Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5162

  Ma Lan said in annoyance, “You know what, the taxi is your service place, you have to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your service place, how can you justify such a big smell of smoke?”

The master choked, “This service place is provided by the taxi company, not by me, I just drive, if you have any dissatisfaction, you can go to the taxi company to raise your opinion.”

If you’re not satisfied with anything, you can take it up with the taxi company.” The master muttered discontentedly, “It’s just a cigarette, what’s all the fuss about?

Ma Lan gave him a blank look and grunted, “Yes, I do.”

The master said, “What’s the difference between smelling smoke at home and coming out?”

Ma Lan disdainfully said two words, “Dead.”

The master subconsciously asked, “What’s dead?”

Ma Lan said loudly and deliberately, “Didn’t you ask my master if he smoked? I answered you that he smokes, and he is dead.”

The master’s expression was suddenly ugly, but he still argued palely, “Look at you, a lesbian, you don’t speak well, there are many possibilities for people to die, how do you know he died from smoking?”

“Lung cancer!” I donated his body to the medical school, so that the medical students could cut him open and practice, so that they could do something for society. It was a contribution to society.”

When he opened his stomach, he could smell the fishy and smelly smoke, and he almost died on the spot. That was all the tar from the smoke! Tell yourself, did he die from smoking?”

When the master heard this, his expression was as disgusting and frightening as if he had eaten a highly poisonous fly.

Ma Lan saw his expression was very ugly and did not say anything, so he could not help but mutter: “Hey you say that this cancer is really powerful anon, the lungs have been smoked into charcoal, but the cancer cells can still grow more and more cheerful, that life force is really tenacious, feel like that rotten wood, but can grow a large pile of fungus, a little interesting.”

The master said, “What the hell does that mean? What the f*ck is this lame analogy you’re talking about, you old b*tch, why are you so f*cking disgusting!”

Ye Chen sat in the back, his heart was also helpless to the extreme, secretly thinking, “This mother-in-law of mine is really vengeful, the old man just didn’t drive over to pick her up, the result is really picking up her mouth, she cursed the old man in front of the taxi driver for smoking to death, and was also taken by the medical students to open his stomach, this mouth is really no one.”

Xiao Churan was also furious, she was sitting right behind Ma Lan, hearing Ma Lan cursing her father like that, naturally her heart was a bit unacceptable.

However, she could not expose Ma Lan’s lie in front of the taxi driver, as that would make him doubt his life, so she could only cough hard in the back as a reminder.

When Ma Lan heard Xiao Churan cough, she naturally knew, what did her daughter mean by this? But she was angry with Xiao Changkun, so she didn’t care about her daughter and son-in-law’s presence and continued to tell the driver, “Master, you’re right, it’s normal to smoke.

The master’s expression was embarra*sed and he stammered, “Ahem, this …… smoking is indeed harmful to health. …”

Ma Lan smiled and asked the driver, “Master, how many cigarettes do you smoke a day?”