Right, send me a copy of that old lady’s information background, I’ll take a look at it first.”

“Okay Young Master.” Without thinking, Richard Chen said, “Send it to your WeChat right away.”

After hanging up the phone, Chen Zekai sent the information file to Ye Chen.