Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5164

The three of them pushed their luggage into the neighborhood when they heard the short sound of a car horn from behind.

The three of them subconsciously looked back, only to see a large Mercedes Benz suv slowly driving over, the window of the car lowered, a woman peeked out and said in surprise, “Aiyo, Ma Lan! When did you come back from America?!”

When Ma Lan heard this, she said in surprise, “Qian Hongyan? Is it really you?!”

Qian Hongyan drove the car forward again and stopped directly beside Ma Lan, leaning on the window with a smug face and said with a smile, “Ma Lan, you are really interesting, you went to the United States for a month and you still can’t recognize me as your sister-in-law?”

Ma Lan’s two eyebrows furrowed up.

There were several voices rising and falling in her mind.

The first voice was, “D*mn, how can this b*tch Qian Hongyan drive a Mercedes? Isn’t she so poor that she can’t even afford it? There are two handicapped people lying at home, and an old mother who is in her eighties, and she has no money to eat every day.

The second voice said, “D*mn, this Qian Hongyan is really quick to change her face, when I didn’t go to the US, she was always sticking to me like an a*s, calling me “Sister Lan” and “Sister Lan”, but now that she has a Mercedes Benz, she doesn’t call me “Sister Lan” anymore, she’s calling me “Ma Lan” again, and she’s my f*cking sister-in-law, who the hell recognises her as a sister-in-law… Who the hell recognises her as a sister-in-law…”

The third voice was: “D*mn, this Qian Hongyan has not hit some kind of bad luck, has she accidentally turned over a new leaf, right? To be able to drive a large Mercedes Benz crossover, this must have some financial strength ah ……”

The two of us have been sisters-in-law for so many years, and you don’t even pay attention to me when I talk to you.”

Ma Lan saw Qian Hongyan speak strangely, coldly grunted, skimmed his mouth and said, “Aigoo, to say that this changes a lot, I think you really change a lot! I remember that before I left, you were calling me Sister Lan every day, and you even said that you wanted me to buy you a gold chain from Chow Tai Fook, why are you now calling yourself sister-in-law in front of me again?”

Qian Hongyan grunted and said, “Ma Lan, as the saying goes, it takes three days to impress a scholar, not to mention that you’ve been gone for more than a month.”

“Che.” Ma Lan said disdainfully, “I’ve known you for more than twenty or thirty years and I haven’t found anything impressive about you, let alone the fact that you’ve only been gone for a month this time.”

Qian Hongyan brushed off a smile and waved her hand, “Aiya, forget it, you Ma Lan talk is also an old yin and yang master, and narrow-minded, can’t see others have a better life than you, these two points I know better than anyone, I ah, also do not take my hot face to your cold butt, first go, goodbye.”

With that, she stepped on the accelerator and the Mercedes let out a roar of its engine, leaving the trio far behind.

Ma Lan was shaking with anger and cursed through gritted teeth, “f*ck, this Qian Hongyan dares to be so crazy with me, she must have found a chance to turn over a new leaf!”

Xiao Churan said casually, “It would be good if auntie could have a chance to turn over a new leaf, their family was really difficult before, not to mention their grandmother.

Ma Lan said angrily, “I tell you Churan, in this world, anyone can live well, but not her Qian Hongyan family!”

Xiao Churan was surprised and asked, “Why? Mom, in the end, we are all family, blood is thicker than water, even if the two families don’t get along much anymore, they are still family.”

“No!” Ma Lan gritted her teeth and said, “Let me tell you, sometimes the people who want to hurt you the most are the ones who are so close to you! You don’t know how ruthless this D*mn Qian Hongyan is!”

When she said this, Ma Lan couldn’t help but recall the time when Qian Hongyan had cheated and almost cheated herself out of her family’s money.

That time, if it wasn’t for Ye Chen, he would have been totally ruined.