Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5173

“Got into a fight with the police?!”

Ye Chen asked with a surprised look on his face, “How could Mom get into a fight with the police?”

Xiao Churan said in a panic: “I don’t know, mum said she needed to go to the toilet so I helped her in and then came out, then I heard her talking to someone on the phone inside, and her tone was getting more and more agitated, and finally she got into a fight with someone else, and said that they didn’t deserve to be a police officer or something like that …… ”

Ye Chen busy said: “I go to see.”

After saying that, looking at Xiao Changkun, seriously said, “Dad, what I just said, you digest it again, if you feel bad to digest, a little later down I will tell you again.”

Xiao Changkun was depressed beyond belief and muttered, “Forget it …… you just don’t sprinkle salt on my wounds arrogantly …… no …… what you’re sprinkling is not even salt , it’s sulfuric acid!”

Ye Chen shook his head helplessly, “Then you can figure it out yourself, I’ll go up and take a look first.”

Saying that, Ye Chen then took the lift with Xiao Churan to the third floor.

Before they could enter Ma Lan’s bedroom, they heard Ma Lan yelling from the bathroom, “Aren’t you the police? Why can’t you do anything about it? I have given you the evidence so clearly, why don’t you come and arrest people?”

Ye Chen heard the other party say on the phone, “Madam, this situation is really not enough to be a fraud, we can’t file a case to arrest people, it’s everyone who made up a random story on the internet and we police have to arrest people over, this is a moral level not a legal level.”

Ma Lan said angrily, “She cheated people out of their money! If she didn’t cheat people out of their money, how could she afford to buy a Mercedes big g? My son-in-law told me that the car she drove cost at least two million dollars, which is considered a mega-fraud case in the law, right? You guys should have just arrested him and sentenced her to life imprisonment!”

“The operator on the other side of …… said very patiently: “The problem you just reflected, we have gone to check with the platform, the platform reflected that the money she earned is reasonable and legal, and has been paid by the The platform has paid and withheld personal income tax, and the things she sells online are all regular qualified products produced by regular manufacturers, so your claim that she is suspected of fraud is not supported by any evidence. The law is not a child’s play!”

Ma Lan cursed furiously, “She’s making up stories to cheat people! She said on the internet that her husband and son were paralyzed in a car accident, but that’s a lie, her husband and son were not paralyzed in a car accident, they were paralyzed by someone!”

The other party said helplessly, “Even if what you say is true, then the responsibility lies with the party who beat her up, not with her. Unless her husband and her son were paralyzed by him, there is no way we can arrest her.”

“You ……” Ma Lan huffed and puffed and yelled hysterically, “I think you are deliberately covering her up! You know she has broken the law but you don’t arrest her, what is your intention?”

The other party seemed to have given up explaining to her and said, “Madam, we really don’t have a case for the problem reflected, so please don’t continue, as this matter is taking up public resources. set up a case for investigation!”