Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5204

  When she picked up the plane, Sister Xian could see that her own husband’s wife, Mr. Lin Wan’er, was very respectful, one might even say respectful, so Lin Wan’er could never be a relative or even a junior to Mr. and Mrs. Lin.

Moreover, she knew best how much importance Mr. had attached to this highest compound, and why everyone who came here had to let her follow, was because Mr. did not want any of his underlings to spoil the furnishings and arrangements.

But now, he had generously given this place to Lin Wan’er to live in, so it could be seen that Lin Wan’er was extremely important in his heart!

At this time, Lin Wan’er asked Sister Xian, “By the way, how many servants are there here?”

Sister Xian replied, “There are a total of sixteen aunties who do the work, four bodyguards and two drivers, a total of twenty-two people, and counting me, a total of twenty-three people.”

Lin Wan’er asked in surprise, “There are so many aunties?”

“Yes.” Sister Xian replied, “There are four aunties in charge of laundry and cooking, eight aunties in charge of hygiene and maintenance in all areas, and four aunties in charge of gardening, but there are also some people who are more flexible and can be deployed on an ad hoc basis if there is any need.”

Lin Wan’er asked, “Where do these maids come from?”

Sister Xian said, “They are all from Malaysia, and were carefully selected from the family maids when I first came here.”

“Understood.” Lin Wan’er nodded gently, also slightly relieved.

These people were all from Malaysia and had served the Qiu family for many years, basically they were all clean domestic slaves.

Although domestic slaves of this nature no longer existed on the mainland, in Southeast Asia, this tradition was still retained in the homes of the wealthy.

Among the truly wealthy in Southeast Asia, the ratio of servants to their own families can sometimes be five to one or even higher.

In order to ensure as much stability and reliability as possible, and to reduce turnover, they often adopt this system of domestic slavery, recruiting the person to work in the household from their teenage years, and remaining in the household until retirement age, when the family will provide for them.

Most of these servants were from poor families and had a large family to feed, so they sent one of them to a rich family to help them.

There were many advantages to being a servant, they were well fed, well housed, well paid and almost all the money they earned could be saved to support the family, and the family did not need them to be highly educated or fluent in other languages, they just needed them to work hard and honestly.

In the economically underdeveloped region of South East Asia, such work is highly desirable for many families and individuals.

Therefore, the vast majority of domestic servants see domestic servitude as a lifelong job, and are even willing to give up marriage and children to do so.

The servants who grow up in this kind of environment value their work and are loyal to their family, and as they do not have much contact with the outside world, they are less likely to be carried away by bad ideas from the outside world.

The more Lin Wan’er looked at the place, the more she liked it, and the more calm she was, the more she said to Sister Xian, “I have some things I need, I’ll make a list later and you can go and get them for me.”

Sister Xian said respectfully, “Yes, Miss Lin, give me the list and I’ll get it done right away!”