Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5170

Hearing Xiao Changkun’s words, Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask with some surprise, “How did Professor He get together with Auntie Han? When did it happen?”

Xiao Changkun said indignantly, “It was when we went to Korea for a cultural exchange, and the two of them somehow saw each other!”

Ye Chen asked him, “Are you sure you’re together? Officially announced?”

“Yes……” Xiao Changkun’s eyes were red and swollen, and he said in pain, “Your Auntie Han talked to me about this, she said that Professor He has always had that kind of interest in her, and it’s not just for a day or two, just that time we When we met him on that run, he already had his heart set on your Auntie Han.”

Xiao Changkun said, “That old boy named He has been stalking your Auntie Han, and your Auntie Han didn’t know which of her tendencies was wrong, so she agreed to him.”

Ye Chen laughed and said, “Dad, I’ll say something you don’t like to hear, but I actually feel that the two of them are quite a good match.”

“A good match?!” Xiao Changkun exploded when he heard this, and angrily questioned, “What’s so good about them? If you want to talk about good match, your Auntie Han and I are the perfect couple. ”

Xiao Changkun said with indignation, “I really didn’t expect that your aunt Han could move on so quickly, after so many years of relationship, is it no better than that He in her eyes?”

Hearing him say that, Ye Chen said seriously with a serious face, “Dad, what you are saying is very irresponsible.”

Xiao Changkun raised his eyebrows and asked with a glare, “How am I being irresponsible? Did I say something wrong?”

Ye Chen asked him in return, “You keep saying that you and Auntie Han are a match made in heaven, but didn’t you still end up getting married to Mom?”

Xiao Changkun said angrily, “I was set up by Ma Lan, if it wasn’t for him, how could your Auntie Han have left me?”

Ye Chen shook his head and said lightly, “Let’s not mention that old story, let’s talk about what happened during the time after Auntie Han came back. I can see that when Auntie Han first returned to China, she did still have old feelings for you. The point is, she gave you a chance, but you didn’t have the courage to take it, you yourself were unwilling to take it, and she couldn’t have waited for you all the time, and when you meet a more suitable person under such circumstances, anyone else would definitely choose the latter, after all, if you choose the former, you don’t know when you’ll have to wait, and there’s even a possibility that you won’t be able to wait for any result for the rest of your life.”

When Xiao Changkun heard this, he stammered a bit sheepishly, “I’m looking for the right time to ask your mother for a divorce, aren’t I? But you know her character, so I definitely have to wait for an opportunity to move in secret, so I can’t mention it to her directly!”

Ye Chen grunted and said, “Dad, do you believe this when you say it out loud?”

Xiao Changkun argued forcefully, “I …… do think so!”

You just want to wait for a good opportunity to fall out of the sky, preferably when Mom suddenly evaporates, or when she doesn’t want to live with you anymore and takes the initiative to ask for a divorce, so that you can get rid of this marriage logically and without any effort, right? You can get rid of the marriage without any trouble, right?”

Xiao Changkun didn’t expect Ye Chen to say what he was thinking, so he said with an embarra*sed look on his face, “I’m trying to solve the problem as peacefully as possible. ……”