Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 4956

Five-Four-Seven nodded and said, “Yes! Every time, you take a plane.”

Li Yalin asked, “What state were you in midway?”

“Coma.” Five-Four-Seven said truthfully, “When we were about to go on a mission, we would first take a drug that put people in a deep coma, and then wake up and we would already be at the place.”

Li Yalin asked again, “Then how did you make sure that you took the plane every time you went out?”

Five-Four-Seven explained, “Every time I went on a mission, I would ask my wife to help me calculate the time, although our time was not too precise, but with a relatively short timeline, the error was not too big;”

“Every time I go on a mission, the time I can’t keep track of is the journey back and forth, the time spent in between performing the mission, I can keep accurate records myself, so every time I go back, I check the time with my wife and use the time she recorded, minus the time I recorded in between doing the mission, that’s the time spent on the journey back and forth, generally speaking, whether it’s to any place in the world out on a mission, the time we consume on the way back and forth is no more than six or seven days, a speed that only a plane can achieve.”

Li Yalin nodded gently and said, “It won’t take more than six or seven days, which means that your turnaround is very efficient, and even the airport you departed from is probably near your station.”

Saying that, Li Yalin remembered something else and said offhandedly, “The next step can be done in two steps, on the one hand, find better maps, including satellite cloud maps, and find out all the islands and airports within the circular area, then locate the area within a ten kilometre radius of each airport as a key target for investigation;”

“As for the other hand, start with your transport!”

Five-Four-Seven was busy asking, “How do we start with transportation?”

Li Yalin said, “Although you were on a mission by plane, you didn’t go through customs when you entered the US, right, because when you woke up, you were already in the US and had completed your entry.”

“Right.” Five-Four-Seven nodded and said, “Every time we go on a mission, we don’t go through customs, we’re already in the place when we open our eyes.”

Li Yalin continued, “I don’t know about other countries, but since 9/11, the United States has taken aviation security very seriously, so the plane you are on cannot enter the United States directly, and if you enter the United States, you must pa*s through customs, so they must have chosen a certain country as a jumping-off point, and first flew the plane to the jumping-off point, and then immediately arranged for you to sneak across the border overland to complete your entry. .”

After a pause, Li Yalin asked again, “Have you ever been to the United States before?”

Five-Four-Seven nodded, “I went there once a few years ago, when I went to Los Angeles.”

Li Yalin continued, “The time you went to Los Angeles was the same as the time you went to New York, you woke up and arrived at the place, and the round trip did not take more than six or seven days, right?”

Five-Four-Seven nodded, “Yes.”

Li Yalin smiled faintly and said, “To enter the United States you must smuggle in, and there are only two ways to smuggle in, either by sea or by land, but if it’s by sea, then a round trip of no more than six or seven days is simply impossible to achieve, so I feel that you must have flown to the jumping off point country by plane first, and then smuggled in by land.”

Then Li Yalin added: “The United States only has two neighbours, Mexico and Canada, so if you go by land, it must be one of these two countries, but Canada’s aviation controls are also very strict, so if your plane chooses Canada as a jumping-off country, there is no way to get around the process of having to go through customs, but the situation in Mexico is different, Mexico is relatively much more chaotic. The likelihood of a plane avoiding customs and landing directly somewhere in Mexico should still be very high.”

“I’m basically sure that you are based in the coastal areas or islands of western South Asia or eastern Southeast Asia, not far from the airport, and that your mission to the United States would have involved a plane flying into Mexico and then transferring you overland to New York, and that this organisation must have another group of men based in Mexico. ”

“I think Mexico should have the lead I’m looking for.”