Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5181

  When he saw Qian Hongyan pull up outside his house, he frowned and said, “This woman must be here early in the morning, looking for trouble.

After all, he knew Qian Hongyan very well, this woman and Ma Lan, basically the same attributes, are the kind of people who hate to lick to death when they see a noble person, and hate to step on each other when they see each other.

For a long time in the past, Mrs. Xiao and Qian Hongyan’s family had a miserable life, and it would not be too much to say that it was a human tragedy.

Later, Qian Hongyan, who was the sister-in-law, tried her best to be in front of Ma Lan, and now that she had finally turned over a new leaf, it would be hell if she didn’t step on Ma Lan.

The truth was just as he had expected.

Qian Hongyan didn’t turn off the car after parking it, but honked the horn three times in succession, then poked her head out and shouted at the third floor of her villa, “Ma Lan! Ma Lan! Are you awake?”

She had been awake since last night and was blind from scrolling through her mobile phone.

A minute ago, she had just found some sleep and planned to sleep first, but she was distracted by Qian Hongyan’s horn.

When she heard Qian Hongyan shouting her name, Ma Lan was furious and picked up the carbon fibre telescopic cane given to her by the Fei family hospital and limped out, asking angrily, “What are you doing? If you don’t sleep, others are still sleeping!”

Qian Hongyan laughed and leaned out of the car window, smiling and waving at Ma Lan, “What are you sleeping for? We’ll have a five-star breakfast buffet, then we’ll lie in the spa all morning and eat in the hotel restaurant for lunch. My treat!”

Ma Lan heard that she was getting C*cky in front of her and was just about to say something to undermine her, when she suddenly heard Qian Hongyan say that she was buying, so she asked suspiciously, “Are you sure you’re buying?”

Qian Hongyan said very seriously, “We’ve been going for so many years, can I still lie to you about these little things?”

Ma Lan skimmed her lips and said testily, “I was afraid that you would run away in a huff when you were done and leave me there alone with the check.”

“You’re kidding.” Qian Hongyan snorted and pulled out a gold card of Buckingham Palace and said to Ma Lan, “I have deposited 500,000 in Buckingham Palace, I am a VIP there, when I go there to spend, I just sign the bill directly and cut the money from the account, I don’t even have to bother to buy the bill myself, how could I let you spend money?”

She looked at Ma Lan and asked with a raised eyebrow, “Are you going or not? Even if you have a gold card, you can only get a 25% discount, so you won’t be able to get by without 15,000.

Hearing this, Ma Lan greeted Qian Hongyan’s ancestors once and for all, while thinking, “D*mn, I’ve never experienced such a high-end spa as Buckingham Palace, and Qian Hongyan is willing to spend half a million dollars to get a card, and it’s 15,000 for one visit.

The most glamorous period of Ma Lan’s life was the days when she lived alone in a mansion in Jinling, drove a luxury car and had a six-figure deposit on her card.

However, when Ma Lan had a six-figure deposit, she wouldn’t have dared to spend as much as Qian Hongyan did. A single spa treatment costing more than $10,000 had long since exceeded Ma Lan’s concept of spending.

She felt that if she had to spend 20,000 to 30,000 dollars at a beauty salon and spend a couple of thousand dollars every time she went to have her face or body done, she was already a high-spending noblewoman, so she would not dare to throw away half a million dollars just for a spa treatment like Qian Hongyan did.

Besides, she didn’t have that kind of money either.

After thinking about it for a moment, Ma Lan was already longing for it, so she suppressed her jealousy and anger and said to Qian Hongyan, “Oh, since you are so enthusiastic, I will go with you to experience it.”

After saying that, he also deliberately lamented, “I invited you to eat, drink and play for so long before I went to the United States, you can remember to invite me back now, it’s considered that you have a conscience!”

Qian Hongyan shook her head and laughed, but did not make any mockery of Ma Lan, but waved to her, “Then hurry up and come down, I’m still hungry and waiting to go there for breakfast!”