Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5161

Ma Lan stood at the roadside of the airport exit and kept calling Xiao Changkun, but she never got through.

She cursed out of sight, “This D*mned Xiao Changkun, he doesn’t know where he’s gone, he keeps not answering my calls.”

Xiao Churan asked her, “Mum, are you sure you’ve cleared the time with him?”

Ma Lan said in exasperation, “Of course I made it clear to him, he promised me on the phone, but who knows why he hasn’t shown up yet and doesn’t answer the phone, he is so unreliable.”

Xiao Churan also hurriedly took out her mobile phone and called Xiao Changkun, but the phone had indeed been unanswered just as Ma Lan had said.

With a very nervous expression, she said, “Dad, he couldn’t have had some kind of accident, could he …… It’s not even bedtime now, why can’t the phone be answered?”

Ye Chen hurriedly advised, “Wife, don’t think blindly, Dad is in good health, what kind of accident can there be, it is possible that he is asleep, I think we should go home first and take a look!”

“Yes!” Xiao Churan said with great agreement, “Hurry home, if dad is not at home, let’s go out and look for him, if not, call the police!”

Ma Lan said with great displeasure, “Go home? How can we go home? Your father didn’t drive over to pick him up, how can we go back?”

Xiao Churan subconsciously said, “Let’s just take a taxi.”

“A taxi?!” Ma Lan said with a very exaggerated expression, “Your mother is a celebrity, I’m a big name in New York, in Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, your mother is a big name. ”

Xiao Churan said helplessly, “Aiya mum, it’s already the time, you still talk about this, let’s hurry home first to see what’s wrong with dad!”

Without waiting for Ma Lan’s reply, she hastily reached out and stopped a roadside taxi.

Seeing Ye Chen and Xiao Churan pulling open the door and getting ready to get in, Ma Lan said with a depressed look on her face, “Churan, at least call a luxury car or something, get a broken Jetta, how shabby!”

When Xiao Churan saw how human her mother was, she couldn’t help but say with some anger, “If you want to take a luxury car, then you can wait here, I’ll go back with Ye Chen first.”

After saying that, she pulled open the car door and sat inside.

Once Ma Lan saw this, she lost the insistence she had just had and could only resentfully sit in the pa*senger side.

As soon as she got into the pa*senger seat, she frowned and covered her nose and said to the driver, “I say, master, why does this taxi smell so much like smoke?”

The driver said casually, “Smell of smoke?”

“Yes!” Ma Lan said in an unpleasant tone, “It smells like smoke, can’t you smell it? Is that a nose on top of your mouth?”

The master bristled, “It smells like smoke because I smoke, so what’s the big deal?”

Ma Lan said angrily, “How can you drive a taxi and smoke in the car? How can you smoke in a taxi? You have no sense of service, do you?”

The master was also a bit angry, and with a glare in his eyes, he said, “I was smoking when I stopped the car, and I wasn’t smoking when you came in. Oh, you’ve only been riding in my car for a few minutes at most, don’t you allow me to smoke the rest of the time?”