Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5207

On the other side.

Ye Chen took Claudia back from the mall to Auntie Li’s new home, where he and Li Xiaofen, like they did back in the orphanage, helped Auntie Li in the kitchen and cooked a nice table.

Auntie Li and Li Xiaofen were delighted to learn that Claudia’s schooling had been taken care of, and both expressed their 100% support for Claudia’s choice of archaeology.

After the four of them had a happy lunch, Li Xiaofen suggested, “Brother Ye Chen, do you have something to do this afternoon? If not, let’s take Claudia to the famous attractions in Jinling together!”

Ye Chen said apologetically, “It might not be convenient this afternoon, I just came back and there are still some things that I need to deal with urgently.”

Ye Chen had already asked Chen Zekai to find Wan Bajun and ask him for the current detailed address in China of the old lady who had given him the Phoenix Bone Vine.

Apart from visiting this old lady, Ye Chen had to hurry up and push Su Shoudao’s wedding with He Yingxiu onto the agenda.

Back in the US, Su Shoudao’s ability to propose to He Yingxiu had indeed made a considerable difference to Ye Chen’s impression of him as well.

Plus, as he was the father of Su Zhiyu and Su Ruoli, Ye Chen did not intend to continue to make things difficult for him, and hurriedly let the two of them get their wedding done, and then gave Su Shoudao his freedom once the wedding was complete.

They were still waiting for him to agree on a wedding date with them after he returned to China, so Ye Chen planned to get this done first this afternoon.

When Li Xiaofen heard that he had something to do, she smiled and said, “It’s fine, Claudia doesn’t start school for almost a month anyway, so there’s plenty of time, so we’ll talk about it when you’re free.”

“Okay.” Ye Chen agreed and said, “Then let’s wait for me to finish these few days first.”

Subsequently, Ye Chen sent a WeChat to Su Ruoli, asking if she was at the He Family Villa.

When Su Ruoli saw Ye Chen’s message, she surprised him by asking, “Are you back, Mr. Ye?”

“Back.” Ye Chen replied, “I’m not far from the He family villa, if you’re there, I’ll stop by later.”

“I’m here I’m here!” Su Ruoli said excitedly, “Everyone in the He family is here, my father is also here, when are you coming over?”

Ye Chen looked at the time and said, “Twenty minutes or so.”

“Good!” Su Ruoli said excitedly, “Then I’ll wait for you!”

After saying goodbye to Auntie Li and the three of them, Ye Chen drove alone to the He family villa.

These days, the entire He family was deep in joy and could not extricate themselves.

The rebirth of He Yingxiu’s broken arm and Su Ruoli’s cultivation level rising two levels in a row and becoming a five-star martial artist were all great joys that the He family could not even dream of.

In addition to this, there was another happy event, that is, He Yingxiu had agreed to Su Shoudao’s marriage proposal, and the two of them would choose an auspicious day to complete their wedding after Ye Chen’s return to China.

For the past few days, the He family’s old man, He Hongsheng, has been overjoyed every day, hoping that his daughter will be married soon.

As a father, he has always been very distressed by his daughter’s previous situation. A disabled woman with a broken arm and a single mother who has never married and had a child, she has suffered too much over the past 20 years.

As for Su Ruoli, it goes without saying.

In the past few days, she had been searching the internet for examples of weddings, hoping to plan a wedding for her parents that they would never forget.

When she heard that Ye Chen was coming, Su Ruoli told her parents, as well as her grandfather He Hongsheng, as soon as she could.

The group was so excited that they hastily gathered all the He family members and waited in the courtyard to greet them.

When Ye Chen arrived at the He family villa, the He family members were already lined up on both sides, and Su Shoudao, who had a new look, was also among those greeting him.