Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5165

  It was only after that time that Ma Lan realised that Qian Hongyan and Xiao Changqian were two people who really had the heart and guts to eat people!

Therefore, Ma Lan had always held a grudge against Qian Hongyan and was very wary of her.

The reason why she was close to Qian Hongyan was because Qian Hongyan had been licking Ma Lan like a pug, which made Ma Lan find a great sense of superiority, and also made Ma Lan enjoy the feeling of stepping on Qian Hongyan’s feet while Qian Hongyan was still worried about her stretching her thighs.

However, even though she takes Qian Hongyan to eat, drink and play every day, she still remembers that Qian Hongyan is a snake scorpion that eats people without spitting out bones, and she must always be careful to prevent her from biting again.

Originally, she thought it would be impossible for Qian Hongyan to turn over in her life, but she never expected that the b*tch would turn over so quickly!

She recalled the logo she saw on the rear of the car just now and couldn’t help but ask Ye Chen: “Good son-in-law, what kind of car is the g500, is it very expensive?”

“The g500 ah ……” Ye Chen said casually, “It’s one of the big Mercedes g’s, a little stronger than the g350 and a little worse than the g63.”

Ma Lan said offhandedly, “Didn’t you say the big g was some kind of g63? How come the g500 is also one of the big g’s?”

Ye Chen laughed: “It seems that all the cars in the g series are called big g. And although the g500 is not as expensive as the g63, it’s not cheap either, and the car has always had a premium, so it’s more than two million dollars all down.”

“What do you mean?!” Ma Lan said with wide eyes, shocked beyond belief, “Just that g500, it costs over two million?!”

“Yeah.” Ye Chen nodded, “More than two million is definitely needed, it’s a big g after all.”

Ma Lan was so angry that she kept stamping her foot: “D*mn it! God is blind! She can afford to drive a car with more than two million dollars! How can she afford to drive a two million dollar car? Her family is so poor that they can’t even afford to pay for it, yet she still drives a two million dollar Mercedes Benz G. How can she have the face to do that?”

Ye Chen said something solid: “Mom, since she can afford such an expensive car, it’s definitely not possible that she can’t make ends meet… She may have really been unable to make ends meet before, but now it seems that she has really turned a corner.”

Ma Lan remembered something and frowned, “Isn’t it Xiao Weiwei! I think I heard her say before that Xiao Weiwei was running some kind of etiquette company, and the business seemed to be doing quite well, D*mn it I thought Xiao Weiwei was working for someone else, but I didn’t expect to make so much money!”

Ye Chen shook his head, “Mom, it’s not likely, even if Xiao Weiwei earns a good income, at the end of the year, it’s estimated that she can only buy half a big G. What’s more, it seems that she has only been working for a few months, how can she earn so much money.”

The situation of that etiquette company of Xiao Weiwei’s, Ye Chen actually knew it better, after all, that company was still taken down for her to run in the first place by himself.

With Hong Wu and Chen Zekai taking care of it, the etiquette company’s business was really good during this period of time, and if it followed the pattern of ordinary etiquette companies playing hard to squeeze etiquette girls, that company could indeed make a lot of money.

However, Xiao Weiwei is now considered reformed and has also experienced the ordeal of being victimized, so she is sincere to her company’s Miss Manners, not only draws less commission, but even creates a lot of benefits for them.

Just buying commuter cars and hiring full-time drivers for the ladies is a significant expense.

The company’s net profit is not 100% in Xiao Weiwei’s pocket, Xiao Weiwei can only get a small portion, so the calculation, Xiao Weiwei a year down, earn a million is not a big problem, and more is not realistic.

This …… is not possible either …… Qian Hongyan, an idle old woman with few contacts and little skill, what could she turn over with?”