Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5225

Although Xiao Churan and Ma Lan’s information had not been encrypted in any way, it was not easy for Sun Zhidong to find out all the information about their identities through a single stolen photo.

At least, it would be difficult to find out in a short time.

So, Sun Zhidong called Lin Wan’er and reported over the phone, “Miss, do you have any other information about these two people? If there is other information, it will be relatively easier to investigate.”

Lin Wan’er thought about it and spoke, “I don’t have any more information on my side, that girl could be Ye Chen’s wife, but Ye Chen’s information is encrypted and we don’t know Ye Chen’s current ID number, I wonder if we can pull up all the relevant information about all the women in Jinling who are married to women named Ye Chen?”

Sun Zhidong replied, “Since Ye Chen’s information is encrypted, then even if we use Ye Chen as the entry point and pull out all the information about all the women married to women named Ye Chen, there will not be the person you are looking for.”

However, with this photo you sent, we can try to run it through the portrait matching system first, but since the angle of these two photos is not quite standard, if we put them into the system for fuzzy matching, we will at least find thousands of people who are somewhat similar, and then we can manually match them from the results.”

Lin Wan’er remembered something and spoke, “Oh yes, although I don’t know information about the two of them, I heard them mention a woman called Qian Hongyan, this young girl called Qian Hongyan as her eldest aunt, so I think Qian Hongyan must also be over fifty years old;”

“This way, you don’t need to check the photos first, first help me check all the women in Jinling whose name is Qian Hongyan and who are above forty-five and within sixty-five years of age, after that, counter-check the social connections of these Qian Hongyan to see if anyone can match these two, ‘Qian’ is not a big surname, although it is in the hundred family names ranked second, but the population is not very large, plus the two levels of screening, Jinling and age, I’m afraid there are enough people who match the requirements on one hand.”

“Good!” Sun Zhidong said without thinking, “Don’t worry, Miss, I’ll make the arrangements!”

Previously, Lin Wan’er had only given Sun Zhidong a photo of Xiao Churan and Ma Lan, but no other information, so it would take at least a few days or even dozens of days to find someone.

But with Qian Hongyan as a clue, then everything became much easier.

As Lin Wan’er said, there were not many people with the surname Qian, and there were only about thirty people with the name Qian Hongyan in the whole of Jinling.

Moreover, the age range of these “Qian Hongyan” ranged from a few years old to over seventy years old.

After sifting out those who were not of the age required by Lin Wan’er, there were only four people left who met the requirements.

It was too easy to check the social connections of these three.

All of them were ordinary people with nothing to hide, just click on her social connections in the system, and the system would immediately generate a tree table, listing all of her blood relatives in three generations for display.

Since the young girl Lin Wan’er wanted to check was called Qian Hongyan’s eldest aunt, Sun Zhidong started by looking at these three Qian Hongyan’s blood relations for the first time to see who had a younger uncle and had a daughter in the younger uncle’s family.

The first, Qian Hongyan, aged sixty-two, had married and raised two children, but her husband had no younger brother in the family, only an older brother and a younger sister.

The second, Qian Hongyan, aged forty-nine, had also married and had a son. Her husband had a brother, but that brother had two sons and no daughter, so it did not correspond to what Lin Wan’er had said.

The third Qian Hongyan, aged fifty-five, had married thirty-three years ago and had given birth to twin sons, and her husband had two brothers, both of whom had daughters.

The fourth Qian Hongyan then leapt into view.

This Qian Hongyan, aged fifty-five, had married a man named Xiao Changqian thirty-one years ago, and had given birth to a son named Xiao Hailong thirty years ago, and a daughter named Xiao Weiwei twenty-seven years ago.

And Xiao Changqian had a younger brother named Xiao Changkun.

Xiao Changkun married a woman named Ma Lan twenty-nine years ago, and twenty-eight years ago, gave birth to a daughter named Xiao Churan.

In this way, it basically matched the names, age range and kinship of the characters as stated by Lin Wan’er.