Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5187

  When Li Xiaofen saw the well-dressed Claudia, she exclaimed, “How can you be going to school? I’m afraid you’re not going to make your debut as a group in situ! I think you should stop going to school this year and participate in a domestic talent show first, maybe you’ll be a hit!”

Claudia smiled slightly blushingly and asked her in return, “Sister Fanny, how can I become a group by myself, why don’t we both go together?”

Li Xiaofen pouted and muttered, “Two people is called a group, a female group would take at least seven or eight people to make it ……”

Claudia laughed, “Then we’d at least have two first, and it would be a brave first step.”

Li Xiaofen grunted, “I’m not going to team up with you, brother Ye Chen’s orphanage is still waiting for me and aunt Li to take care of it properly!”

At this time, Ye Chen also said to Claudia, “Claudia, if you don’t have anything else, let’s leave now, the dean of the school and the person in charge of overseas undergraduate admissions have already arrived, so it’s basically enough to meet and go through the process.”

“Good!” Claudia nodded her head and turned to Li Xiaofen, “Sister Fanny, I’ll go first then!”

Li Xiaofen smiled, “When you get your notice, Auntie Li and I will give you a good celebration at noon!”

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows, “Count me in, and tell Auntie Li that she should make some extra special dishes for lunch today.”

Li Xiaofen said excitedly, “Really? Then I’ll go to the supermarket to find Auntie Li and buy more delicious food!”

Ye Chen asked her, “Do you want me to take you there on my way?”

Li Xiaofen waved her hand, “You two should go first, I still need to change my clothes, I can’t go out in my pajamas.”

Ye Chen nodded and greeted Claudia in the car, then he said goodbye to Li Xiaofen and drove to Jinling University.

As the car drove out of the district, Claudia asked somewhat timidly, “Brother Ye Chen, will it be too much trouble for you to do the admission thing?”

“No.” Ye Chen laughed, “As Jinling University wants to internationalize, it has a certain number of international students, and if the number of international students does not reach a certain number every year, the person in charge may have to carry the pressure of performance, and besides, your academic record in Canadian high school was excellent in both character and academic performance. It’s basically a sure thing, but the process is slightly more complicated, and the connections I’ve had people find can help you simplify those processes a bit.”

Only then did Claudia put her mind at ease, she was most afraid that she would cause Ye Chen too much trouble if she came to China, after all, in her heart, Ye Chen had already done too much for her.

At that time, she had lost her family and everything, and all she could think about was revenge, but now that she had started afresh in a new environment, and had a new family she could trust and entrust, she had become a little more cautious.

Ye Chen also sensed this change in her, so he said seriously: “Claudia, in Jinling, Auntie Li, Xiaofen and I are your family, Auntie Li is your mother, Xiaofen is your sister, I am your brother, you are the youngest sister in this family and deserve to be taken care of by us, so you must not think that you will cause us any trouble. We will never feel that a family member who needs our help is causing us trouble.”

Claudia was naturally touched in her heart when she saw how resolute Ye Chen was in his words.

Although she believed in the character of Auntie Li and Li Xiaofen, she was not related by blood after all, and she did not have any living relatives, so it was inevitable that she would have a feeling of being a parasite in her heart.

But any child whose parents were fostered by their relatives when they were young because of their work would understand this feeling in their hearts.