Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5226

  Afterwards, Sun Zhidong checked the file information of Ma Lan and Xiao Churan, saw their photo IDs and compared them with the photo sent by Lin Wan’er, he immediately confirmed that these two people were the two people Lin Wan’er had asked him to investigate.

When Lin Wan’er returned to Zijinshanzhuang, Sun Zhidong already had all the information on these two people in his hands, and when he saw Lin Wan’er, he said respectfully, “Miss, you have returned just in time, I have found out the two people you asked me to investigate.”

Lin Wan’er asked with delight, “So soon? Quickly give me a look!”

Sun Zhidong handed the phone to Lin Wan’er with both hands and said respectfully, “Please take a look at it, Miss.”

Lin Wan’er glanced at Ma Lan’s photo, which was left behind when Ma Lan changed her identity card some years ago. Although she was younger than now, her features had not changed much, so Lin Wan’er recognised her at once and said with a smile, “That’s right! It’s the person I’m looking for.”

Saying that, she did not look at Ma Lan’s profile again, but directly looked at Xiao Churan’s column.

While looking at it, she said, “This shows that Xiao Churan is married, can we go through her and find out information about her husband?”

“Yes.” Sun Zhidong was busy saying, “But I didn’t retrieve Xiao Churan’s kinship just now, you wait a moment.”

Lin Wan’er handed the phone back to him, and Sun Zhidong then looked up the information related to Xiao Churan’s spouse in that special software.

And this information was that layer of Ye Chen’s identity in Jinling.

Although this layer of his identity had been encrypted, according to the logic of the encryption, once someone came to check him out from Xiao Churan’s layer, the access to this path was open, so Sun Zhidong could easily find out information related to Ye Chen’s current layer of identity.

The reason why Tang Sihai left this channel open after Ye Chen married Xiao Churan was because he was afraid that Xiao Churan would find out something when he bought a house, took out a loan or carried out other social activities that required access to information and files one day.

Moreover, Tang Sihai also believed that if someone wanted to investigate Ye Chen and found out about Xiao Churan, there was no need to hide Ye Chen’s identity in Jinling, after all, Xiao Churan was his wife in his current identity, so if he deliberately hid it, it would make things awkward.

Lin Wan’er looked at this copy of Ye Chen’s identity information and said excitedly, “The preliminary work of finding Ye Chen has been greatly accomplished, I really didn’t expect it to go so smoothly ……”

After saying that, she couldn’t help but sigh, “The person who helped Ye Chen hide his identity is really smart, and sophisticated and logical, he actually arranged for Ye Chen to go into the orphanage after he disappeared, and made a new identity for Ye Chen on the collective account of the orphanage!”

“For him to do so much on the orphanage, it proves that this orphanage must be under his complete control, and it’s likely that all the staff of this orphanage are his men!”

Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er sighed, “No wonder so many people started looking for Ye Chen from Jinling and couldn’t find him after twenty years of searching, it turns out he was hiding in Jinling all along! And it was perfectly hidden by someone using a special orphanage! This tactic has seamlessly fooled all those who wanted to find Ye Chen!”

Sun Zhidong said with a smile, “Miss, this manipulator is indeed very powerful, but he still hasn’t managed to fool you! You’ve only been in Jinling for just two days, and you’ve already investigated all the information you wanted to investigate. With all due respect, I haven’t seen anyone smarter than you under the sky.”

Lin Wan’er shook her head and said solemnly, “The reason why I was able to find Ye Chen so quickly was that my personal cleverness could only account for at most one third, the other third relied on Ye Chen’s misjudgement of me in Northern Europe in the first place, and the remaining third was due to luck…!”

“If I didn’t know Ye Chen’s surname and name and relied only on one side of the story, I might not have been able to find him even if I had been given twenty years;”

“If I hadn’t happened to see that Claudia’s identity information on the first day I came to Jinling University, I’m afraid I would have had to look for him for a long time in Jinling too;”

“If I hadn’t happened to meet his wife and his mother-in-law today, I wouldn’t have been able to find out his current identity information so quickly ……”