Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5172

  ”Who said that?” Xiao Changkun’s heart was extremely unsure, but he still said with a stiff upper lip, “I think I can’t be any worse than him, He Yuanjiang, if I hurry up and make some changes now!”

Ye Chen laughed, “You’re saying that you can’t beat someone and you’re still saying that they’re attacking you, what’s the point of just saying that? If you were really in the ring, you would have lost your life if you had carried on for a few more rounds! Tell me how you are better than Professor He, you can name a point, any point you like! I won’t say anything else, but Professor He dares to love and hate, he dares to say it out loud and pursue it openly, this alone will leave you a hundred thousand miles behind.”

“I ……” Xiao Changkun didn’t know how to argue at once.

He Yuanjiang is indeed too much better than him in all aspects. This time when he went to South Korea for cultural exchange, the subject matter of other people He Yuanjiang did was really breathtaking to everyone, and the level directly killed all the people involved on both sides.

When He Yuanjiang gave a speech on stage, he switched between Chinese, English and Korean at will, and his personality charmed a large group of Korean ladies.

During the cultural exchange period, at least seven or eight old Korean women confessed their love to him, including many beautiful young women, which made Xiao Changkun very envious.

Because He Yuanjiang is so good, Xiao Changkun has always had an inferiority complex in front of him, but despite his inferiority complex, Xiao Changkun still has one thing to comfort himself, that is, He Yuanjiang likes Han Meiqing, but Han Meiqing likes himself.

Although he was inferior to him in every way, he had at least won once with Han Meiqing.

However, Xiao Changkun never expected that when the cultural exchange was about to end, the Chinese and Korean members of the exchange held a ball, who would have thought that He Yuanjiang would not only be knowledgeable and of excellent character, but would also be able to go on stage and sing an English song with his guitar.

After singing a love song in English, he even confessed his love to Han Meiqing in public, saying that he hoped to walk hand in hand with Han Meiqing for the rest of his life, and finally stood on stage and asked Han Meiqing if she was willing to accept him, and if she was willing, she would dance with him.

To their surprise, Han Meiqing stood up and walked onto the stage to the cheers of the crowd, and the two of them did a twist dance that was very popular in America in the last century.

Everyone in the audience was impressed by the perfect match between the two, except Xiao Changkun, who felt completely defeated and his life had fallen to the bottom.

From that day on, Xiao Changkun’s whole life was completely destroyed.

Back in Jinling, he locked himself up at home for a week or so, smoking and drinking every day to anesthetize himself until today.

However, although Xiao Changkun was in pain, he could not objectively see the difference between himself and He Yuanjiang, which is why he had been so angry and hated He Yuanjiang for taking away the love of his life, and even hated Han Meiqing for moving on.

But now, hearing Ye Chen’s words that pierced his heart, he finally came back to his senses in his heart and finally realised that the gap between himself and He Yuanjiang.

When he thought of his rival, who was completely crushing him, Xiao Changkun’s grief rose from his heart and he bawled like a child.

Ye Chen was about to say a few words of comfort in pa*sing, but to his surprise, Xiao Churan suddenly rushed out from the lift and said anxiously, “Honey, something’s wrong! Mum called 110 and got into a fight with the police!”