Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5193

Hearing the woman’s words, Director Liu asked in surprise, “Ah? So soon? Didn’t they say they might arrive at noon or in the afternoon?”

The woman said, “I never thought they would leave early in the night, and just now I called the old headmaster and said they were almost there! I guess it’s too late to go to the entrance of the university to meet them, so I can only wait downstairs!”

The new campus of Jinling University covers an area of almost 5,000 acres, and the distance from the entrance to the Academic Affairs Building is more than one kilometre, so if a group of middle-aged and elderly people really walked there, it would take at least ten to twenty minutes.

Saying that, she hurriedly added, “Director Liu, hurry up, the headmaster told me to be downstairs in three minutes, I still have to inform the others.”

After these words were said, the woman retreated.

When Director Liu heard this, he could only apologize and said to Chen Zekai, “Mr. Chen, I’m really sorry, it happened suddenly, let’s come back another day, come back some other time!”

Chen Zekai smiled and said, “It’s fine, you go ahead and do your work, we’ll leave first, come to the Buckingham Palace some other day and get together, I’ll be the host!”

Director Liu hurriedly nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll definitely come to the house after I’m done with the enrollment.”

He said, somewhat embarra*sed, “By the way, Mr. Chen, my son found a girlfriend and suddenly told me that he had gotten married in a flash and was getting married on October 1st. I don’t know if I can still get a date at the Buckingham Palace ballroom?”

The hotel rooms and banquet halls at Buckingham Palace are never sold out, so they are reserved for good friends who suddenly need them. Buckingham Palace to see me, I’ll personally show them the venue, and as long as they’re impressed, the space will be yours to use.”

“Aiya!” Director Liu suddenly became excited and said gratefully, “Thank you so much, Mr. Chen! You’ve really relieved my pressing need! I’ll take them both to visit Buckingham Palace this afternoon!”

The main reason is that in a year, the number of wedding days suitable for marriage may not even be one tenth, and almost everyone who has a wedding will definitely choose an auspicious day for marriage to be held, so as long as it is a good day, there can be several couples in a community to hold a wedding at the same time.

The first of October itself is a good day for national celebrations, and it coincides with the seven-day long holiday, and the weather at that time is the most comfortable time of year in most places, so there are even more people who choose to get married on this day.

When it comes to such a good day, it is very difficult to book the hotel of one’s choice without starting six months in advance.

Director Liu’s son is also getting married in a flash, leaving him with only two months left to book a cla*sy hotel.

Director Liu’s family had been anxious and angry about this matter. Previously, Director Liu also wanted to ask Richard Chen for help, but at that time, Richard Chen happened to be abroad, so he exchanged a few pleasantries, but when he heard that Richard Chen was abroad, he did not have the heart to ask again.

It was only when Richard Chen approached him today that he tentatively mentioned it, but to his surprise, he was able to secure the best banquet hall in Buckingham Palace, which was a perfect solution to all his problems and greatly exceeded his expectations.

Fortunately, the Ye family’s Buckingham Palace has never put money first, which is why Richard Chen has kept the best rooms and banquet halls in his hands, so that he can use them as favours or to solve the needs of his connections at critical times.