Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5191

At a young age, Claudia had lost interest in material things and money when her peers were just beginning to appreciate their importance.

The tragic death of her family has made her look at these things very lightly. She does not expect to be rich and famous in her life, nor does she seek to live a good life or obtain a high social status, she just wants to be able to respect her own heart and live well, so that her family’s soul can feel relieved.

So, after looking at so many professions, she has little interest in any of the others, but archaeology is the only one that she is interested in.

This is not only because she wants to learn more about China, but also because she wants to keep her hands off too many people.

The fact that archaeology is a field that deals with all kinds of monuments and relics on a daily basis, and that it is a cold field with few cla*smates, made it an even better choice for Claudia.

So, she made up her mind on the spot that she wanted to major in archaeology.

And Ye Chen was very supportive of this. He knew that many university students applied for majors that were actually not their favourite direction, some chose painting, not because he loved it so much, but because painting could make the cultural marks for the university entrance exam drop low enough, and the same was actually true for music and sports.

As for those who get into ordinary universities, because of their marks, they may not be able to choose the major they like, and as long as their marks are not high enough, they basically have to settle for the second best, or even submit to a transfer.

Claudia was more fortunate than the majority of university students in that she knew exactly what she wanted.

Seeing that Claudia’s mind was made up, Director Liu immediately nodded and said, “Since you do like archaeology, then I will arrange for you to go to the archaeology department.”

He took out a pile of forms and a pen and handed it to Claudia, saying, “You have met our requirements for international students in all aspects, so you can fill out these forms exactly as you really are, all the forms with an asterisk are compulsory, the rest can be left blank. Once you have filled in the form and given it to me, I will arrange for someone to make the acceptance letters, but we just made and sent out a batch of acceptance letters the other day.

Claudia nodded her head and thanked, “Thank you, thank you for your hard work!”

Director Liu smiled slightly, looked at Chen Zekai at the side and said seriously, “My friendship with Mr. Chen is here, there is no need to say thank you for this, in the future, if you need any help with anything at JLLU, feel free to contact me, I will deal with it at the first time.”

With that, he took out another business card from the card holder on his desk and handed it to Claudia, saying, “This has my mobile phone number on it, it’s open 24 hours a day.”

Claudia thanked him again and then began to fill in her personal details.

When she reached the emergency contact section, she saw an asterisk on it and paused for a moment, but quickly bypa*sed it and filled in the rest of the fields before saying, “Director Liu, can I write this emergency contact later? My godmother and sister have both just returned from Canada and haven’t had time to get domestic mobile phone numbers yet.”

Director Liu nodded and casually said, “It’s fine, it’s fine to fill it in later, as long as you don’t forget.”