Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5194

  Naturally, Richard Chen was also willing to sell him this favour, so he said, “Contact me anytime when you’re done, I’ll be waiting for you at Buckingham Palace.”

“OK!” Director Liu said excitedly, “Thank you so much, Mr Chen!”

“You’re welcome.” Richard Chen smiled faintly and said, “Since you still have things to do, we won’t bother you.”

Director Liu nodded, “I’ll send you down just in time.”

When the four of them arrived downstairs, a group of school leaders were already waiting here, after Director Liu said goodbye to the three of them, he hurriedly went over to line up, Chen Zekai looked at Ye Chen and asked respectfully, “Young master, what other arrangements do you have?”

Ye Chen said, “I have nothing more to do, first I will send Claudia back and have a meal at noon at Auntie Li’s new home.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added: “By the way, at that time, I brought Wan Bajun and a group of generals from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall to save an old lady and her only son in Mexico, you should contact Wan Bajun and ask him for this old lady’s home address, I will pay a visit to her in the next few days.”

When Chen Zekai arrived in Mexico with Hong Wu Yi at that time, Ye Chen and the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall had already annihilated the entire Crazy Juarez, he was not very clear about the details, but his style of action was crisp and clear, so he did not ask anything and immediately agreed, saying, “Yes young master, I will contact Master Wan later.”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “I’ll leave first then, today is sort of a pot luck for Auntie Li and the girls, I’ll go and prepare some gifts.”

Chen Zekai immediately said, “Okay Young Master, I’ll report back to you this afternoon after I’ve finished docking with Hall Master Wan on my side.”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded slightly in approval, and then said to Claudia, “Let’s go.”

Claudia nodded obediently and sat on the pa*senger side of Ye Chen’s BMW.

Ye Chen started the car and drove towards the school gate.

At the same time, a black Rolls Royce Phantom, escorted by three Cadillacs, slowly drove towards the main entrance of Jinling University.

Qiu Ying Shan and his wife were sitting in the back of this Phantom.

The driver in the car is Qiu Ying Shan’s most trusted man, who has been with him for forty years.

The pa*senger seat was occupied by Lin Wan’er.

Qiu Ying Shan saw the banner hanging outside the school gate and said, “This old Xue! I told him not to flaunt it, but why did he still put up the banner!”

Saying that, he looked at Lin Wan’er and asked, “Miss, I’m afraid this is not very safe for your status, right?”

Lin Wan’er smiled and said, “It’s fine, when someone of your level comes to Jinling, he should come openly, if he is really sneaking around, it will look fishy if people know about it, a person in his nineties has to hide his visit to a school he donated a lot of money to, whoever hears about it will find it strange. ”

Said Lin Wan’er and added, “But I won’t get off the bus later, you meet up with them first and let me know when you get to talking about my schooling, I’ll go up myself then.”

Qiu Ying Shan agreed without a second thought and said respectfully, “Yes Miss!”

At this moment, the motorcade had already driven into the main entrance of Jinling University, and Lin Wan’er also became visibly curious at this moment, and began to look around at the school she was about to enroll in.

Meanwhile, a BMW in the opposite lane drove by from afar, and in the front row of this car sat none other than Ye Chen and Claudia!