Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5175

Ma Lan’s description of Qian Hongyan made Ye Chen quite surprised.

He really didn’t expect that Qian Hongyan had seized the biggest windfall of the internet at the moment and had followed the example of others in live-streaming with goods.

Moreover, what Ye Chen did not expect was that Qian Hongyan had even set up a persona online.

There are thousands of people who play live, but those who know how to set up a persona and can set it up well are few and far between.

Some people package themselves as a success guru, teaching others how to turn $10,000 into $10 billion online every day, and boasting how many star companies and gra*sroots entrepreneurs they have produced, when in fact he himself may not have even finished high school, but in earlier years, he did fried skewers, but the project was yellowed because he did not have a health permit, plus the city management did not allow stalls, and then the short video wind came. He became an elite entrepreneur worth over 100 million dollars.

Others like to design some alternative and refreshing catchphrases or body movements for themselves, relying on the constant repetition of such symbols to complete the brainwashing of the audience.

In addition, some people like to show off their wealth and boast that they are the second generation of the rich; some like to pretend to be intellectuals and boast that they have read tens of thousands of books; and some like to sell misery to gain the sympathy of others.

Qian Hongyan is the latter.

By selling misery and setting up the persona of a strong woman, she gained a lot of fans and managed to make some of them sympathise with and admire her, so when she started live-streaming with goods and falsely claimed that she wanted to earn money to earn medical expenses for her paralysed husband and son, she started to swing a scythe at her fans.

At this time, Ma Lan took Xiao Churan’s mobile phone and searched Qian Hongyan’s live broadcast room through the short video platform.

At this moment, the number of people online in the live broadcast room had already exceeded 20,000.

Qian Hongyan sat at the head of her husband Xiao Changqian’s bed, wiping Xiao Changqian’s face while introducing to the camera, “Family members, this towel in my hand is made of 100% natural cotton, it’s very absorbent, and it’s especially soft when wiping the body!”

“For people like my husband who is paralyzed in bed, it is important to scrub his body every day so that he doesn’t sweat and develop bed sores, this towel is very useful, it wipes clean and doesn’t leave much water after wiping, it keeps the body dry!”

“Towels like this should always be kept at home, old towels should be replaced regularly, and when guests come to the house, there are new towels for them to use.

“I’ve only managed to get 3,000 orders from the manufacturer, so if you need them, place your orders as soon as possible, there will be no more shops after this village.”

As she said that, Qian Hongyan picked up a gla*s of water and fed Xiao Changqian to drink, but Xiao Changqian’s action was wooden and he accidentally spilled a neck, Qian Hongyan immediately used a towel to wipe up the spilled water and said to the camera, “Look everyone, this towel is really good at absorbing water, it’s thanks to it, otherwise my silly husband would have gotten the bed wet.”

Ma Lan cursed and said, “f*ck, look at Xiao Changqian, he’s so dead, he’s pretending! I remember he only has a broken leg, but he doesn’t have Alzheimer’s!”

Ye Chen laughed, “It must have been an act, it was all scripted and rehearsed in advance.”

At this time, Qian Hongyan in the live broadcast was not in a hurry to get on the shopping cart, but patiently helped her husband to finish packing before sighing: “In fact, if my husband and son were not paralyzed, I would not want to earn money from my family here, like this kind of towel, I can earn two dollars commission for selling one single, if all three thousand singles were sold, I could earn about six thousand dollars, six thousand dollars sounds a lot, but I The family has several mouths waiting for food, husband and son still need money to go to the hospital for rehabilitation, the day’s expenses are more than this amount, so people just think of it as a favor to Yanzi, anyway, towels such things, you have to buy sooner or later, since this, why not buy a copy here in Yanzi, also considered to give Yanzi a love, Yanzi here to thank the family! “