Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5186

Ye Chen saw that Ma Lan still got into Qian Hongyan’s car, and helplessly sighed that it was hard to change one’s nature, then he didn’t think any more about it, picked up Cullinan’s battery and hit the BMW, and drove out the door.

After leaving the house, Ye Chen gave Claudia a call and told her to wait for him at the new home that Richard Chen had prepared for her and Auntie Li. At the same time, he also gave Richard Chen a call and told him to contact his connections at Jinling University and go there today to get Claudia’s application for admission done.

Chen Zekai had been working in Jinling for many years and was the spokesman for the Ye family, so his local connections were all-pervasive, and Jinling University was naturally no problem. This time he had already found connections for Claudia in advance, and all he needed was for Claudia to bring the necessary documents to the school when she arrived in Jinling.

Ye Chen followed the address and navigated to a villa area by the river, which was not far from the city and not far from the large integrated orphanage that Ye Chen was going to invest in, making it very convenient for Auntie Li and Li Xiaofen to work in the orphanage in the future.

However, the distance from Jinling University is a little bit longer, but the good thing is that Jinling is not that big, if you take the bus to commute, a single trip is almost half an hour or so.

The study load at the university is not too heavy, so Claudia can consider either living on campus or going to school, or both.

The villa arranged by Richard Chen has a practical area of almost four hundred square feet, although it is not large in a villa, but unlike Tangchen Yipin where Ye Chen lives, which is divided into three floors above ground and two underground, the houses in this villa area are all above ground, so the utilisation of the area is very high.

Moreover, this house is a fine-decorated property developed by a friend of Richard Chen, a local developer, who knows all about the quality of construction and decoration of the house, so he is a bit more at ease when buying a house here.

Ye Chen parked his car at the entrance of the villa, and just as he stepped out of the car, Li Xiaofen waved to Ye Chen from the courtyard, “Brother Ye Chen!”

After saying that, she came over with a surprised face and opened the courtyard door for Ye Chen.

Seeing that she seemed to be dealing with the greenery in the yard, Ye Chen smiled and asked, “Why are you up early in the morning to clean up the yard?”

Li Xiaofen smiled and said, “There are a lot of green plants and flowers in the yard, but it feels like the levels don’t match too well, so I wanted to adjust them.”

Ye Chen asked her, “Where’s Auntie Li?”

“Gone to buy vegetables.” Li Xiaofen said, “There is a big supermarket not far out of the district, and there are all the household items at home, so Auntie Li wanted to buy some vegetables and just fire up the stove and cook.”

Ye Chen nodded and asked again, “Where is Claudia?”

Li Xiaofen smiled and whispered, “She’s putting on her make-up, she seems to be quite looking forward to going to school, she’s been chanting to me all morning.”

As soon as Li Xiaofen’s words fell, Claudia, a hybrid of East and West, pushed her way out the door.

Today’s Claudia, dressed extraordinarily young and beautiful, pure white t-shirt, with light grey plaid medium skirt, plus two fluffy golden braids on the left and right, looking very sunny and lively, compared to the previous expressionless and bitter little girl all day long, completely different from the two.

Seeing Ye Chen at the door, she said with some rawness in her eyebrows, “Brother Ye Chen you’re here ……”