Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5184

The face of Qian Hongyan’s foolishness, Ma Lan this time not be led by her nose, but in that self-conscious said: “stocks, futures I do not understand, the risk is too high, and need a lot of capital, I still think live with goods is simpler, starting with nothing, have a mobile phone will be able to do this thing, success to make a lot of money, not also no loss.”

Qian Hongyan drove while hitting her, “If you want to engage in live streaming with goods, you must first have something attractive, you say old ladies like us, who can be attracted to watch it?”

Ma Lan casually muttered, “If we can’t, we can just sell the tragedy, I’ll just say that my husband has lung cancer and ask for help.”

As if her tail had been stepped on, Qian Hongyan hurriedly said, “That won’t do! Your family’s Ye Chen is now considered a dignified person, you’re at home with Xiao Changkun cheating money online, how embarra*sing it will be for Ye Chen’s clients to know!”

Ma Lan bristled, “It’s not shameful to make money.”

She said to Qian Hongyan, “By the way, what’s that old woman doing these days? Why don’t you lend her to me for a few days, and I’ll take her and Xiao Changkun with me to the outskirts of Jinling to rent a rural self-constructed house for live broadcasting.”

Qian Hongyan could not have imagined that Ma Lan would have figured out the way.

When she first thought of live-streaming, she had also seen other people’s live-streams and short videos on the Internet that sold misery.

After watching around, she found that those hosts who were selling misery were not as f*cking miserable as herself.

They were either sick with their children or their husbands, wives or parents, but in her own family, there were two old men who were paralyzed in bed and an old woman who was buried in the earth to the sky, she had been bullied by her mother-in-law for so many years, she was made to work in a black coal kiln and got pregnant accidentally.

The first thing you need to do is to look at those who are not as miserable as you are to make money, Qian Hongyan’s brain turned, simply set up the room, and also engaged in a live broadcast with goods.

The two men, Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong, were almost invalids, lying in bed, so they didn’t even have to act.

Moreover, both of them had hospital certificates, and the certificates of various injuries alone were a thick pile. If we look at them with reference to the certificates, the two people lying on the bed were not two living people, but two tragedies.

So, once Qian Hongyan started live-streaming, she immediately captured the psychology of netizens and the pain points of the platform’s algorithm, and the number of fans grew, and the retention of fans was extremely good.

And the money Qian Hongyan really made was much more than Ma Lan and Ye Chen had guessed.

Because of the reason that she did sell misery so badly, she brought goods to sell, unlike other anchors, she was really not swiping and few of her fans would return the goods.

The same goods, others with goods can even reach 50% return rate, but once she got started, and pulled a family selling misery, and constantly thanked, and constantly sang some sad song, and then a mouthful of thanks to the family to help help Yanzi, so that the fans to her tolerance than other anchors a large cut.

Many people feel dissatisfied with the things they buy in her live stream, but when they think of how hard it is for this woman, her son and husband are in bed and she still has to carry sh*t and urine, and afterwards there is an old woman at home who looks like she won’t live for a few years to take care of, they feel that the money is a good deed.

Qian Hongyan used this to her advantage, and was able to reduce the return rate to less than 5%!

This instantly made Qian Hongyan’s ability to bring in goods, very much recognised by those brands.

Although Qian Hongyan’s number of followers was not as high as those of the top anchors, Qian Hongyan’s high conversion rate of followers and high order turnover rate also made the brands increase her commission rate.

Now the moisture of the live stream with goods is already very large, take Qian Hongyan yesterday with the five towels, the production cost in the southern factory, is about 15 yuan, because the order quantity is huge, so they send logistics cost is about two or three yuan, storage, packing costs add up, the total cost is only 20 yuan, but live stream sell 99 yuan five, the gross profit rate is very high.

However, the brands also have their own weaknesses, their biggest fear is the high rate of returns.