Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5176

  When Ma Lan heard this, she cursed in anger, “F*ck, I’m going to throw up if I look at it again! This b*tch Qian Hongyan is a real f*cking actress!”

At this time, Qian Hongyan on the live stream picked up another phone at this time and spoke, “Family members then I’m going to be on the shopping cart now, everyone who needs it hurry up and grab it, three, two, one, get in!”

Ma Lan muttered under her breath, “This piece of sh*t towel doesn’t even have a brand name, and it’s still selling for 99 yuan for 5 pieces, I see that people use good towels of top quality long-staple cotton for this price, only a fool would buy hers!”

After saying that, she muttered, “Let’s see how many orders you can sell with this thing.”

With her mouth full, her finger tapped the shopping cart icon on Qian Hongyan’s live stream, and when she clicked in, the first item on the link was this towel, buy three get two free, 99 yuan for free shipping, and the real-time sales were already over 1,800 orders.

Ma Lan was shocked and said, “sh*t, people are really buying them? More than 1,800 orders? One single order she Qian Hongyan earns three yuan, doesn’t that mean that she has earned more than five thousand yuan in the work of farting?!”

She said, she asked Ye Chen: “Good son-in-law, she said that she could only withdraw three dollars for a single towel of ninety-nine dollars, is that a lie? Why do I think it must be at least five or six yuan!”

Ye Chen laughed: “Mom, you said less, I estimate Qian Hongyan’s commission, at least twenty dollars for a single order.”

“How much?!” Ma Lan’s whole body was dumbfounded, incredulously blurting out, “A single order can earn at least twenty dollars? Then she sold more than eighteen hundred orders this time, according to that, she made more than thirty thousand?!”

“Pretty much.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “There might be some people swiping orders and there might be some returns, but I reckon it would make at least ten thousand to twenty thousand as well.”

Ma Lan was already furious and cursed through clenched teeth, “F*ck, that b*tch Qian Hongyan, will she spend so much money given to her?!”

Ye Chen casually said, “Didn’t they buy a Mercedes Benz G?”

Hearing Ye Chen’s words, Ma Lan was even more depressed to the extreme.

But what was even more depressing was that at this time, Qian Hongyan choked up and said, “All three thousand orders have been sold out, thank you family members! Thank you family members! Yanzi has nothing to repay, so I’ll sing a song for you all, it’s the theme song of one of my favourite dramas, the heroine is almost worse off than me, but her resilient character has always inspired me and made me stronger!”

With that, she hummed softly, “Long years, you said back then was good confusion ……”

Ma Lan felt a moment of vertigo and cursed out of the blue, “D*mn, three thousand orders all sold out?!”

After that, she quit and refreshed, and sure enough, it was off the shelves, and the sales were exactly three thousand.

Ma Lan was so jealous that she wanted to rush to the next villa and tear Qian Hongyan apart, gritting her teeth and cursing, “Three thousand orders, sixty thousand dollars! Is this making money? This is robbery!”

After that, she muttered indignantly, “D*mn, with so many orders, even packing the courier would be exhausting for this b*tch! It’s better to give her a cerebral hemorrhage and fall into bed like Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong!”

Ye Chen shook his head helplessly and continued to add: “Mom, Qian Hongyan is only helping the manufacturer to sell goods live, she doesn’t need to care about packing and shipping, after these three thousand people place their orders and pay, the manufacturer’s side will start packing and shipping, Qian Hongyan doesn’t need to do anything, just wait for the commission to be withdrawn.”

“What?!” Ma Lan was going crazy and asked in a near collapse, “You’re saying that she’s making so much money that she doesn’t even need to do the packing and shipping herself? That’s a lot of money for her to make with her bragging and singing! Is there any f*cking sense in this?”