Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5171

  Ye Chen shook his head and said, “I know, when Auntie Han returned to China, it happened that Mom disappeared for a period of time, and I could see that you enjoyed the feeling at that time very much, only you didn’t think about it, that feeling is only temporary, you can’t take temporary as eternal.”

He said, “Dad, I know more or less about Professor He’s situation, and to be honest, it seems to me that it’s the best choice for Auntie Han to be with him, first of all because they are both single and both widowed, so not only is there no psychological burden of destroying each other’s families, but there’s also no need to worry that the other person will rekindle their old relationship with the last one, or that the last one will come back for them. The last one will come back to haunt them.”

The two of you will definitely not be able to get away with it unless you both leave Jinling and never come back, and don’t let him know where you’ve gone. ”

Xiao Changkun looked up to the sky and sighed: “Ye Chen …… you’re right Ye Chen …… I’m just afraid that Ma Lan’s ghost won’t come back! For these twenty years, I dream of getting rid of her every day, but this woman is like a devil, there is no way she will let me go.”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “You need to fight for such things yourself, you yourself are afraid in the first place, then what is the point of saying anything else?”

He said, Ye Chen added: “I didn’t finish my sentence, Auntie Han and Professor He, both of them came back from the United States, and both graduated from top famous universities, they are truly senior intellectuals, both in the United States and in China, they have a high social status, they belong to the absolute elite cla*s, this alone is a very good match, in comparison, Dad, apart from being Auntie Han’s first love, you have little advantage over Professor He.”

Xiao Changkun said glumly, “Doesn’t he just read more books than I do? Where else is he better than me?”

He is a special professor and vice dean of the College of Finance and Economics, if he is willing to go to Yanjing, Tsinghua will also rush to invite him there, and his lifestyle habits are better than yours, his body management is also better than yours, he runs and works out every day, he looks like he is in his thirties even though he is fifty years old, it just so happens that Auntie Han also likes to run and her body management is also very much in place I’m sure the two of them will be very happy in their old age.”

Xiao Changkun was so depressed that he choked up and said, “Ye Chen, are you here to persuade me or to give me a hard time? Let you talk as if your Aunt Han was right to give up on me.”

Ye Chen nodded his head and said seriously, “Not only is it right, but it is very right.”

Ye Chen knew very well that things like feelings, once reduced to a wound, must be cut quickly.

It was like a small wound appearing on a leg, but this wound repeatedly festered and did not heal, then the leg had to be chopped off to him, otherwise, it would definitely affect the whole body.

Xiao Changkun’s style of action was, as he himself said, abject, not only to Ma Lan but also to himself, so how could he possibly give himself a heavy dose of medicine to treat his psychological pain?

So, this kind of thing would have to be done by himself, his son-in-law, on his behalf.

So, he patted Xiao Changkun’s shoulder and said, “Dad, forget it, admit defeat, Professor He is much better than you in all aspects, don’t look at you now, you live in a big villa and drive a Cullinan, but if you really use your own strength to compare, eight of you can’t beat one of Professor He. It’s a sign of self-importance.”