Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5224

  Xiao Churan helplessly said, “Mom …… you quickly don’t go and add to Ye Chen’s troubles!”

Xiao Churan’s words caused Lin Wan’er’s body, who had already walked to the door, to suddenly startle.

She muttered in her mind, “It’s Ye Chen again? I’ve been in Jinling for two days and I can’t get away from Ye Chen every day, am I that close to him? Which Ye Chen is that coarse woman’s son-in-law? Could it be the Ye Chen of the Yanjing Ye family that I’m looking for?”

As she thought of this, she subconsciously glanced back at Xiao Churan and said, “This young woman looks similar in age to the Ye Chen I am looking for, plus there are not many people with the same name as Ye Chen, and there are even fewer of the same age, so could it be that the Ye Chen I am looking for is already married? Is his wife the woman in front of him?”

“I see that she is similar in age to Ye Chen, her looks and temperament are not bad, so she is one in a million, but this mother of hers is really ludicrous ……”

“It’s not that I haven’t seen those foul-mouthed women before, but even a shrew who can’t read or write wouldn’t dare to spill her guts in front of the Buddha’s temple, she’s really fearless ……”

“Ye Chen’s status is also considered illustrious and his personal strength is unmatched by anyone, so why does he have such a vulgar mother-in-law? It’s really strange ……”

Xiao Churan did not notice that outside the door of the hall, the stunningly beautiful girl was sizing up herself and her mother Ma Lan.

She was currently busy trying to persuade Ma Lan to dismiss the idea of letting Ye Chen show her feng shui.

For Ma Lan said with a face full of righteousness, “Ye Chen is my son-in-law, he can help so many people with their feng shui, can’t he help me, his mother-in-law, to have a look?”

Xiao Churan sighed and said, “Aiya mum, didn’t you say that this matter should not be known to Ye Chen? Besides, something like feng shui is supposed to be very macro, it’s solving big problems on a macro level, there’s definitely no way to be very tangible, so how can you manage the popularity of your live broadcast room? I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get a good deal on this. It’s not realistic at all ……”

“That’s also true ……” Ma Lan said in a disheartened manner, “Forget it, anyway, I have brought all the words I should bring to Buddha today, let’s see if Buddha will give face, if he gives face, not only I can be smooth, Qian Hongyan will also be unlucky, if he If he does not give face, then I will never come to him again ……”

The first thing you need to do is to ask Xiao Churan in a low voice, “Churan, do you think the Buddha would have taken advantage of Qian Hongyan first?”

Xiao Churan’s head was as big as a bucket, he hurriedly helped her up, then whispered to the Buddha, “Buddha is sorry …… my mother’s mouth is incoherent, please forgive me ……”

After saying that, he hurriedly a*sisted Ma Lan to walk out.

Ma Lan had no choice but to follow Xiao Churan, limping outside.

When the mother and son arrived outside the temple, Lin Wan’er had disappeared. Ma Lan had wanted to look for her and argue with her, but after looking around, she saw no one, so she could only follow Xiao Churan out of the temple and prepare to go down the mountain.

As they began to descend, Lin Wan’er appeared not far behind them again, silently watching their backs, and then looked at her mobile phone.

On her phone was a picture of Xiao Churan helping Ma Lan out of the temple gate, which Lin Wan’er had secretly taken just now while hiding behind the crowd.

She then sent this photo to Sun Zhidong and paid another message, “Old Sun, find a way to help me find out about this mother and daughter, I want all their information!”