Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5208

  As soon as Ye Chen got out of the car, the He family, led by He Hongsheng, knelt on the ground in unison and said respectfully, “Greetings, Mr Ye!”

Even Su Shoudao, after seeing all of the He family kneel, did not think twice before kneeling beside He Yingxiu and Su Ruoli.

Ye Chen was a little surprised and hurriedly said, “Quickly please rise, it’s not the first day you all know me, why do you still make such a big show.”

He Hongsheng, who was kneeling at the front, said respectfully, “Mr. Ye is as kind to the He family as a mountain, it is all thanks to Mr. Ye that the He family has become what it is today, please accept Mr. Ye’s obeisance!”

Ye Chen stepped forward, helped He Hongsheng up, and said in a firm tone, “The He family has long been loyal to me, you have been loyal to me, so I naturally have to give you enough in return.”

He then said to the others who were still kneeling, “Please rise, I have something to discuss with Mr. He, Ms. He and Mr. Su, so let’s move inside and talk about our business.”

As soon as He Hongsheng heard this, he knew that Ye Chen had come for his daughter’s wedding to Su Shoudao, so he was even more excited, and hurriedly bowed in an invitation gesture and said loudly, “Please, Mr Ye!”

The crowd moved to the hall on the ground floor of the villa, and He Hongsheng told the rest of the He family to disperse for the time being, leaving only He Yingxiu, Su Shoudao and Su Ruoli behind.

When the four of them sat down on the meeting sofa, Ye Chen got straight to the point and said, “Old Mr. He, Mr. Su and Ms. He already had the intention of getting married when they were in the United States, I wonder if you support it?”

Without thinking, He Hongsheng said, “Support, support! Ten thousand support!”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “In that case, then let’s set a time for the wedding, as long as you have set a time for the wedding, the Sky Garden at Buckingham Palace is available to you at any time.”

The Sky Garden was the best banquet venue in the whole of Jinling, but it had never accepted packages, and since its inception, only Ye Chen and Xiao Churan had had a wedding there in the first place.

In Ye Chen’s view, Su Shoudao was originally the son of the Su family and had a distinguished status, while He Yingxiu was Su Ruoli’s biological mother, so since he was going to give them a wedding, it was only natural that he should make it grand and extravagant.

Letting them have their wedding in the Sky Garden was the best solution that Ye Chen could give at the moment.

She had lived in Buckingham Palace for a while and knew that the Sky Garden was the most luxurious and beautiful venue for weddings, and if it could be held there, she would be able to give her parents a dream wedding that was second to none.

Su Shoudao was also grateful and arched his hand towards Ye Chen, “Thank you, Mr Ye, for making this possible!”

After saying that, he added, “As for the timing of the wedding, I would like to do it as soon as possible with enough preparation time, I wonder what Mr Ye thinks?”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “I have no problem with it.”

He Hongsheng said, “I have looked at the calendar and found that there are several good dates in August, the 8th of August being the most important. The rest should be done in a week if we tighten up a bit, so I suggest choosing this day.”

Su Ruoli subconsciously asked, “August 8th is a bit rushed isn’t it …… mum’s wedding dress hasn’t been chosen yet ……”

Ye Chen laughed: “Wedding dresses are a good solution, the only franchise shop in the province that deals with verawang wedding dresses is invested by the Song family Song Wanting, I’ll give her a call, you can go over and choose anytime.”

Once Su Shoudao heard this, he immediately said with some excitement, “In that case, then let’s set it for August 8th!”