Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5198

  Interestingly, at this moment, Director Liu, however, was standing nervously at the door like a follower’s attendant.

On the sofa that Ye Chen had just sat on, sitting at this moment, were Qiu Ying Shan and his wife, the old headmaster Xue Zai Zhou and the current headmaster Zhang Qin Yun.

When he saw Lin Wan’er enter, Qiu Ying Shan said with a smile, “Come, let me introduce to you all, this is my distant cousin’s great-granddaughter, Lin Xiaowan.”

After saying that, he also said to Lin Xiaowan, “Xiaowan, come and meet Principal Xue, Principal Zhang, and that one is Director Liu from the Admissions Office.”

Lin Xiaowan just looked at the three of them and nodded gently, not speaking.

Luckily, Qiu Ying Shan had already given everyone a precautionary warning earlier, saying that Lin Wan Er was aloof and did not like to talk, so no one minded in any way.

The current headmaster, Zhang Qin Yun, said enthusiastically, “Miss Lin, I’ve asked Director Liu to prepare an introduction to all our faculties and departments as well as majors at Jinling University, so take a look at them first and see which subject you are interested in.”

Lin Wan’er continued to nod slightly, with the air of a wealthy young lady who was arrogant as well as unconcerned.

But Qiu Ying Shan was too big after all, and his distant cousin’s great-granddaughter was certainly not far behind in wealth, so everyone had a preconception that she was extraordinarily understanding of this state of affairs.

Director Liu, on the other hand, hurriedly handed all the information he had just shown Claudia, to Lin Wan’er again, and said with a smile, “Miss Lin, the information is all here, I just sorted it out today, please look through it.”

Zhang Qin Yun couldn’t help but praise, “This director of our admissions office is still very dedicated and responsible, the information was put together early.”

Director Liu smiled modestly and thanked Chen Zekai again in his heart, thinking to himself, “These two groups of foreign students enrolled back and forth, it’s really a coincidence, if Mr. Chen hadn’t come one step ahead, I’m afraid it would have taken me some time to sort out these materials on the fly.”

Lin Wan’er took the information and quickly flipped through it, she actually had no interest in going to school and wasn’t sure how long she could stay in Jinling.

However, since she had chosen to study at Jinling University as a student, she definitely had to choose a major.

Lin Wan’er went through the subjects and found that only history was of some interest to her.

Combined with her love for blue and white porcelain, she pulled out the introduction page of the archaeology major and said indifferently, “Let’s take this one.”

When Director Liu took a look, his eyes widened and he exclaimed, “Archaeology again? The archaeology major looks like it’s going to turn over this year ……”

Lin Wan’er frowned at him and asked, “Where does ‘again’ come from?”

Director Liu said heartily, “I’m not going to lie to you, Miss Lin, a few minutes before you arrived, I had just admitted an international student from Canada, also a girl, who liked mixed blood, and she chose the archaeology major …… I even advised her at that time that the archaeology major was really cold and future employment was a big problem, but she didn’t care at all and was determined to choose this major. But she didn’t care at all, she was determined to choose this major …… Now you are also going to choose this major, in the future, with you two in the archaeology department, I am afraid that the archaeology department will become the focus of the whole school ……”

The two of you are both from overseas, if you feel like getting along, you can get in touch with each other more after the school year starts, and you might become friends.”

Lin Wan’er skimmed a glance, smiled and shook her head, “No need, I don’t really like making friends.”

“Oh, that’s fine ……” Director Liu smiled sarcastically and put Claudia’s application form back.

Lin Wan’er, however, suddenly saw something at that moment and blurted out, “Wait a minute!”