Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5221

The next morning.

When the Purple Mountain Villa was still covered in a light white mist, Lin Wan’er, unadorned, tied her long hair into a ponytail and put on a nondescript summer dress and went to Mount Qixia alone.

Both Qiu Yingshan and Sun Zhidong offered to send their bodyguards with her to ensure her safety, but Lin Wan’er refused.

The Great Hermitage is hidden in the city. For her, since she has decided to study in Jinling, she has to live in the city with confidence and boldness from now on.

A girl who travels alone, even if she looks prettier, will only provoke attention, not suspicion.

But if the girl is accompanied by bodyguards or has bodyguards secretly following her all the way, once she is seen by someone with an eye on her, she is bound to arouse suspicion.

Seeing her firm attitude, both of them did not insist any further.

She had checked the route on her mobile phone last night and found that there was a direct bus to Qixia Mountain from the north of Zijinshan Mountain, a journey of about thirty minutes. Having been in hiding before, she had little experience of real life, and this time she decided to settle down in Jinling for a while, so she simply integrated completely.

Half an hour later, Lin Wan’er got off the bus at Qixia Station and walked to the entrance of the scenic spot of Qixia Temple.

This was Lin Wan’er’s first visit to Mount Qixia, but she had heard from her father when she was very young that the ancestors of the Lin family were buried on Mount Qixia.

More than 600 years ago, when Zhu Yuanzhang, the founder of the Ming Dynasty, established the capital of the Ming Dynasty, the ancestors of the Lin family were officials in Jinling.

After the Battle of Jing Dynasty, the Lin family was ordered to move north with the dynasty when Zhu Di, King of Yan, succeeded to the throne and decided to move the capital to Yanjing.

The Lin family’s ancestor died on the eve of the move due to his advanced age, and when explaining his affairs, he specified that he should be buried with his wife, who had been buried on Mount Qixia for ten years, so his descendants buried him on Mount Qixia.

According to the genealogy, the day after the burial of the Lin family’s ancestor, the Lin family’s descendants moved north, and since then, up to Lin Wan’er, none of the Lin family’s descendants have been able to return to Jinling to settle in the six hundred years since then, so no one from the Lin family has been buried here, and the only ones left here are the ancestor and his wife.

Lin Wan’er went up the mountain on foot and searched around, but did not see any graves or tombstones, so she guessed that hundreds of years had pa*sed and there was no way to know where her ancestor’s grave was located on Qixia Mountain.

So, in Lin Wan’er’s mind, this Qixia Mountain is the grave of her ancestor.

Originally, she wanted to find a secluded place on the mountain to pay her respects to her ancestors, but to her surprise, there were warning signs all over the mountain prohibiting fireworks, and there were surveillance cameras everywhere, so Lin Wan’er knew that if she burned incense here to pay her respects, there was not only the risk of fire, but also the risk of being caught.

She was thinking about this, so she planned to go to Qixia Temple in the middle peak of Qixia Mountain to burn incense and pay respects to her ancestors, although it was a temple, but after all, her ancestors were buried here, so burning incense there would be a way to pay respects to them.

Qixia Temple was built more than 1,500 years ago and is one of the four most famous Buddhist temples in China, as well as the most famous temple in Jinling and the province.

Lin Wan’er is proficient in the I Ching and the Eight Trigrams, and also respects Buddhism and the Tao, so she is very much in awe of this ancient temple with a long history.

When Lin Wan’er arrived at Zhongfeng, where Qixia Temple is located, Xiao Churan and Ma Lan also arrived just in time.