Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5210

  Su Ruoli explained, “When I was in the United States, Miss Ito told me privately that her father and my mother were both able to become able-bodied again thanks to your kindness, if my parents hold a wedding in the future, I hope to invite her and her father to attend, you see …… “

“Nana-chan ah ……” Hearing this, Ye Chen didn’t think much about it and said readily, “Since she has said so, it’s up to you to decide whether to invite or not.”

Su Ruoli nodded gently and spoke, “Then I’ll give her a call later.”

Although Su Ruoli knew that Ito Nana-chan wanted to come to her parents’ wedding, most probably she wanted to take this opportunity to meet Ye Chen.

But she also knew very well in her heart that Ye Chen’s feelings for Nanaeko far exceeded his treatment of himself.

She herself could not and should not deliberately avoid this matter just because the two would meet as a result.

Since Ye Chen had no problem with this, he himself would later invite Nanaiko Ito and her father, Yohiko Ito, to come to Jinling to attend his parents’ wedding in a big way.


At this moment, Kyoto, Japan.

When Ito Yohiko returned from the United States, he did not choose to go to Tokyo, but came directly to the Ito family’s mansion in Kyoto.

This mansion has a very special meaning for him, and for Nanaeko.

It was the first real mansion that Yohiko Ito bought after his rise in life, and it was the beginning of his life’s journey to glory.

It was also the place where Ito Nanaiko was reborn after her serious injury, and the greatest testimony to her feelings for Ye Chen.

This time Ito Yohiko was able to grow his legs again, giving him a new sense of life.

Now, not only does he no longer feel the desire to win in the business world, he also no longer feels the sense of decadence after the amputation of his legs.

He now feels that life is too good to be true, and he wants to spend every day with his family happily and without regrets, and that everything else has become less important.

Nanae Ito also had a new epiphany.

After taking over the Ito family, she had always worked as a strong woman, fearing that the Ito family would fall into disrepair at her hands and disappoint her father.

But after returning from America this time, she realised that her father no longer had business and money in his sights, and that she herself was not really interested in them, so since that was the case, there was no need to be too condescending, and staying in Kyoto, where she was not only happy but could also be by her father’s side, was far more comfortable than being in that high-rise metropolis of Tokyo.

And Ito Yohiko can live here as a healthy person, and the servants who can appear here are his beloved ones, so he doesn’t have to worry about the matter of the severed limb being reborn getting out.

At this moment, Ito Yohiko is in the courtyard where Ito Nanaeko and Ye Chen were walking in the snow, sparring with Tanaka Koichi in a sword fight.

Ito Nanako, on the other hand, was sitting in a Japanese room with open wooden doors next to the courtyard, with a fine wooden table set up on the tatami mats, sitting cross-legged in front of it, carefully pruning the various branches of flowers on the table and carefully matching them before inserting them into a vase.

The courtyard echoed with the sounds of the master and servant slashing and shouting at each other with their wooden swords, and rather than minding the mess, Nanaeko Ito often found the energy to watch with interest as they sparred.

At that moment, her mobile phone suddenly vibrated under the table, and when she looked down and saw that it was Su Ruoli who was calling, a leaping smile appeared on her face and she shouted out loud to the two men in the courtyard, “Odo-san and Tanaka-san, stop for a moment! We may have to get ready to go to China!”