Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5154

Xiao Churan sighed and blamed herself, “I didn’t know she had gone through so many ups and downs, I thought she deliberately made up a fake identity to experience life in Jinling, and when she had enough experience she simply disappeared without saying hello ……”

Ye Chen laughed: “Now that you know the truth of the matter, you don’t have to dwell on it so much, it’s the best outcome for her right now, and you two can finally talk about these misunderstandings and be friends again, isn’t that pretty perfect?”

“Yes……” Xiao Churan felt that what Ye Chen said made sense and nodded gently.

Afterwards, she looked at Ye Chen and said with a look of admiration, “But hubby, you’re really amazing too! Just by adjusting the feng shui a little, you were able to make Ke Xin go from being chased by her eldest uncle to becoming the head of the Fei family in one fell swoop, that’s amazing too!”

Ye Chen laughed and said modestly, “In fact, it’s mainly because people have this foundation, you have to know that Miss Fei is a Fei family member herself, to be born in such a rich and noble family, her destiny is already one that is hard to find among millions of people, besides, she has the support of her grandfather, basically, everything is ready, all that’s missing is the east wind, my feng shui, in fact, is That east wind.”

Xiao Churan said incomparably serious, “That’s already very impressive! I used to think that if you were always reading feng shui for people, they would come to your door one day and ask you for advice, but today it seems that my husband is very good at it! No wonder people call you Master Ye! Because you’re a real master!”

Ye Chen touched his nose and laughed, “Wife, I’ll be proud if you praise me so much.”

Xiao Churan smiled, “Master Ye is proud of himself!”


A few hours later.

A Gulfstream plane landed at Georgetown Airport in Malaysia.

This city with a large Chinese population has another name, Penang.

At this time in Penang, the rain was pouring down, and it was like the rain was connecting from the sky all the way to the ground.

Once the plane landed, it glided straight into the developed hangar.

The entire hangar echoed with the sound of the rain lapping against the roof, while Khoo Ying San and his eighty-five-year-old wife had been waiting here for a long time.

When Lin Wan’er stepped down from the plane, Qiu Ying Shan shook his wife’s hand and walked forward excitedly, saying respectfully, “You’ve had a long journey, Miss!”

Qiu Ying Shan’s wife also said respectfully, “You’ve worked hard, Miss!”

Lin Wan’er nodded, smiled slightly and said, “You don’t have to pick me up here, just send a driver.”

Qiu Ying Shan said, “Miss, you have come to Malaysia, how can I not come to meet you?”

Lin Wan Er smiled heartily and said, “This is not the place to talk, let’s go first.”

“Good!” Qiu Ying Shan said respectfully, “I have already taken care of the customs, give me your pa*sport, I will arrange for someone to do the formalities, you don’t have to worry about the rest.”

Lin Wan’er nodded and handed her pa*sport to Qiu Ying Shan.

Afterwards, Qiu Ying Shan invited Lin Wan Er to get into his stretch Leslie, and asked one of his believer to handle the immigration formalities for Lin Wan Er, while the other believer drove the three out of the airport to his estate in Georgetown.

On the way, Lin Wan Er looked around at the rainy landscape and sighed thoughtfully, “Penang still likes the rain so much …… I hate it ……”

Qiu Ying Shan smiled awkwardly and said helplessly, “Penang does have too much rain once summer comes, it rained twice in the past month, one for 14 days and one for 15 days, and it stopped for one day in between.”

Saying that, Khoo Eng San hesitated for a moment and asked her, “Miss, haven’t you always wanted to go back to China? Why are you suddenly going to Jinling to settle temporarily this time?”

Lin Wan’er smiled blandly and said, “I ran into some trouble in Northern Europe and had to go to China to get away from it, and to find another person by the way.”

Qiu Ying Shan asked curiously, “What kind of person is it worthwhile for you to look for personally?”

Lin Wan’er smiled sweetly, “A valuable person, perhaps, the only one who can change the trajectory of my life ……”